Renault Megane Scenic

The Megane Scenic is a rebadged export variant of the Scenic, a compact minivan manufactured by Renault since 1996. The vehicle is available in front-engine, front-wheel drive layout, and in five-door MPV body style.

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How do you change the boot struts on a Renault Grand Scenic?

you have to remove the rear lights then with a small screwdriver prise the clip off then just pull strut off

Where is Scenic air con low pressure port?

The French lamers managed to put a high side port on the low side thingy under the bonnet. what idiots. You'll need a high side to low side adapter for it.

I just got one from ebay.

What does RT mean?

Well When yhu Blakk yhu shuld kno buddt it Mean REAL TALK

How do you replace the air filter on a Renault grand scenic?

hi if you look in your engine bay to the right hand side above gearbox you will find a large ribbed pipe from front to rear of engine follow pipe to rear and it will go into a palstic box mounted to rear of engine there at top of that box you will locate two screws remove these screws and air filter is located in there

Electric mirrors fuse location on a Renault scenic?

It is a combined fuse number F6 that also does the stereo. You will find it in the glovebox fuse panel on the MK2 or on the MK1 it is below to the right on the drivers side.

Is it possible to disconnect the immobilizer on a Renault scenic diesel?

I don't think you can - i think it's part of the Engine Management System run a live to immobaliser control unit to fool it to thinking the ignition is on, this will stop it from arming itself.

Is a Renault scenic rear wheel drive?

No, a Renault Scenic is front wheel drive.

However, the rear wheels often wear faster than the front wheels, which would only normally happen with rear wheel drive. This is due to the unusual wheel alignment on this car.

After how many Km should the cambelt of a Scenic 16 TRE be changed?

This information is listed in your owner's manual. Don't have one then call your dealer and order one. According to the Renault service book every 72000 miles but I would replace it before this as if it snapped the repairs to the engine could cost up to

Why does your Renault kangoo immobilizer light keeps flashing and will not start?

The key is faulty or the immobilizer will not accept the code. remove the battery for 30 mins to allow the system to reset.

Does it really take about 4-5 hours to change a cam belt on a Renault Scenic?

If you have done a few no but if it is your first one yes very triky coz the cam's and crank float and you need the timing set to do it. Not very easy, you need to no what you are doing to do it wright. hi book times cam belt 1400&1600cc 3.90hr 2000cc 4.70hrs 19dci 3.10hrs 19dti 2.60hrs rx4 model 19dci ???? 2000cc 3.10hrs

How do you unblock windscreen wiper sprays?

Make sure the pump is working and water is actually getting to the spray nozzles. Simplest solution would be to disconnect the little rubbber water hose, either at the spray head, or where it exits the pump, and then blow compressed air into the tiny spray nozzle. That should blow out any debris that may be plugging the hole back out the way it came in (I prefer to use "canned air"(the kind they use to clean computer keyboards and other electronics). Good luck.

How do i fix water ingress in a Renault scenic?

Look here...

This place has saved me lots of time and money!

Brake lights flash insted of indicater Renault scenic?

Typically on many manufacturers, this is due to a bad earth on the light unit.

Take it out and look for corrosion or heat damage. 2 good signs of bad electrical connection.

Leave the Hazard lights on when you reconnect and notice if the lights work correctly or as you describe.. Usually, they will be some degree of each if it is a poor connection.

Were can i find the Timing marks on a megane 1.5 dci?

The top timing marks (Cam and injection pump) are easy to find. The cam has a hole for a timing pin to be inserted, and a mark on the pulley. Similar for the injection pump, there's a mark on the sprocket. These marks align with factory white marks on the belt (I used a Gates Powergrip one) The bottom pulley is a pig to align, as the serpentine drive belt pulley is not keyed to the crankshaft, so you need to get this off, set the timing at TDC, and MARK EVERYTHING CAREFULLY before removing the old timing belt. Hope this helps, Paul.

What damage does a snapped timing belt on Renault Scenic do?

Very high probability of valve damage. Havent seen one yet that hasn't bent valves when belt broke. hope this helps

How do you get a replacement Renault grand scenic card key?

The best way is to buy one from a main stealers - when ours went we found it cheaper & easier to pay the £150 for a brand new one, they also cut the emergency key in the price.

You can get cheaper cards from eBay etc but the problems start with finding an auto locksmith with the right equipment to program it for your car.

Shop around the main dealers though as we found the price varied by almost £30 depending on who wanted the sale most.

Where is the external temperature sensor in a Renault Megane Fidji Scenic 1.6 2003?

The sensor is in the near side wing mirror If you look at the bottom of the mirror you can see it