Rhode Island

Rhode Island was one of America's original thirteen colonies. In terms of land, it is the smallest of the fifty states. However, it has the longest official name, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

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Can you feed your rhonde island red hens cooked rice?

They will eat it. It should not be the only food they get as it will not meet their nutritional needs. You can also feed them raw rice. Rice is a grain and grains are what chickens prefer. A good mix of grain or a commercial chicken feed is best as a main diet.

Who started Rhode Island and why?

Roger williams started rhode island because he was kicked out of the massachusetts bay colony because of his beliefs

What is the weather and climate of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has a temperate climate moderated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, with warm summers and cold winters. The fall foliage season begins in mid-September and lasts through November. Rain falls evenly throughout the year, and snow averages 25-35 inches annually with the least on the coast. Hurricanes, though rare, are not unknown to strike the southern edge of New England.

Why is it not surprising that rhode island's vote total was the closest?

not sure why because the state is very small but maybe because of all of the married couples

What freedom did Rhode Island offer that other colonies did not in the 1620?

Williams felt that people should not be persecuted for their religious pratices. In his view the government should not force people to worship in a certain way.

What was the climate of colonial Rhode Island?

It was much the same as today, though a little colder. Rhode Island has a temperate climate moderated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, with warm summers and cold winters. Rain falls evenly throughout the year, and snowfall averages 25-35 inches with more inland. Hurricanes, though rare, are not unknown to strike the southern edge of New England.

How do you process annulment?

Before I attempt an answer, let me phrase the question as I understand it: "How does one go about starting the annulment process?"

First, lets get some definitions clear. Many people erroneously believe that an annulment is the Catholic equivalent of a divorce. This is not so. Many people also mistakenly believe that the Church makes a great deal of money on annulments. This is also not the case.

A Divorce refers to a point in marriage where the husband and wife "separate" This is to say they do not live under the same roof. A divorce does not dissolve a valid sacramental marriage, but is simply the state in which husband and wife do not live under the same roof. Because a divorce does not dissolve a valid sacramental marriage, divorce is permissible. At any time should the husband and wife reconcile they may live together again as husband and wife. No remarriage or "Second Marriage" is needed, since they never ceased being married, but were merely separated. As you can see divorce in the Catholic sense is not the same as divorce in the civil sense. A divorce in the civil sense dissolves a civil marriage. One is not free to enter into another marriage if one is in the state of divorce, because one in the state of divorce is still married.

An Annulment by contrast refers to a formal decree by the Church which states that there was no valid sacramental marriage, and therefore the parties are free to contract marriage with another person. It is a prudent practice to seek an annulment sooner then later. One who has received an annulment is free to marry.

If and when one seeks to start an annulment process all one need to do is contact the Catholic parish they attend regularly, and make an appointment to speak with the pastor. At that time he will give you all the paper work, which you will complete and then return. If you are not a practicing Catholic, (why are you not practicing?) you need to start practicing! (Register at a Church and go to Mass regularly!) But in such a case you can still speak with the pastor of a parish you feel comfortable with, and he can begin the process. Suffice it to say, the process is kept confidential. Only the Tribunal reviews the information. Even the pastor is not to read over the information when it is turned into him. He simply signs the form and sends it to the Tribunal.

It is important to note a few things for anyone who seeks an annulment. The first is that no one has the right to an annulment. This is to say that simply because one is seeking an annulment does not entail they will get it. Therefore one must approach the process with a Spirit of openness and trust in God, and be detached from the outcome.

The second, is that depending on the type of annulment you seek, (Formal Annulment) the process can take a while. What must be kept in mind is that when one is seeking an annulment, one in effect is saying to the Church "I did not enter into a valid sacramental marriage, therefore I am free to pursue a relationship with someone if I should choose to do so." Because of this, the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. In short, all sacramental celebrations of marriage are presumed valid unless otherwise stated and proven by the one who states otherwise.

This is why the paper work you are given is so important. When you fill it out, you are essentially asked to tell everything about your marriage in one way or another. Some people claim "Well, my marriage was personal, and it is no ones business." It must be kept in mind that you are the one making a claim, therefore you have to prove your case. In starting the annulment process, you have brought your case before the Church, and have brought your case from the private sphere (between you and your spouse) to the public sphere (involved the Church) Therefore, the more information you provide the better. This is so the "Tribunal" when they process the claim will be able to better make a decision on case. If there is not enough information, the Tribunal will have a difficult time trying to reach an informed decision. The process may or may not take a while, and may or may not be difficult. It all depends on the particular case. What I can say is that your pastor or priest will be with you every step of the way to guide you and help you, and pray with you, and see to your needs.

It is important to note that the cooperation of your spouse is not necessary in order to apply for and receive an annulment. It can make the process easier, but it is not necessary. Furthermore it is important to note that your spouse will be notified and will be given the opportunity to respond and defend the marital bond if he or she wishes to do so. The Canonical rights of both parties are respected and the process will never leave one party out. Both parities are given the opportunity to be involved.

Finally, depending on the Diocese there is a cost associated with the annulment process. The cost can range anywhere (for a Formal Annulment) from 500 dollars to 2,000 dollars. Why is there a cost? Because the money goes to pay the Canon Lawyers in the Tribunal who work your case. Canon Lawyers in order to work in the Tribunal need 8 years of schooling. Canon Law is a specialized area of study, and a difficult one at that. It is not unlike the process by which one studies Civil Law. You are essentially hiring Canon Lawyers to work on your case. Without the cost, the Diocese could not retain the services of Canon Lawyers to work on these cases. Usually whatever is charged does not even begin to cover the full cost of running the Tribunal, but it helps defray the cost to the Diocese. However, if there is a cost associated with the process, this should not discourage one from starting the process. If there is a legitimate (key word being legitimate)financial concern, the parish can cover the cost, or the cost can be waved.

If you feel you need to start the annulment process, please do so. Your pastor (or a pastor) will be all too ready and willing to help you. You should not hesitate or fear anything, nor should you worry about "judgment" if you have not been going to Church, or have not been to Church in a while. You should not be worried about judgment for anything. The priest will not judge you because your marriage did not work out. He is simply there to help you. However like I said you should begin going to Mass consistently if you have been away.

What is the history of the Block Island Ferry?

see sevearl past stories in the Block Island Times (on internet) written by the historian Robert M. Downie. The wet site has a "search" feature.

What are facts about Rhode Island?

founded by roger williams and annie huchinson

they wanted to seperate form the church and state

Why was the Rhode Island colony founded?

Rhode Island was founded because of religious freedom, ideals, and philosophy.

It was founded as an experiment in religious freedom and tolerance.

Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636. He was around 33 when he founded the colony.

The history of Rhode Island centers around people who wanted freedom to worship and express different beliefs without political interference.

When was the FDNY founded?

Organized fire fighting began in New York in 1648 when the first Fire Ordinance was adopted by the Dutch Settlement of New Amsterdam. When the colonists were organized in 1658, bucket brigades were formed and equipped with 250 leather buckets made by Dutch shoemakers of the colony. It was not until 74 years later, in 1731, that fire brigades were put into service. Faced with the problem of a fast growing colony, the General Assembly established the volunteer Fire Department of the City of New York, in December of 1737. Following the Revolutionary War, in 1865 the Department was reorganized and incorporated as the Fire Department of the City of New York(FDNY). Due to major fires, which resulted in excessive fire losses and a rise in insurance rates, the department was reorganized in 1866 under the command of General Alexander Schaler. Under military discipline, the department began to realize its full potential and fire losses began to generally reduce. The merit system of promotion in the Fire Department was instituted in 1870. New Year's day 1898 heralded the consolidation of the different areas (Brooklyn, Queens etc..) of the city and the beginning of a new era for the Fire Department. All fire forces in the various sections were brought under the unified command of the first Commissioner of the Fire Department. By 1937 all but two volunteer companies were disbanded. Today the Fire Department protects more than 8,000,000 residents in an area of 320 square miles. The uniformed force is under the command of the Chief of Department and consists of more than 11,400 Fire Officers and fire fighters. In addition, the Department includes 2,800 Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Supervisors assigned to the Bureau of Emergency Medical Service (EMS), as well as 1200 civilian employees.

How far is RI from Pittsburgh PA?

To Providence RI (since you didn't list a destination) it's 575 miles. You can find exact milage at Google Maps. Interesting fact - Pittsburgh is within 500 miles of 50% of the US population.

How was the state bird of Rhode Island chosen?

It really seem unusual to have a domestic chicken as a State Symbol but the choice was theirs.

When did Rhode Island become a state?

Rhode Island was the last of the thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution on May 29, 1790.
Rhode Island was the last of the original 13 colonies to become a state, on May 29, 1790.

Providence county covers 413 square miles of rhode island if rhode island is 1045 square miles what percent of rhode island's area is providence county round to the nearest tenth?

Here, just divide 413 by 1045 to give a decimal:

413 / 1045 = approximately 0.395

Since this is a decimal, you have to multiply your answer by 100 to get a percent:

0.395 x 100 = 39.5%

Is it legal in RI to collect the first and last month's rent plus security?

Yes it is legal to ask for first, last and security in Rhode Island.

Page 5 of The Rhode Island Landlord-Tenant Handbook issued by the State, states that, "A landlord can take a security deposit from a tenant at the beginning of a new rental term but it cannot exceed one month's rent." and "Separate amounts of money can be requested from a new tenant for prepaid rents, etc." You can view the handbook (right click to download the pdf) on the link below.

We will be doing this from now on after a long-term tenant used his security deposit to pay his last month's rent. While the apartment was fortunately in good shape, it could have been an expensive lesson if he'd trashed it and skipped out on the last month's rent. Collecting last month's protects the security deposit and ensures that the rent will be paid once they've notified you of their intentions to move out.

Since paying all three fees (first, last, security) at once can be a huge financial hit, you may want to have them pay one of the fees in installments over several months.