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Why are entry-level health care job just as important to consider as other jobs in the health care system?

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A. Each job in the health care industry requires that you work your way up. B. Each job in the health care system serves a vital role in providing quality patient care. C. Each job in the health care industry receives excellent benefits. D. Each job in the health care industry pays about the same.
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When was the last big flu pandemic that killed over 20 million people?

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It was the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1920, and it is estimated to have been responsible for approximately 80 million deaths world wide.
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First female US surgeon general?

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Antonia Novello was the first woman and first Hispanic American U.S. surgeon general in 1990
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Is cannabis legal in Russia?

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NO its not.....its legal in Amsterdam though
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How do you locate the relevant health and safety for your task?

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You can locate the health and safety aspects of your tasks by : talking to your supervisor Talking to your union representative, if you are in a union talk to the safety specialist, if there is one in your company visit credible web sites such as the OSHA and NIOSH websites
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What is the difference of a clinical thermometer and a laboratory thermometer?

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Clinical Thermometer -To measure the body temperature, a special thermometer, called the clinical thermometer is used. -This thermometer has to be given sharp jerk after measuring the thermometer. -In 1866 Sir Thomas_Clifford_Allbutt invented the clinical thermometer, Laboratory thermometer -This thermometer is generally used in laboratories for measuring temperature. -This thermometer does not has to be given sharp jerk after measuring the thermometer. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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What factors may lead to abuse?

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four reasons why some individuals may be more likely to be abuse
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How is an epidemic different from a pandemic?

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Epidemics are country-wide diseases. Pandemics are world-wide diseases.
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Where are fats stored?

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in little jars in the basement, next to the guts and the brains...
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How many people died of polio in 1950?

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At itâ??s time (prior to 1955), Polio was a major childhood disease and a major killer and crippler of young people. In 1950 alone ,3,145 deaths were reported with more than 57,628 cases reported. Although the virus had been extant for millennia, it only reached epidemic stages in the 20th century.
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Definition of expository paragraph?

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Expository or Explanatory paragraph gives information about something.
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What were Diseases that the Native Americans gave the Europeans?

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The Native Americans actually did give the Europeans a few diseases however they are debatable. One of the diseases that Europeans contracted on their way to the New World and at the new world was typhus. Another disease that affected the people coming to the New World was syphilis, now see this is the debatable disease because many believe that It was contracted by Hispaniola but it could still be considered something that was given to the people who came to the New World. Now I do not believe the Europeans got this disease but the Spaniards did.
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Why is reaction time important?

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reaction time is important because you know how long it takes.
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Is basic life support and first aid the same thing?

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No, Basic Life Support and First Aid are not the same thing. Basic Life Support means the needs of our daily life, i. e food, clothes and a house to live in, but First Aid means the initial treatment given to an injured person till the doctor or ambulance doesn't arrive.
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Which part of your eye receives no blood?

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The cornea is the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris, ... Because transparency is of prime importance the cornea does not have blood vessels; it receives nutrients!
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What does inhaled air contain?

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Inhaled air contains the same constituents as the atmosphere which is made up of the following approximately: 78-79 % nitrogen 18 -20 % oxygen 0.93% argon 0.04% carbon dioxide Air also contains pproximately 1% water vapor which varies depending on local climatic conditions. There are small trace amounts of other gasses too. Exhaled air, is much richer in Carbon dioxide as less rich in oxygen.
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Is 38.6 Celsius considered a bad fever?

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I have a fever of 38.6 and I feel horrible!
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What does a food inspector do?

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A food inspector goes to newly built restaurants and he looks at he place and tastes the food to make sure it's safe for people to eat
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How much sleep does a 12 year old girl need?

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I'd say about 8 hours. At 12 years, you are still growing and need sleep to do so. But if you are still tired after 8 hours, try to sleep longer.
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Are there any body parts beginning with t?

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Toes, teeth, tonsils, toenail, tummy?, tongue and thighs are all body parts that begin with a T.