Proton (automobile)

Proton is a car manufacturer based in Malaysia. Founded in 1983, the cars produced are mostly sold in Asia. The company acquired British car manufacturer Lotus Group International Limited in 2003, which produces the Espirit, Europa, Elise, Elan, and others.

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When you press down on the accelerator on a Proton Persona SLI why would the engine rev very high but have little power?

If it's still driving and the revs are increasing but the cars not going any faster I'd say 99% chance the clutch has worn out/slipping. EG: if your driving along a road at say 40mph and you get to a hill, the engine revs harder but car either maintains same speed/speeds up really slowly or inthe worst case....slows down! i agree with above but i would say the other 1% could be fuel problem (not enough) although mainly a carb problem it is possible for injection systems to get a blockage in the fuel line, the fuel filter and possibly the fact that cold air coming in from the injection system intake pipe can cause ice to form inside then the heat from the engine melts the ice particle causing water to mix with the fuel possibly worsening to cause the car to "kangaroo" ( early cars had a summer / winter setting on the airfilter intake pipe to combat this problem

How do you put the rear seats down on a proton persona?

If its a 4 door saloon then you cant but if its a hatch back then pull up the levers at the tops of the seat backs [either side]

What is the weaknesses of proton holdings berhad?

PROTON was incorporated on 7 May 1983 with three primary national policy objectives: To spearhead the development of component manufacturing industries, to acquire and upgrade technology and industrial skills within the automobile manufacturing industry and to strengthen the international competitiveness of Malaysia's industrial capability. The failure by Proton to find a foreign partner is a warning signal that it is no longer a competitive and economically viable entity with current market situation and questionable management decisions that causes Proton to lose money when other finds profits. Therefore, Proton Holdings Berhad needs to consider a foreign partnership to further improve on its quality and service to the buyers. Khazanah Malaysia, the Malaysian government's investment arm, holding about 42.74% of Proton, followed by the Employees Provident Fund with 15.4 per cent and Petronas with 7.9 per cent. Price/Earnings: Not Meaningful Price/Sales: 0.3x (2/5 points) Price/Book: 0.4x (2/5 points) Price/Cash Flow: Not Meaningful TEV/Sales: 0.1x (3/5 points) A merger has its advantages - economies of scale, market domination, etc. but an enlarged national car company could create many duplications i.e. product, dealers network, vendors etc. Proton is finding it tough to trim its network of suppliers and distributors. National car company Proton Holdings Berhad once dominated with a majority share in the market. It has since not only lost that majority, its sales in unit terms have even dropped below that of unlisted Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad (Perodua). UMW Holdings Berhad is the biggest in the sector, with a market value of RM5.9 billion, compared with Proton's RM1 billion. Although, UMW has an important oil and gas division, it derives most of its profits from its Toyota division, the most profitable in the industry. In contrast, Proton reported a loss of RM75 million in the October - December quarter last year. It is exceeded in market value by Oriental Holdings Berhad (RM2.3 billion) and DRB-HICOM Berhad (RM1.4 billion), both of which are diversified motor-based groups. In my conclusion, Proton should continue to seek strategic alliances and further expand its market globally due to the termination of talks with Volkswagen AG in the year of 2007. In my point of view, Proton needs to basically integrate more into the global supply chain and the global market. Basically, we have not attained the kind of export penetration projected when the company was established. Global motor vehicle industry was undergoing a consolidation and Proton should be part of this trend. We need to be part of the bigger family in a way that works for us. Till date, we did not have any clarification regarding The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) submit its report on Proton Holdings Berhad's sale of Italian motorbike manufacturer, MV Augusta to GEVI s.p.a at one euro to Parliament because Proton had acquired a 57.75 percent stake in MV Augusta in December 2004 for 70 million euro (RM367.6 million).

How do you compress the rear brake piston on proton gen2?

You will need to wind the pistons in the calipers back in..there are wind back kits available online..note that the pistons wind back in different roations according to which wheel you are doing..passenger side rear winds in anti clockwise rotation while the drivers side rear winds in on a clockwaise rotation..

How do you reset your proton gen-2 remote key?

Simply press the alarm button on the dashboard while swithcing the key on and of for 5 times

How do you remove horn switch on proton persona?

If the horn is not operating the fault will almost certainly be the ribbon cable in the steering wheel. It is located under the air bag, and is not repariable. The purpose of this cable is to coil tighter and looser as the s/wheel is turned. Proton call it a "clockwork spring" cost £77 from proton. there are four points of contact to operate the horn. They are unbreakable. To gain access to the ribbon cable, remove the rear s/wheel covers. Then from rear of wheel remove two torque screws holding the airbag and horn switch assembly onto the frame of the s/wheel. You will need a 30 mm torque screwdriver. On the right hand side of the s/wheel at the rear, is a detachable plastic plate, 300 by 500 mm. Tease it out with a small screwdriver. Look through the resultant hole and you can see one torque screw. I found it necessary to kneel outside the vehicle, drivers side, and to shine a light through the hole. not at all easy to see. On the left side of the steering wheel at the rear, is a circular rubber bung, about 100 mm diameter. Again tease it out. You will have to undue the left torque screw through that small hole, I did it more by feel. Once both screws have been removed it will then be necessary to unclip two fasteners which also hold the airbag and s/wheel ribbon cable assembly in place. Very hard to see them, they are located near the screws you have just removed. I found it necessary to bend the clips in the open position using a small screwdriver. When you have now removed the screws and undone the clips, lift the horn and airbag assembly off the lower s/wheel frame. Carefully remove the airbag and horn plugs. Next remove the s/wheel. Important, mark the position of it before removing. I did this by placing a broom on the dashboard and resting on the drivers seat. I then stuck tape on the seat, s/wheel and dashboard to mark the alignment of the s/wheel with wheels dead staright ahead.

Once you have removed the s/wheel you can now see the ribbon cable assembly. Its a sealed unit, not repairable (it actaully says so on its label) Unplug the horn and airbag connections. Two important points. The horn only works with ignition switched on. When fitting the replacement "clockwork spring" ensure you wheels are pointing dead ahead. Refitting is the reverse of the procedure. The best of luck !

Where is the obd2 port of 1999 proton wira?

Below the steering wheel. It will have 16-pin but not OBD2 compliant. You will need an adapter to convert the to OBD2. The engine (presumably) Mitsubishi 4G15 Efi which originally 12-pin. Proton did not use 12-pin but maintain the 16-pin where 4 pins are not used.

How often does a cambelt need to be changed on a proton persona?

Proton say 54K but gates and dayco two of the biggest producers of belts say 3years or 35,ooo miles

How do you change front indicator bulb proton persona 1997?

Inside the bonnet at the rear of the indicator light fitting is a steel ring. This is a clip-in spring fitting. Once unclipped the indicator unit slides out. The bulb is attached by a simple push on fitting.

Why do the Sbs light flickers proton persona 1997?

The SBS warning light indicates a fault with your airbag sensors system.

I am lookin for proton persona car dealer in romford?

Just contact service 4 service I think they can help you

What is that plastic key called under the steering column it looks like a flat wide key and prevents it from running its on your 1995 gmc sonoma?

The only thing I can think of that may be what you are seeing is the DLC (Data Link Connector).

Another possibility is it is some sort of aftermarket theft alarm.

What idle speed should a Proton Gen-2 2006 have?

For manual transmission it's 950rpm

and for Automatic it's 1050rpm

This all been done with air cond etc off

What idle speed should a proton gen 2 2006 have?

For manual transmission it's 950rpm

and for Automatic it's 1050rpm

This all been done with air cond etc off