Right Whales

Members of the genus Eubalaena, right whales are large whales that include three species: the North Atlantic right whale (E. glacialis), the North Pacific right whale (E. japonica) and the southern right whale (E. australis).

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What do southern right whales eat?

Southern Right whales eat 400kg of food a day.It eats krill and plankton.

What do right whales eat?

Right whales eat mostly small sea creatures such as small fish and krill, a small shrimplike creature.

How big are right whales at birth?

Right whale calves are about 4-6 m (13-20 ft) at birth and weigh almost a ton.

Is a southern right whale dolphin a whale or dolphin?

"Dolphin" and "whale" are somewhat ambiguous terms in that different people have different definitions. By some definitions, the term "whale" means all cetaceans and therefore includes dolphins, though usually it's used to mean "all cetaceans except dolphins and porpoises". Similarly, the word "dolphin" may mean only ocean dolphins, it may include river dolphins as well, or it may mean any member of the suborder Odontoceti ("toothed whales").

However, both southern and northern rightwhale dolphins are members of the family Delphinidae (the ocean dolphins) and are therefore dolphins even by the strictest possible definition.

How many right whales are left in the world?

About 100 or over maybe more the than 1000 just ask somebody else to see if they know because I don`t know yet but comeback tomorow and I`ll know my time is for you I`ll be searching 24 hours I wont sleep if I have to but I`m gonna know tomorow for sure come back when ever you could.

How are right whales becoming extinct?

Right whales are being hunted to extinction by whalers for their vulnerability and their rich store of blubber.

How many southern right whales are left?

Because of the size of their habitat, it is difficult to measure exactly the population. However, various estimates place the number between 10000 and 12000.

Why are the southern right whales the right whales to kill?

The southern right whales were the right whales to kill because they were slower swimmers and had alot of blubber with could be sold for money. Hope this helps.

Are right whales baleen whale?

Yes, right whales are baleen whales. They have no teeth. They have baleen, whalebone, to strain out water and keep in plankton, krill and shrimp to swallow and eat.

Why is it called the right whale?

The right whale got it`s name because they were slow, big and easy to find, so they were the "Right" whale to hunt.

Right Whales are called that because they were the "right whale" to hunt. They lived where the early industrial whalers hunted and they float when dead and when people would go whaling the right whale was very slow and they would swim close to the surface :)

Do right whales have fur?

The right whale is a mammal, so it has hair, not fur. All whales have a very very thin bit of hair on their bodies.

How many northern right whales are left in the world?

Scientific study of the Northern Right whale put their numbers at just under 350 in 2001, this had risen to between 350 and 400 by 2008.

Southern Right Whale scientific name?

The Southern Right Whale's scientific name is Eubalaena Autralis.

Hope this helps!

Why are right whales endangered?

Because whalers favored the whale so much that they called it the "Right" whale to kill, hence its name. They have never fully recovered despite bans on hunting them.
The right whale is endangered because it was the most hunted. It was called the right whale by whalers because it floats when dead, is slow-moving, and has good oil and blubber.