Pottermore is a website by the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling. It allows for a more interactive experience while reading the series. The site went live in July 2011, shortly after the final Harry Potter movie was released.

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How do you join Pottermore?

In September 2015 the Pottermore website was completely redesigned and relaunched. The website no longer has user accounts and is able to browse freely.

Previously to join Pottermore you would take the following steps:

Go to the website and in the top right hand corner you will see a blue button that says sign up. Click on that button and follow the steps. Note that Pottermore did not allow you to choose your own username. You were given a choice of generated usernames to pick from as the site is aimed at children of all ages and that helped protect them.

When did registration open for Pottermore?

The Beta registration was from the 1st July to the 7th July 2011.

Registration for the general public opened on the 14th April 2012.

Does anybody have a spare Pottermore account?

The sharing or transfer of ownership of Pottermore accounts is against the Terms and Conditions and the account will be deleted.

What can you do with potions on Pottermore except send them as gifts?

So far with the Beta Program, potions are for gifts and to show off to your friends, house-mates, and anyone who would like to view your profile.

They can also earn you house points.

Can someone get you a Pottermore account?

No, you must sign up for you own account. It is against the Pottermore TOU to acquire another user's account.

When did Pottermore open?

Late August 2011 for Beta testers and April 2012 for non-Beta testers.

Pottermore was supposed to open in October 2011. However they decided to extend the beta period to make improvements to the website and the site opened on the 14th of April 2012.

How do you become a Pottermore beta tester?

1 billion people who successfully completed the Magical Quill Challenge between 31st July and 5th August 2011 were allowed early access to Pottermore as beta testers. The site then opened to the public in April 2012.

What was the clue for Day 2 of the Pottermore Magic Quill Challenge?

The question was: What is the number of the chapter that Professor McGonagall cancels the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff? Multiply this number by 42.

Those who got the answer right were taken to the 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2' site, where a picture of the Magical Quill was amongst the other photos. To be able to register, you had to click on this photo, then go through the process of creating your account.

What is the Pottermore beta website?

There is not a beta website. The beta testers have access to the same website that everybody will be able to access but it is not yet complete. For example, the beta testers can only read the first book and things are still being changed as per the ratings given by the beta testers.

How do you get sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore?

You need an account and in chapter seven you will take a quiz to determine what house your in.

The questions are different for each user and the decision is made through a complicated system. Each question has several choices but their isn't necessarily one answer per house (sometimes none of the houses has an answer) and most answers can apply to more than one house. Some questions carry more weight than others in deciding where you belong.

Because of this is hard to tell you which answers will get you into Ravenclaw. The whole point is that you are sorted into the right house for you.

Which Harry Potter actors are on Pottermore?

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Katie Leung (Cho Chang) are both on Pottermore. Both of them are beta testers.

Also the boys who play james sirius and albus severus are beta testers

How do you get your wand at Ollivanders in Pottermore?

You have to get everything else on your shopping list first, then click on the arrow at the back of diagon alley to get to the south side of diagon alley, then you must answer questions in a quiz which will tell you what your wand is and then leave the shop. 7 galleons will be deducted from your account

How many members are there on Pottermore?

There are currently over 10.8 million registered users on Pottermore.

How do you get sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore?

There are 200 questions made up and you randomly get 7. The questions are not straight forward and if you try to cheat you might get into a house that you hate. The best thing to do, is just answer honestly and be sorted where you're meant to be.


When you die what would you most like people to do when they hear your name?

Miss you and smile--Hufflepuff

Ask for more stories about your adventures--Gryffindor

Think in admiration of your achievements--Ravenclaw

I don't care what people think about me, when after I'm dead it's when I'm alive that matters-slytherin

Heads or tails?



Head-A person who leads, rules or is in charge. Tails- a person assigned to follow and report on someone else's movement and actions.

Stars or Moon?



The moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious. The signification of stars is the knowledge of good and truth.

Black or White?

Black -Slytherin/Ravenclaw


In chess the white moves first. Ravenclaw's and slytherin's are stagiest. They like to see the strengths and weakness of their opponent. By letting others go first they can figure out different plays. Gryffindor's are more likely to charge in without thinking.

Dawn or Dusk?



Dawn-new beginning, hope, optimism in your heart. Dusk-sadness, early decline and unrequited hopes, Dark outlook for trade and pursuits of any nature. Ravenclaw often go by facts and if the facts are pointing the opposite way than they often loss hope faster than others. Slytherin will try to turn the situation around to favor them and once they realize the winds have switch they will try to follow. Griffindor are brave and often stand their ground and Hufflepuff is loyal and will not waiver.

Amortenia is a potion that smells of what attracts a person. Would you smell a crackling fire, new parchment, the sea?

Crackling fire-Gryffindor/slytherin

New parchment-Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff

The sea-Gryffindor

Ravenclaws have a thirst to learn and to gain knowledge and Hufflepuff's are hard working. Gryffindor's are brave.

You are walking along and you reach a crossroad one path leads to the sea, one through a forest and a third to a castle. Which path would you choose?




Ravenclaws have a thirst for knowledge and in a castle there could be treasures. Slytherins uses everything to their advantage and Gryffindor's are more likely going into a forest that could have dangerous creatures.

If you could create a new potion that would give you one thing what would you choose?




If there was a fire and merlin's book of spells, 1000 years of student record, and a nearly perfected cure for dragonpox were in danger of being destroyed in which order would you choose to save these objects?

Books, Records, Dragonpox-Ravenclaw

Dragonpox, books, records-Slytherin/Ravenclaw

Records, books, dragonpox

Books, Dragonpox, Records-Ravenclaw/Slytherin

Dragonpox, Records, Books

Records, Dragonpox, Book

How do you sign in on Pottermore?

There is icon you can click on at the top of the page on the Pottermore website.

Is Pottermore free?

Yes, Pottermore is a completely free experience.

There is a shop connected to Pottermore but you are under no obligation to buy anything. This shop sells the books, merchandise and is the only place to buy the e-books .

When was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets released on Pottermore?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was opened to the public on July 11, 2012, starting with the chapters 1-4. The next installment released chapters 5-11 on 18th September 2012 with chapters 12-18 following on the 31st October 2012.

What does Pottermore is in beta mean?

As with any website, being in beta means it is only open to a select few people who are testing the site. The site is still very much in development and beta testers are usually the people who discover the bugs which can then be fixed before anybody else enters the site. Pottermore officially ended the beta testing phase and opened to the public in April 2012.

Does Pottermore include a history for all characters?

No, background information is provided for some characters. Not all.

What is J.K Rowling's name on Pottermore?

She has an account and she got sorted into Hufflepuff. She doesn't want to reveal her name because she doesn't want to get her account filled with friend requests.

How many people get into Pottermore?

1 million people became Beta Testers and gained early entry. Pottermore publicly opened in April 2012.