Punchline Math

Punchline Math is a series of books, worksheets and interactive DVDs created by Steve and Janis Marcy. The books introduce self-correcting puzzles to students, who must figure out how to solve the problems or complete the puzzles to get the punchline.

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Pre-algebra with pizzazz 188 answer?

The Rookie Football Player Who Kept Asking His Coach To Flood The Football field With Water So He Could Go In As A Sub.

What are all the answers for Punchline Algebra book a page 9.11?

1. Do bungee jumpers like? BIG BAND

2. Do psychiatrists like? SHRINK RAP

3. Do baseball players like? JUST THE HITS

What is the answer to a math pizzazz book d tom swift said it this way supposedly?

"I hate playing tic-tac-toe," Tom said Crossly. "I wish I were six feet tall," Tom said Longingly. "I just flew from the coast," Tom Explained.

Can you get the answers to the Middle School Math with Pizzazz questions on WikiAnswers?

Questions giving a question number or page number only may not be answered. If your question is a riddle or a "daffynition" then just ask the question. Perhaps someone will answer it.

If your class is using this workbook for study, you should ask your teacher how to solve the various mathematical exercises (the point of using the books).

What are the answers to Daffynition Decoder D-17?

lazy butcher: meatloafer (meat loafer)

rubber raft: playbuoy (play buoy)

corn salesman: stalkbroker (stalk broker)

What is the answer to the middle school math with pizzazz book E E-30?

If the question for the math is "What is the Title?" then this answer applies to it. The answer is "Spider Towing A Fried Egg."

What is the answer to page 7.16 in Punchline Algebra book A what do you call two birds relaxing in the midday sun?

Baskin robins. there is a space before the b after the n in baskin and after the s in robins.

it should look like this...

_baskin_robins_ no answer for the a, h, or o spaces. :)

What is the answer to page 44 punchline algebra book did you hear about?

The guy who invested in feathers because he heard that the stock market was going down?

What is the answer to Punchline Algebra book b 14.6?

Once upon a time three witches wished three wishes but which witch knows which witch wished which wish.

What are the answers for Daffynition Decoder D-36?

warehouse: whatyousaywhenlost (where house)

explian: notscrambledorfried (eggs plain)

What is the title picture on pre algebra with pizzazz pg 213?


What is the answer to pre algebra with pizzazz pg 208 Daffynition Decoder?

1. Condense: A Dumb Criminal

2. Program: In Favor of the Metric System

What is the answer to page 7.18 punchline algebra book A?

Come Out With Your Pants Up is the answer to page 7.18 punchline algebra book A.

What is the answer to page 19.3 in punchline algebra book b?

the little girl who shared her glue with her sister because she always bottle

What is the answer to pizzazz E-66?

answer: mabey one reason people who work in the pentigon never seem to agree on anything is that there are five sides to every story