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Swimming equipment can include things such as swim suits, practice equipment, and pool accessories.

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Do salt water pools cause excessive corrosion to pool equipment and cause damage to plaster pools?

YES! Salt water DEFINITELY causes corrosion in your swimming pool. I am a 25 year pool professional and I have seen first hand what salt does to gunite pools. It will eat you pool equipment, stone, concrete, metal, you name it. Keeping your pH neutral will slow down the process of corrosion, but it is still happening, regardless of your water chemistry. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT use salt in your pool.

What is a 'sport wall' in a swimming pool?

A sport wall is a temporary wall or boom that is placed in the swimming pool to shorten the length of the pool to make it regulation length for a swimming competition. Some 50m pools hold 'short course' competition and the regulation length is 25m so the pool needs a wall to measure this length in order for the competition to be official.

How do you evaluate the condition of pool equipment piping and the pool itself after sitting dormant for a long period of time?

turn it all on and see what happens is about the only way

ANSW:: The evaluation, even without seeing the pool, would be that it ws going to be a tough job for a horrible situation. Repugnant in a word. k

How do you clean a pool that has flock added and a low PH balance?

Flock only works when the PH is above 8 (most pools are around 7.2 - 7.5). You have to raise the PH BEFORE you flock. I just did this very recently. My pool water had turned completely green, you couldn't see the bottom. I raised the PH (took and about 2 hours) then added the flock. Let the pump run on recirculate for 4 hours then turn it off overnight. Vacuum to waste, very slowly. This does involve topping off the water in the pool, letting everything settle down then vacuum some more. My total vacuuming time was 5 hours, but the pool was just a little cloudy when I finished, but no green water at all. It was worth the time and trouble to use the flock since I had been trying to get the green out for over a week, with no results. My algae was due to a construction project around my pool and granules from the new roofing got in the pool. The acid from the granules caused algae to grow very rapidly. That is what my pool dealer said to do and it worked great. Hope this helps.

Is there a recommended distance to keep around pool equipment when putting a trellis around it and can it go over the top?

What you want to allow for is for the equipment to be serviced allowing plenty of room for the service tech or whoever to get to each piece of equipment easily. A way to look at it is the longer it takes a tech to get to and be able to maneuver around the equipment and trellis etc the quicker he will be able to finish. Time is money. So if it would have taken a tech 40 min. to do a job or trouble shoot normally and it now takes 1.5 hrs to do the same job --- you are going to be billed for his time.

Both the pump motor and the pool heater need air circulation. The heater required a great deal of air circulation or ventilation in order to run or burn correctly. If you have a heater that is stackless then you need x amount of space on all four sides and top of the heater. That space is both regulated by the manufacturer and city codes to be of a specific measurement with NO deviation. A stack top heater also requires similar spacing on all sides with the exception of the stack. It has it's own requirements. The heater cannot be placed on any combustible material and the requirement for spacing of combustible material around and above the heater also have specific requirements. You cannot arbitrarily build an enclosure ( any type)around the equipment or heater. One requirement - as a service tech - would be to have enough head room in order to stand up while doing certain jobs. Bending over while doing a job that required standing takes longer to do translates to be more costly to you. If your enclosure is confining in that it blocks air circulation you then have to provide for that circulation another way. The heater requires so many square inches of ventilation space both at the top of the enclosure and the bottom and at opposing sides of the enclosure. The heater cannot be placed in a manner that it vents within four feet of an opening to the house. I E : bedroom window, door etc.

A manual should have come with your heater if not contact your heater's manufacturer on the internet and they will gladly mail one at no charge.

The pool filter if it is a verticle D. E. tank will require room enough to remove the filter grid assembly from the top of the tank. You should not have to separate the tank from the pool plumbing to perform service on a filter.

Hope this is helpful.


Why would pool equipment explode?

I assume from your question that by pool equipment you mean filter. A filter might explode if it had air trapped in it and was not released. Air will compress. A filter has air in it, the pump is turned on and water begins to fill up the filter and circulate through to the pool. The filter can not fill completely because the air is at the top of the filter. The air gets compressed further and further until it can compress no further and the top blows off the fitler. This scenario would be due to a fair amount of air in the filter (not small quantities).. The air should eventually be pushed through to the pool wwhere you will see it bubble up until the air is out of the system and the filter is full or subsatantially full. Sometimes for many reasons this does not take place and Boom! Another reason for a filter exploding is if you have a filter with a band clamp around the center holding (clamping) the top half of the filter to the bottom half of the fitler. The cause I have seen for this is that the washer that is on the bolt to secure/tighten the clamp ring with has been dropped/lost. The nut pulls through the hole and the top of the fitler flies off. If you are talking about a heater exploding then of course I would consider gas as the first culprit. If it is any other piece of equipment then please let me know and I will see if I can be of further help. Steve Dunn Commercial Pool Systems, Inc. Refillling the filter with water should be done with the valve in the "backwash" position to safely purge air from the filter.

What time does Walgreen's open in the mornings?

Walgreens typically open at 8 am, although some locations have a 24-hour pharmacy or 24-hour store.

How do you clear up an AG pool that has blue-gray cloudy water that feels almost slick?

my 21 ft ag pool was blue and cloudy. The cause was leaves and pine needles at the bottom. Once I got them out - i shocked it again (3 gallons) and that helped

What pool supplies do you need for an outdoor pool?

An outdoor pool does not require to much in the way of pool supplies. You will need a net, a vacuum system, and chemicals. Some people like to use a float to put chlorine tablets into.

How deep is a water polo pool?

In top standard water polo matches the pool has to be a minimum of 1.8 meters

How much do swimming pool slides cost?

Pool slides range in cost from $300 to $1500. There are also some extravagant out of the world ones, but they cost thousands more. You will also need to factor in an additional plumbing line for water as well as patio footage for the slide to stand on.

What damage could you have done to the pool equipment by having poured muriatic acid in the skimmer 3 different times while it was running?

Well, you are well on your way to prematurely replace your pool heater. The pump seal is the next or maybe the first to go. You have not done the pool finish any good either. Let's see then there is the light fixture. The acid has etched all metal and plaster. Why would you pour any pool chemical directly into the skimmer other those that direct you to do so?


Is an above ground pool a good idea?

If you don't have the money for a inground one. An attractive deck around it would help. and are they are reliable. But buy a good one.

How do you safely connect to a 240V pullout fuse box used for pool equipment located in a detached garage as a temporary power source for a 240V millermatic 250 mig welder?

The voltage is correct, BUT, Your welder is going to draw more current than the pool pump did. The breaker, wiring, and the receptacle will have to be upgraded. In my opinion I have never seen a "temporary" connection!! ...pkazsr

How can you hide pool equipment?

Most seem to be hidden by a short wall. It can be built from whatever materials suit your taste. Some use plants

and please allow room to service the equipment from above and to the sides. If it is a total enclosure allow room to stand up in the equipment area and if there is a pool heater you have to allow for adequate venting from the sides and out the top. So that means, adding a stack to a stackless heater, providing venting as prescribed by the mfgr. on at least two sides of the shed, one being at the top of one wall and one being at the bottom of the opposite wall for cross ventilation - 400 BTU heater = 400 sq in vent. of the prescribed mesh opening. The stack has to meet industry, state and mfg. standards. The stack must not vent to within 4' of a building opening. Please follow all code requirements with regard to heater enclosures.

Is it possible and wise to use spray foam insulation to sound-insulate a hollow plastic rubbermaid shed used to house pool equipment especially the filter pump?

Possibly, yes but you have to take into consideration air circulation for the pump but especially for the heater. In order for the pump to run efficiently it needs circulated cooler air from some source. Do not run a pool heater in an enclosed shed even if it is vented through the roof. The heater needs a great deal of combustible air to function properly and to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Follow the heater mfg.'s instructions for venting.


Hmm, I just caught the "rubbermaid" portion of your message before I sent off my advice. Legally, you may not be able to run the heater in that type of shed. Check local codes!


What equipment do you need for a swimming pool?

  1. Eye Goggles
  2. Bathing Suit
  3. Ear Plugs
  4. Nose Plugs
  5. Sun tan lotion (Optional)
  6. Towel
  7. Extra clothes
  8. Slippers
  9. Water

How do swimming pools work?

They are big rectangular pits. They are then filled with water. People swim in them.

What kind of pool supplies do you need to maintain your swimming pool over the summer?

The best way to find out what pool supplies you will need is to go to your local pool store and speak to a worker there. You should remember to ask when chemicals will be needed to keep your Ph in balance.

What pool supplies do you need for an inground pool?

You will need chemicals to keep the water pH safe. Chlorine kills bacteria, algae, and other organisms in the water. You will need tools to clean debre and bgs out of the water. You will need life saving euipment too.

What swimming pool equipment is need for a 80000 gallon pool?

You will need the major components such as a heater, filter(s), pump(s), chemical feeder. Other pieces needed would be determined by your local health dept. and it's requirements assuming that this is a commercial or public pool. You would have to consult the builder to determine sizing of those components for a balanced system and to ensure proper function depending upon the demand of and specs of that particular pool k.