Preschool, also known as nursery school, is education preceding entrance into elementary school. Preschools vary widely — from structured classroom activities, to play-based environments. They can be part-time or full-time and are not mandatory.

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What is your concept of quality preschool?

My concept of a quality preschool is:

Clean atmosphere

Loving and caring teachers

A learning atmosphere for a solid foundation

Good distance and pricing

Make sure your interview and visit different preschools. Ask neighbors with children, friends, and family!

How do you help your son make the transition to preschool without crying every time he's dropped off?

He'll stop eventually. He probably quits the minute you're out the door. My son was the same way and his teacher told me that as soon as he was settled in with the other kids he stopped. It only lasted a couple of weeks. Good luck. Even if he can not really express himself, make an effort at bedtime or before to let him express what is going on during the day, what bothers him, what pleases him. My son had a really hard time for six months - he was not crying but simply tried to escape before I dropped him off at preschool. After talking to him in his own "language" and after overhearing his sleep talk, I suddenly understood that he was shocked that other kids scratched and bit him, took away toys and that teachers were not there to defend him at all. He was like a little Nemo in the sea of sharks. It is an exhausting life for little pre-schoolers but once they get attached to someone or something, the whole torture pays off. To ease the pain, I allow him to have brief but intense mommy time before and after school and avoid commanding him around right after I pick him up. Actually, when I drop him off, I let him know what we will be doing at night so he can focus on that if he is desperate. == == Make every morning the same. Explain sometime in an afternoon why mommy needs to work and why he needs to go to school. Talk about school at home, about friends there, toys there, the teacher. Ask for a picture of the teacher to have displayed at home, ask about favorite toys there (don't buy one), ask about friends there, read some of the same books. Praise all art and new knowledge from school. And especially.....most importantly, when you drop him off, hang up his coat, put away his lunch, greet his teacher, give him a hug, a kiss, a smile, tell him you love him and will be back after work like always and leave right away. Don't look back, smile the whole time. He will cry like crazy, scream "Mommy don't go!" and tear out your heart. Before your car is out of the parking spot he is smiling, giggling, drawing, singing and having an amazing time. But if you linger, peek in windows or draw out the experience he will get stressed out and have a very hard time calming down. If he stays unhappy for too long his teacher will let you know. Trust that. You picked a good school, a good teacher with a good class and she can handle it.

Don't ever blindly trust anything. If he's being bullied there or traumatized in any way, you should do something about it. Don't just keep on making him go through that and pretending that nothing is wrong. If it's really serious, take him out of the school and send him to a different one or homeschool him. There is always some other alternative. Being bullied can scar a kid for life.

If you have a four year old student who cries for 15 minutes every morning after her parents drop her off how can you get her to stop crying?

make a mailbox for her and write mom and dad on the side yave her draw pictures for them and she can tell you what she wants to write in her letter to them and you can write it she will feel much better about leaving her parents

What is a school for very young children called?

It is called preschool, nursery or kindergarten.

How do you build a preschool on sims 3 ambitions on ipod touch and iphone?

First you have to have the number of sims people to sign your paper which is done under talk and then it will say sign petition or whatever then you will go to a empty lot and tap on it and it will say as one of the options build preschool u click on that and then a blue print will appear wait a few seconds and then the preschool will appear, make sure that you are a teacher before you attempt to do this

Importance of preschool?

Socializing, time away from mom/caregiver in an organized pre-school setting, expanding learning (numbers, letters, colors, animals, manners), crafts, songs, fun & play, learn to follow rules in a group, learn to talk in front of goups, learn to make friends. Can one person do all of this at home for a child? usually not. Preschool provides so much for little ones and often the benefits have little to do with with academics.

This all cannot happen if the preschool is low-quality though. Public school (and many times Private School) preschools have become way too academic. Children this age learn best through hands-on experiences, and this is the most important time in their lives to develop social skills. So if you are looking at a preschool where children are seated at desks or in whole-group activities most of the time, and if there is EVER a time when they aren't allowed to talk, this is not a high-quality preschool!

Here's something that will help you identify a high-quality preschool:

How much do preschool teachers or daycare workers get paid per hour?

Preschool teachers are the worst paid teachers, because the jobs aren't usually in public schools, and you generally need less education and experience to be a preschool teacher. This goes double for child daycare jobs. Here's some info summarized from data published by the U.S. Department of Labor: In 2002, hourly earnings of nonsupervisory workers in the child daycare services industry averaged $9.50, much less than the average of $14.95 throughout private industry. On a weekly basis, earnings in child daycare services averaged only $284 in 2002, compared with the average of $506 in private industry. Weekly earnings reflect, in part, hours worked

What preschool words start with the letter x?

Xylophone is the most common "X" word in childrens' alphabet books and toys.

If an employed private preschool teacher wants to further her education can she do so by paying for it without being terminated by her workplace if it doesn't interfere with her job?

If it doesn't interfere with your work schedule a school would have no authority to terminate you. It would more than likely be against public policy to terminate someone for seeking further education that works in an educational facility.

What is International Preschool Curriculum?

The IPC is a preschool curriculum from the USA that is adopted by schools on 6 continents. It offers preschool centers and home based study groups with 7 content learning areas and has many learning objectives to ensure that its standards are easily validated by teachers or parents.

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Is there correlation between communication difficulties and challenging behavior in children with autism who are of preschool age?

My son, now 24, did not talk until he was 4. He too displayed "challenging behaviors" and was text book autistic. There's hope though...He graduated high school valedictorian (regular classes), and is now in grad school. Good luck.

What are the requirements to become a teacher?

This will depend upon where you live and what type of teacher you wish to be. In the United States, public school teachers must complete a minimum of four years of college and receive a BS or BA in education or a related field. In addition, the student must complete the required field training (observation, student teaching, etc), pass a licensing test and maintain their certification through ongoing licensure and continuing education.

Some states now also require a teacher to earn a Master's degree within a specified time frame of starting to teach full time.

What qualifications do you need to get a preschool teachers job?

To be a preschool teacher, you will need an associate's degree in early childhood development. This can be obtained at any community college for about 2 years.

Could a 19-year-old who already has a bachelor's degree in pre-med biology and has preschool experience be qualified to adopt a child?

YEARS ago, single people were not even considered when choosing a foster or adoptive parent. Times have changed. Each and every state has their own set of guidelines to follow. If you apply to be an adoptive parent, you will have to meet certain criteria. They do a background check, consider your income, assess your home for safety and appropriateness, investigate your personal referances, look at your overall status and experience, look at the needs of the child, assess whether or not you can meet those needs and a host of other specifications. Many times, one has to be willing to accept and support a "hard to place child", meaning that the child is not a "perfect" infant. The child may have a developmental disability, a learning disability, be behaviorally challenged or otherwise problematic. Perhaps they are simply too old. (Everyone it seems wants an infant when they adopt.) Personally, I prefer a challenge!! I work with difficult children and their families directly, through a state agency. It is these children that are the most in need of a loving, dedicated, secure home life, yet remain the most difficult to place. The rewards of helping such a child are indescribable!! Most state agencies are in a desperate search for "special" people willing to take on the challenge, and change the life for the better for that "special" child. Most, if not all, agencies offer classes, and pay to provide you with required courses such as CPR, First Aid, etc... etc... I can say from experience that helping these children and their families is the most rewarding thing that I have EVER done. I hope that you go for it, and are able to adopt a child that needs you. You won't be sorry, I can promise you that! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!

How much do preschool teachers earn in BC?

well i coached gymnastics and was making $14 an hour and im pretty sure my mom (a preschool teacher) was making less then me. i believe she was getting $13