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What rhymes with platonic?

Some two syllable words that rhyme with platonic are chronic, conic, connick, phonic, sonic, tonic, tronic.

Some three syllable words that rhyme with platonic are bubonic, demonic, fibronic, flextronic, harmonic, ionic, ironic, masonic, medtronic, personic, photronic, plutonic, tectonic, tranzonic.

Some four syllable words that rhyme with platonic are allophonic, avionic, catatonic, electronic, embryonic, , histrionic, hydroponic, hypersonic, hypertonic, isotonic, lasersonic, monophonic.

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What does end rhyme mean in poetry?

An end rhyme can mean two things in poetry.

The first one is when only the last syllable of two words rhyme with each other. Take the words coaster and grinder, just the "er" is the same sound, and it's the last syllable. This could also take effect in a double syllable rhyme. A double syllable rhyme is when both the last two syllables rhyme in the words. For example, the words toaster and coaster don't start in the same letter, not that they need to, but the last two syllables rhyme: "oaster." In most cases with double syllable end rhyme the who word rhymes, in which case you can just say that it isn't end rhyme, but in reality it still counts. This could be in poetry, though it is not as common as the second type of end rhyme.

The second type of end rhyme is when the last word of a line in a poem rhymes with the last word of another line in a poem. Read the following poem:

In the morning

When I wake

Things seem to shift

The dew outside

Wets my leg

And in my father's arms

Am I lift

In that poem "shift" and "lift" would be considered end rhyme. End rhyme could also be in different stanzas of poetry and also could be in the line following the first.

Those are the two different types of end rhyme, regarding poetry.

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What rhymes with blasphemy?

Actually, there are no words that rhyme exactly with "blasphemy."

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What rhymes with scram?

Ham, dram, tram, cram, ram, bam, dam, am, jam, graham, swam, cam, clam, ma'am, lamb, scam, slam, spam, and exam.

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What rhymes with clad?


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What rhymes with sprung?

hung, dung, flung, rung, sung, tongue, wrung.

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What rhymes with lump?

Bump, trump, thump, hump, dump, slump

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What rhymes with world?

Curled, furled, hurled, knurled, pearled, purled, swirled, twirled, unfurled, whirled, hearald, and furles

Sentence: I curled my daughters hair for the audition.
curled, hurled and that is all i can think of.
Curled, furled, gnarled, hurled, kerled, purled, whirled.
Words that rhyme with world are:

* Curled

* Hurled

* Swirled

* Twirled

* Whirled

For help with other rhyming words, go to the website:

The question:

What rhymes with world?

Inside your brain it unfurls

twirls and does swirls

in singulars and plurals

refined and yet rural

while peering under your curls

winks a string of small pearls

rendered onto a mural

of a rarified girl






Whirled furled, curled, hurled World, Twirled, CurledTwirled, hurled, curled, swirled. furled, hurled, curled, pearled, ... Curled. curled, furled, hurled, You should go on for more rhymes.

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What rhymes with strapped?

slapped, capped, crapped, lapped, mapped, tapped, wrapped, grabbed, napped, zapped, sapped, clapped

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What rhymes with heat vision?




3 syllables:

collision, decision, derision, division, divison, envision, excision, incision, misprision, parisian, precision, provision, recision, rescission, revision, xyvision

4 syllables:

bakke decision, cell division, circumcision, form division, indecision, long division, multivision, sales division, short division, split decision, supervision, univision, word division, television

5 syllables:

final decision

6 syllables:

cellular division, judicial decision, phase of cell division, porcupine provision, reduction division

7 syllables:

advertising division

8 syllables:

administrative division, territorial division

Also Beat Kissin!! That would be easier than these things above my message!!! lol. x]

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What rhymes with black empty space?

slap in d face (sorry)

back in me face

clack-wimp tea base Similac tea base.

slack in d grace

back in d place

back in the race

the gak imp be traced

Shaq 'em, Tea Gaze

stack them delaze

crack them

crack black jack whack stack nack lack galacticky grace galacticky maze? phase

empty wimpty pimpty limpdy glib

sickle cell anemia.

plaque EMPTY? pimpty...

block um D? SEIS!


back impish pace

blasphemy race

grass for me trace

daquiri base

pace paste? grace mace chase

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What words rhyme with ending words in -ed?

- Bed.

- Ted. (Meaning to turn over or spread out).

- Ned. (Name).

- Red.

- Sped. (Past tense: Speed)

- Jed. (Seaport on the red sea of Saudi Arabia).

- Led. (Past tense: Lead)

- Wed.

- Sed. (Abbreviation of sediment/sedimentation).

- Med. (Abbreviation of medical).

- Fed. (Past tense: Feed)

- Raced.

- Looked.

- Spooked.

- Scared.

- Dared.

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What rhymes with pretender?

Defender, bender, fender, cinder, tender, mender, hinder, lender, sender.

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What rhymes with suede?

wade, spade, maid, laid, aid, raid, paid, dade, fade, trade, prayed, frayed, staid, jade, neighed, weighed, greyed, grade, played, flayed, bayed, braid, made, rayed.

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What rhymes with trick and treat?

trick or treat smell my feet give me something nice to eat!

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What rhymes with specialty?

reality, synchronicity

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Does the word 'in' rhyme with the word 'wind'?


Wind can be pronounced in two ways but both have the d sound at the end.

But this is a SLANT rhyme, if allowed in whatever project you are doing.

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What rhymes with erratic?

2 syllables:

attic, matic, mattick, static

3 syllables:

aquatic, asthmatic, climatic, dogmatic, dramatic, ecstatic, emphatic, fanatic, hepatic, lymphatic, phosphatic, pneumatic, pragmatic, prismatic, prostatic, rheumatic, schematic, socratic, thematic, traumatic

4 syllables:

acrobatic, adriatic, aerobatic, aromatic, asiatic, autocratic, automatic, bureaucratic, charismatic, cinematic, democratic, diplomatic, emblematic, enigmatic, enzymatic, hanseatic, hippocratic, informatic, mathematic, numismatic, operatic, pancreatic, posttraumatic, problematic, programmatic, sensormatic, symptomatic, systematic, technocratic, telematic, theocratic

5 syllables:

aristocratic, asymptomatic, axiomatic, diagrammatic, electrostatic, homeostatic, idiomatic, melodramatic, monochromatic, psychosomatic, undemocratic, undiplomatic

6 syllables:

atmospheric static, austroasiatic, idiosyncratic, semiautomatic

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What rhymes with dyke?

Bike, kite, sight, site, cite, hike, like, mike, ike, pike, sike, tike

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What rhymes with corrections?

Here are the answers I got from the website, Words and phrases that rhyme with corrections: (30 results)

2 syllables:

section's, sections

3 syllables:

affections, collections, complexions, confections, connections, defections, directions, dissections, election's, elections, erections, infections, inflections, injections, inspections, objection's, objections, projections, protections, reflections, rejections, selections

4 syllables:

imperfections, interjections, intersections, predilections, recollections

5 syllables:


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What rhymes with magma?

These are some words that may rhyme with magma:

1. agma

2. bregma

3. chalcostigma

4. diaphragma

5. dogma

6. endophragma

7. enigma

8. entandrophragma

9. gma

10. hypozeugma

11. kerugma

12. kerygma

13. lithophragma

14. magma

15. malagma

16. mgma

17. ngma

18. ogma

19. paraphagma

20. physostigma

21. pleurosigma

22. pragma

23. prophragma

24. pterostigma

25. regma

26. rhegma

27. schizophragma

28. sigma

29. smegma

30. sterigma

31. stigma

32. syntagma

33. tagma

34. trichostigma

35. ugma

36. zeugma

bregma which is something to do with your head/skull

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What rhymes with thinker?

stinker, tinker, blinkered, drinker.

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What rhymes with stranded?

Branded, landed

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What is a rhyming word pair for the jumps of lambs?

That is sheep's leaps.
sheep's leaps

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What rhymes with waiter?

2 syllables:

cater, crater, freighter, gaiter, gator, grater, greater, hater, later, mater, prater, rater, skater, stater, straighter, traitor

3 syllables:

bay stater, creator, curator, debater, dictator, equator, translator,

4 syllables:

congress gaiter, lunar crater, vindicator, water skater, woman hater

5 syllables:

sooner or later

6 syllables:

celestial equator, magnetic equator


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