A proverb is a short fluent saying that is used to express a specific situation based on the cumulative experience of the nations. Ask about famous proverbs, their meanings and origins here.

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Old Testament

How is the Book of Proverbs structured?

This is a general outline for the book of proverbs.

Wisdom for young men Prov 1:1 - 9:18

wisdom for all people Prov 10:1 - 24:34

wisdom for leaders Prov 25:1 - 31:31

There are four different forms that the writer used in writing the Proverbs. They are always written in two-line form.

In the first way of writing the Proverbs the second line has the same meaning as the first line, but it is said in a different way. For example:

Proverbs 1:5 - "let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance."

The word "wise" is synonymous with "discerning", as "add to their learning" is synonymous to "get guidance."

The second way the Proverbs were written is the second line is in contrast to the first line. For example:

Proverbs 10:4--"Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth."

The word "lazy" is in contrast to the word "diligent." The word "poor" contrasts the word "wealth."

The third way the Proverbs were written is where the second line expands further on the idea of the first line. For example:

Proverbs 16:3 --"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

This proverb shows that if we commit what we do to the Lord, the second line expands with that idea showing that the Lord will make our plans succeed.

The fourth method of writing the Proverbs is a truth from the first line is backed up with a life experience or story in the second line. For example:

Proverbs 25:28--Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control."

The main idea is a man who lacks self-control. The illustration of what that is like is a city whose walls are broken down.

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Constable is to thief as gamekeeper is to?


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Proverb illustrating the effects of change?

A New Broom Sweeps Clean

Famous Quotations

What does the proverb mean - 'great talkers are little doers'?

The saying that "great talkers are little does" is a charge that someone is talking big but not accomplishing anything.


Who first said All is fair in love and war?

It traces its origin back to John Lyly's 'Euphues' (1578). The quote was "The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war. " John Lyly was a Renaissance English poet and playwright.


How does LSD effect your personality?

Impossible to say. It really depends on too many variables to give any kind of definitive answer, and I'd say anyone who tries is being dangerously naive. In some instances, it doesn't cause any changes, and in others people go clinically insane (albiet very rarely).

Hallucinogens in general affect everyone differently, and the effects can be everything from euphoric to nightmarish. A good rule of thumb is to be extra careful if there are any mental health issues, either in the individual concerned or in their family (as some do not always surface until later in life), and to use these substances only in a safe environment.

I must however make it clear I am in NO WAY recommending the use of these types of drugs, but neither am I condemning their use. My personal experience has led me to feel that the best approach possible is to be as fully-informed as possible (and NOT via urban myth) before making any kind of decision on whether or not to take them. There are numerous websites containing factual information and users experiences on these drugs, I rate Erowid as being a fairly accurate source of information.


Which is the only proverb in past tense?

Curiosity killed the cat.


Proverb with always climbs higher the next time?

A true climber always climbs higher the next time.


What is a proverb?

A well-known universal truth that can be applied to different situations. (A+)

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What does the proverb haste makes waste mean?

This Aphorism means that if you try to do something quickly, without planning it, you're likely to end up spending more time, money, etc, doing it.
It means that if you hurry through something, you do a poor or sloppy job and end up having to do it over, which wastes even more time than if you had just done it properly in the beginning.
haste is overly quick, so this proverb basically means that if we rush to do something, chances are it won't turn out as good as it will if we actually think about what we are doing and think about the consequences
If you're too fast, you'll overlook things, or you'll be too sloppy with it.
This proverb was said by benjamin franklin and it means when you do something in hurry you are never going to do it properly

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What is bicol riddles?

riddle from bicol region


What does the proverb a man is as old as he feels mean?

A man can be 60, but feel 40. A man can be 30, and feel 50.

It depends on how healthy the man is. If he is obese or depressed, he can feel worse than he actually is, and vice-versa.

It can also be phycological.

For example, if a young, 27 year-old man were going under something strenuos, such as the deaths of loved ones, or witnessed many brutal things in his life, he can feel older and more beaten than he truly is, perhaps feeling 40, due to the heavy toll of such things

Sorry I got a bit lengthy there. Hope it helps! :)

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Old Testament

What does proverbs chapter 5 18-19?

It talks mainly of the wifes love.


What is the those who are choosy often pick the worst mean?

often the best choice is right under your nose right in front of you, people who are choosey look around for a better alternitive, when often there isn't one and they end up with a worse option to what they could have had.


What proverb says big things have to start from small things?

mighty oaks from little acorns grow

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What does manifold mean in biblical times?

It means having plenty of.

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What does may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows mean?

It is a wish that your life will continue to become happier as time passes.

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What is the meaning of the phrase 'A place for everything and everything in its place'?

A phrase hard to explain so i ll give you an example like what goes around comes back around


What does stay up front mean?

1. Stay Ahead

2. Slang: Without Lying, tell the truth.

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Was Augustus Caesar poor or rich?

Augustus was born to a simple family however once he inherited the total wealth of his uncle, Julius caesar he inherited the fortune the Roman dictator spent his whole lifetime gathering. Augustus Caesar was fairly wealthy until he conquered Egypt after he defeated marc Antony at the battle of actium. After conquering Egypt he made it his personal fiefdom, therefore all the treasure of egypt (the worlds richest country at the time) and practically the entire country was his personal private property

Czech Republic

How do you say the Czech proverb 'learn a new language and get a new soul' in Czech?

learn a new language and get a new soul = co novy jazyk, to novy clovek.


What does 'it is never too late to mend'mean?

it means if uve done something wrong then it is never too late to fix it...bcuz no matter how late after it is, you should still fix it, bcuz someone could still be afffected by it


What is the meaning of the saying ' Look before you leap '?

Before you jump, make sure that there is safe ground for you to land on.

For example, if you quit your job make sure that you have another job to go to, or another way to support yourself and your family.

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How much does 9 go into 72?



What is a person called who wants to preserve traditional beliefs and values?



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