Radio Personalities

Radio hosts and DJs speak on a variety of topics, and typically introduce music. There are other radio personalities that do talk radio shows. Some of these shows are educational, while others are comedic or political.

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Who does howard stern have kids with?

Howard Has Three children with his first wife, Allison Berns; they are Emily Beth (b. 1983), Debra Jennifer (b. 1986) and Ashley Jade (b. 1993)they are

Do dj's have to buy their music by law?

If you are trying to DJ at a club or any place where you make a profit, then yes. If you are doing it at home by yourself then you can illegally download music to use. Nobody would bother you if it was done in your house.

Did Howard Stern serve in Vietnam?

No. Howard Stern jokingly says that he served in the 25th Infantry Division towards the end of war in Vietnam in 1973. He has never served in the military.

Advantages and disadvantages of radio waves?

The advantages are it travels long and far good for long distance

the disadvantages are that it takes a while to transfer back


An advantage for radio waves is that it's able to bounce off the ionosphere (region in the Earth's atmosphere) so it could travel around the world. It's also a cheap form of communication and it travels through the air so no wires are needed for communication.

A disadvantage for radio waves is that it has low frequency so it can't transmit (send) a lot of data at one time.

Howard stern vacations from stern fan network?

Given the fact that Mutt is an a$$hole I would suspect Howard will never come back.

How many daughters does howard stern have?

Three: Emily (born 1983), Debra (born 1986) and Ashley (born 1993).

Where is Gregg Whiteside?

When last I heard of him, he was on the air at WRTI radio.

How much money does a DJ earn?

It depends on how good he/she is. If the DJ is an excellent producer, makes a name for himself in the rave and club world, makes and releases CD's, then the DJ can well make millions of dollars a year. Same thing goes for resident club DJ's. It depends no how successful the club is and how skilled the DJ is. For private DJ's that do weddings and other events like that, typical DJ packages start at about $600 and then varies with length, music type, etc.

Howard stern makes 500000000 for 5 years what does Robin quiver make?

The $500,000,000 is for the entire Howard Stern Show including staff costs, production, & construction. Howard himself makes a percentage of that money, not the entire $500,000,000.

i know that artie lange receives $750,000 yearly and Gary baba boey gets $800,000 yearly.

Does Howard Stern have a master's degree?

Stern graduated in the spring of 1976 with a bachelor's degree in Communications.

What are the salaries of the howard stern show staff?

According to "The Examiner," the salaries of Howard Stern and his show staff combined are an estimated worth of five hundred eighty two million dollars.

Where is radio fuse located on Chrysler mini van?

It is located under dash near the hood release lever. There is a fuse box and diagram there for your convenience. The fuse is a 25 amp fuse.

Are Opie and Anthony more relevant than Howard Stern on satellite radio?

You can't even compare Opie and Anthony to Howard Stern. It is definitely worth paying a small monthly fee to hear opie and Anthony on xm. Not only is their content relevant, but it's raw, gritty, different, and very funny. You won't hear another show like it - especially now that they are not censored.

How much does the average pimp make per year?

Usually, a pimp has 6 girls in his stable, and each girl makes around 560 a day. When you times that by 6 days a week and by 6 girls it comes out to be that he makes 16,500 a week.

Sometimes the girls are allowed to keep a certain amount but usually not. If they are teenagers/children they have to give all the money to their pimp(s).