Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was the general of the Confederate Army during the US Civil War.

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How did Robet E Lee affect the civil war?

By turning down a senior position in the Union army, of which he would probably have become General-in-Chief in a few months.

Even though he disapproved of secession, he felt he should go with his state (Virginia), and so he resigned from the US Army to join the Confederates.

His string of victories in summer 1862 brought England and France close to granting recognition to the Confederacy and sending military aid, but his momentum was checked by the unexpected defeat at Antietam. Two more spectacular wins followed, but the second one cost him his most brilliant lieutenant Stonewall Jackson, and his health also started to fail at this time. Defeat at Gettysburg (sometimes called the Confederate High Watermark) ended his glory days, and he was on the defensive from that point onwards until he surrendered to U.S. Grant at Appomattox.

He had been appointed to the newly-created post of General-in-Chief of the Confederates at the end of January 1865, too late to make any difference.

He remains the embodiment of the Lost Cause - a popular but largely-mythical legend of courage, honour and noble leadership.

How do you find information on Robert E. Lee's horse Traveller?

It's most likely because very few people have ever even been curious about it.

The Civil War fascinates me, but to be honest, I could not possibly care less about Lee's equine.

It's more interesting to me to know that camels, of all things, wete used in the war!

Camels were used in the war?

Kassy, i know you. I've seen you @ horse shows. I have no idea why people don't ask about Traveller. He is a very facinating animal. I have a colt of his grandfather. He looks just like Traveller Anonymous you should read some about Traveller!

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Were Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee best friends?

No. Grant was subordinate to Lee in the war with Mexico, and they knew each other from that conflict.

How would you describe the relationship between General Robert E Lee and General James Longstreet?

Affectionate and respectful to the end of Lee's life.

It was other Confederates who blamed Longstreet for the defeat at Gettysburg, not Lee himself.

Why did Lee meet with Grant and agree to surrender?

Because he had simply run out of manpower - following Grant's ending of the system of prisoner exchange.

How many battles did general lee lose?

Three - Antietam, Gettysburg, Petersburg (if we don't class Appomattox as separate from this one).

Why was Robert E. Lee important to the civil war battles?

Robert E Lee was a famed general of the Confederacy. If Lee had not led the south, then the war would have been over before it even started.

What was the name of the first person to ride break and train General Robert E. Lee's war horse Traveller?

Amazingly the first person to ride, break, and train Traveller was not a man, but Dorothy Ross. The teenage daughter of Commander Franklin Ross had an intense love for horses, and was in charge of hundreds of horses on the family farm. Robert E. Lee's war horse Traveller was foaled on the Andrew Davis Johnston farm near Blue Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, western Virginia (later West Virginia)in the spring of 1857. As a colt he was first named "Jeff Davis" and the first person destined to ride, break, and train "Jeff" for exhibition was a young slave by the name of Frank Winfield Page. As a young servant of ten, Frank started riding and learned to handle horses with great skill and was charged with breaking the Johnston farm's colts. Readers who are interested in General Robert E. Lee's war horses may be interested in refering to my own booklet titled "TRAVELLER: General Robert E. Lee's Favourite Greenbrier War Horse," ISBN 1-41204914-8. The booklet is scheduled to be published in February/March by Trafford Publishing and will be available for purchase through the Bookstore (either the Search Desk or Browsing Aisles).

Who is the Confederate general whose surrender led to the end of the US Civil War?

General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th 1865. This led directly to the end of the US Civil War. This took some time, however, for all practical purposes, Lee's surrender began the ending process.

Did Robert E. Lee own slaves?

no he didn't he was against slavery nobody knows that because they want to make the civil war all about slavery even though (in my opinion) it was really about tax and voters rights only 30% of people lived in the south but they paid 80% of the tax and 94% of the south didn't own slaves but people want to make the south look bad robert e. lee likely would have been the 2nd president of the CSA and would have outlawed slavery although there is no basis in fact for my conjecture.

What was the name of General Robert E. Lee's horse?

Name of General Lee's Horse That most noble of all steeds was named Traveller. There is a very fun book by that title. It puports to be a first person account of the war as told by the horse. More information: Although it is true that Traveller was the more famous of Gneral Lee's mounts, he also rode a mare called Lucy Long for a period as well. Lucy was a present to General Lee from General J.E.B. Stuart in 1862, and General Lee rode Lucy Long for two years until, when in the lines around Petersburg, she got with foal. He sent her to the rear and once more mounted Traveller. xaver

He had three others:, Brown Roan, Richmond, and Ajax.

Why did Robert E Lee choose the South and not the North?

Because he was a Virginian. His primary identity, the way he defined himself, was as a Virginian rather than as an American. Virginia was his country and it just happened to be part of something called the United States. When Virginia left the United States, Lee went with her and was compelled by loyalty to defend her against invasion. To us today, even Southerners, it can be difficult to imagine this sort of national definition but that is the way many people thought and felt then. Michael Montagne

What spoiled lees invasion of pennsylvania?

First time round (Antietam, Sept '62), they happened to come across a set of Lee's orders which had been dropped in the field. This showed that Lee's divisions were widely separated, and that McClellan could destroy them one by one, if he moved fast enough. (He didn't quite, but still retained the advantage, and won the battle.)

Second time round (Gettysburg, July '63), it was not Union efforts but a half-hearted performance by Lee's deputy, General James Longstreet, and a mistaken tactic by Confederate cavalry, that lost Lee the battle - and the campaign.

How did Robert e lee contribute to the South's success?

He was appointed as an Army Commander before Lincoln had learned how to select good Generals to oppose him.

His early successes raised Confederate morale, and he looked as though he would be able to invade Pennsylvania - which the British regarded as the test of Confederate viability in their decision of whether to send military aid. (Only pure accident prevented this.)

It is accepted that Stonewall Jackson was the essential other half of Lee's talent - the perfectly matched duo. Jackson's death at Chancellorsville inhibited Lee's performance for the rest of the war.

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What Confederate general liked lemons?

Stonewall Jackson. He had developed a taste for them in Mexico. He liked to just suck on them and then eat the flesh. Michael Montagne Yes, Jackson was known to keep a lemon in his mouth during battles, removing it to speak with other officers, and then continue sucking on it. He believed they were healthy for him.

What did Robert lee do?

Robert E. Lee was one of the confederate generals but first agreed to fight for the north.

What did Robert E. Lee do wrong?

At the Battle of Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee won the first two battles and was feeling pretty invincible. He felt like he could do anything without being touched. So, on the third day of the battle, he charged his army up little round top and found his army slaughtered.

I hope this was the answer you were looking for!

But if you were talking about him as a General, then the only real thing he did wrong was the charge at the battle of Gettysburg.

Robert e lee's parents?

Robert E. Lee's parents were Anna and Edword Lee.

How did Robert E. Lee get involved the civil war?

He was the leader of the Confederate troops during that war.

What strategies did Grant use to defeat Robert E. Lee?

Sheer attrition.

Grant knew that Lee could not replace his losses, and simply battered away at the Confederate lines till they were too thin to hold.

What are Robert E . lee's last words?

He is supposed to have started to hallucinate that he was giving orders to Ambrose.P.Hill. If true, this would be an uncanny coincidence, as this was exactly what Stonewall Jackson is known to have been saying (in hallucination) as he lay dying.

The story is, perhaps, too good to be true. His doctors claimed that he was incapable of speech in the last few days of his life.

According to witnesses, Lee's last words were "Strike the tent".