Real Madrid Football Club

Real Madrid is a football (soccer) club located in Madrid, Spain. Real Madrid plays in La Liga BBVA, and is commonly associated with their rivals Barcelona Football Club.

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What is the name of a Real Madrid supporter?

Supporters of Real Madrid are most commonly called Madridistas.

Who is the best in real Madrid?

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How much is a Real Madrid jersey worth?

from $58 to $90 £40 to £89

normal with no name printed 60 dollars no tax

with a name depending on who it is llike RAUL 7 = 90 w/o tax

Also depends on what season it was worn, if it was worn by a famous player or if it was signed

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How many free kicks did Roberto carlos score for real Madrid?

As he played for Real Madrid for eleven years and was their main free kick and penalty taker he must have scored 40 odd goals.

How many soccer trophies does Barcelona and real Madrid have?

barcelona/real madrid= square root of 144 * 7= 84 trophies, give or take a few.


Who is stronger fcb or real Madrid?

Real Madrid and Barcelona are both extremely strong teams with a huge amount of passion.

For the last 2-3 Seasons Barcelona have been the strongest, but as the 2010/2011 season comes closer, Real Madrid will be proving there toughness.

So Barça are the current strongest but RM will be trying to be stronger as there known transfer policy will show

How many times has Messi beat Real Madrid?

The truth is that not only one person can beat a team. If Messi went out there on his own he will be... demolished. So, please stop saying " ooh Messi beat Real Madrid, what an amazing man!" ITS A TEAM EFFORT!

Who is going to win today Fc Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Fc Barcelona is picked to win on recent confrontation matches Fc Barcelona has blown them out. In recent games critics (have begun calling them) "the best bloody match up of football ever". Fc Barcelona continually impresses us with their amount of individual super stars that can still play one of the best team games as well.

Why they call real Madrid vs Barcelona classic o?

A football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona , two arch rivals is called The El Cassi co. Or The Classic.

When did Barcelona lose 11-1 against real Madrid?

1943 in Madrid. Franco, the former dictator of Spain, entered the dressing room of Barca team before the commencement of the game and reminded them they were only playing because of the "generosity of the regime". It is reported that the referee and the players of barca had been threatened and gave Madrid the victory on purpose after FC Barcelona had won 3-0 in the first leg.

Why did David Beckham leave Real Madrid?

Beckham left Real Madrid as the Galaticos failed to win the champion league or Spanish title in that time.

Has real Madrid ever faced Chelsea?

Yes twice losing to Chelsea both times. 1971 Cup Winners Cup Final and 1998 European Super Cup.

What is the current debt of real Madrid?

Real Madrid has very huge debt , over 600 million pounds.

How many coaches has real Madrid have had?

Real Madrid have this bad habit of hiring and firing coaches to easily. For example raul Gonzales played 16 years for real Madrid ,in those years Real Madrid have had 17 coaches, so you get the picture clearly.

Is real Madrid stronger than Barcelona?

yes the only reason they lost wuz bcuz of Cristiano ronaldo and him getting injured every time he touched the ball