Rally Racing

Racing in a modified production car or a hand-built car that is road-legal. The races are point-to-point rather than on circuits. They can have several stages and are won by time, speed, and/or both. This sub-category includes questions on the drivers, the teams, the cars, and the point standings.

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Who are some famous drag racers?

Bill Jenkins, Bob Glidden, Warren Johnson, Don Garlits, Don Prudohme, Shirly Muldowney, John Force.

What countries are Formula 1 races held at?

For the 2011 season, F1 Grands Prix will be held in: Bahrain, Australia, Malaysia, China, Turkey, Spain, Monaco, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Abu Dhabi, Brazil.

How do you get rid of front end drift on a 99 Suburban - Dealer says it's normal but it's annoying?

While I agree that "It's normal" is a phrase often used to describe a condition the mechanic doesn't understand or doesn't want to deal with, some drift is normal for a Suburban. A Suburban in not a car and does not handle quite the same as a car typically does even when new. If the drift is severe, check for any looseness in the front end and correct as needed. Check also for incorrect tire size or tire underinflation or rims replaced with rims of incorrect offset.

== == == == Don't buy the "it's normal" line. Wandering can be tuned out of any car. You are going to have to find an alignment shop that will work with you on it. Go to an independent shop in your area that does lots of light trucks. My advice is to not go to a big national chain. Although its not always true, they tend to align to a basic spec and leave it at that. Your Suburban wants a lot of caster to track well. There are metal plugs that need to be knocked out of the upper control arm mounts to get the extra caster. If your at 80,000mi or more, the steering gear needs to be adjusted (10 min job). That, and a quick check of the toe adjustment should take the wander out. If you have put 18" rims or some other big tires on it and have run them for 60K mi or more you're goint to need most of the front end parts replaced. Here's the list (Lower ball joints, lower control arm bushings, outer tie rod ends, idler arm, pitman arm (upper and lower half). The front ends are fine with stock wheels and tires, but they don't hold up well with bigger ones. I have just been through the same thing, and finally have it drivign linke new again. If you want to talk some more about this drop me an e-mail. (Just take out the _nospam_ to reach me.) Good luck. Scott

Why man as the world's greatest parasite?

This is a big mistake. Do all human beings are parasites. There are many people who work for the world. If people can be trained to be useful. Ethics training. Science. Art. But if the person is untrained. Is worse than a parasite.

What is SR 20 DE engine?

The Nissan SR20DET is a popular 4-cylinder JDM engine known for being the heart of the Nissan 180SX and Silvia. SR20DET engine swaps are popular in North America for 240SX owners.

SR - Engine Family

20 - 2.0 Liters Displacement

D - Dual Overhead Cam

E - Electronic Fuel Injection

T - Turbocharged Nissan also produced a cheaper naturally aspirated (non-turbo) version of the SR engine called the SR20DE.

How did Peter Brock die?

Peter was killed when his car hit a tree during a rally in Western Australia in 2006.

What is a rally-paper?

A rally paper is competition consisting of a set of questions and activities to be completed as correctly as possible to win a prize.

Every time it rains your 97 Lesabre literally has 3 inches of water back and front someone please help you've looked in the truck and under and nothing is wet you had to rip the padding out?

I'm not sure, but I've had this problem before. Check the top of the windshield, and for rust holes in the roof for leakage.

I had the same problem with my 1998 LeSabre last month, and it was indeed coming from the windshield.

Which car won the most Paris-Dakar Rally-raids in a row?

The Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero/Shogun depending on where you live has won the Dakar Rally 7 times in a row from 2001-2007. The Mitsubishi Pajero also has 12 wins total, making it the most winning car thus far in the Dakar Rally.

What is the average salary of a rally car driver?


There are probably thousands of rally drivers around the world whose rallying costs them a great deal of mony, and a handful who are paid to drive.

I estimate that an average salary will be close to (if not below) 0.



The average rally car team driver is paid 500K(+)

1. Sébastien Loeb: He is a French rally driver with a wife and a daughter living in Lausanne which is a French speaking place in Switzerland. His net worth is estimated at $45 million and he is considered the most successful WRC driver in the world.

2. Juha Kankkunen: He is a former rally driver from Laukaa, Finland. He won 4 drivers world championships titles and 23 world rallies which were all series records. He lives in Monaco but he loves to be in the country house at his famil's farm covering hundreds of hectares of land in Laukaa. He owns a collection of cars including 6 Ferraris and 4 rally cars won from world championships.

3. Tommi Makinen: He is now retired rally driver born in Puuppola, Finland. He is married with two kids and houses both in Monaco and Jyvaskyla He is one of the most successful and richest WRC drivers of all time ranking 2nd to Sebastien Leob and tied with Juha Kankkunen.

4. Petter Solberg: He has a son and is married to Pernilla Walfridsson, the daughter of former Volvo factory driver and 1980 European Rallycross Champion, Per-Inge "Pi" Walfridsson.

5. Walter Rohrl: He was voted as the 'Rallye Driver of the Century' in Italy. He was also voted as the 'Rallye Driver of the Millennium' in France. He was elected by a jury of 100 motor experts from all over the world as the 'Best Rallye Driver Ever' in Italy.

Rally drivers are the most on-the-edge professionals. Such kind of driving requires high levels of skills that ordinary drivers don't have; that's why rally driving had made many champions rich and famous.

How do you become a rally driver?

Get a licence

In Britain, from January 1 this year, the licensing rules were changed and every driver wishing to contest stage rallies now has to hold a Stage Rally Competition Licence. Complete novices will have to complete a BARS (British Association of Rally schools) course and apply to British rallying's governing body, the MSA, for a "Go Rallying Pack". For39 British Pounds, you will receive an MSA Competitors' yearbook, a novice application and a video on rallying. The next step is attending one of the 10 registered BARS schools for a 15-minute theory test and a driving test lasting roughly 10 minutes. If you successfully pass both, you can send off your application and a 'National B' status licence will be yours. The National B licence This piece of paper is your gateway to the various national rally championships at clubman level. Alternatively you could join a one-make series, of which there are currently four in the UK run by peugeot, Ford and Volkswagen. There are advantages to both but with a one-make series you will learn fast and compete against people at your level. A full season in a one-make series will be relatively cost effective and coupled with that you have the back-up of a manufacturer and skilled personnel at your disposal. Indeed, reigning world rally champion, Richard won Peugeot's one-make series, the Peugeot Challenge in 1991. Peugeot Sport boss, Mick Linford offers his words of advice: "My own point of view is that a one-make championship is a very level playing field. You go into the championship knowing that everything is down to your driving. "To anyone wanting to get started in rallying, get as many events under your belt as you can. Nothing beats experience. Also build up that experience with a regular co-driver."

Who is 14times winner for Middle East rally championship?

Mohammed Bin Sullayem the only person to win more than 12 FIA Titled championships

Who is a better driver between f1 driver or rally drivers?

Pointless question, might as well ask if the best burger is better than the best pizza, or if wu-tang is better than metallica. They're different things, require a slightly different skill set and don't compare all out.

How fast can a rally car go?

105 km/h.

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