Robert Oppenheimer

Robert Oppenheimer (1904 – 1967) was an American theoretical physicist. He was the direction of the Manhattan Project and is known as the “father of the atomic bomb” for his contribution to the invention of nuclear weapons in World War 2. Information related to Robert Oppenheimer's life and his works can be found in this category.

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When did J. Robert Oppenheimer die?

J. Robert Oppenheimer died on February 18, 1967 at the age of 62.

What is Born Oppenheimer Principle?

This is an approximation that is based on the fact that the electron is more than 1000 times lighter than the nucleus of the atom. It allows you to model the motion of electrons as being completely independent of the motion of nuclei because the motion of the nuclei is much much slower than that of electrons. For instance, when an molecule absorbs light such that its electronic configuration changes, that happens essentially immediately. Then the nuclei will move accordingly (either shortening or lengthening bond lengths for instance).

How did Robert Oppenheimer die?

he died of throat cancer he died of throat cancer he died of throat cancer he died of throat cancer

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Who was Robert j oppenheimer?

The head scientist of the Manhattan Project, this project was the development of the first U.S nuclear weapon.

What was j Robert oppenheimer schooling or education?

I suggest respectfully that you learn to use search machines such as Google to get answers to questions like the one you posed. For example I wrote entered

Robert oppenheimer education

in Google question window and clicked search; one finds so many is from wikipedia itself; do click on this one, or input this

on your browser's window and click go or whatever, then you'll get a very complete description oh his education.Anyway, he went to Harvard among other things.

Why was Robert Laselle famous?

You mean Rene Robert Cavalier Sieur de La Salle. He was famous for exploring up and down the Mississippi River for France

What inspired Robert Oppenheimer to make the atomic bomb?

To quote Oppenheimer in his farewell speech to the Association of Los Alamos Scientists:

"It may be helpful to think a little of what people said and felt of their motives in coming into this job ... There was in the first place the great concern that our enemy might develop these weapons before we did, and the feeling ... that without atomic weapons it might be very difficult, it might be an impossible, it might be an incredibly long thing to win the war ... Some people, I think, were motivated by curiosity, and rightly so; and some by a sense of adventure, and rightly so. Others had more political arguments ... And there was finally, and I think rightly, the feeling that there was probably no place in the world where the development of atomic weapons would have a better chance of leading to a reasonable solution, and a smaller chance of leading to disaster, than within the United States. I believe all these things that people said are true, and I think I said them all myself at one time or another."

Did J Robert Oppenheimer work with any other scientist?

yes well infact he got a tellagram from the man himself, his name is albert einstein. Who was really the inventor of the atomic bomb


I think you are implying that Einstein invented the atomic bomb. He did not. Oppenheimer worked with many others to develop the atomic bomb. The original idea for atomic energy probably came from Leo Szliard (sp?). He worked on the Manhattan project with Enrico Fermi and many other scientists in the development of the bomb. Oppenheimer was the civilian head of the project.

J Robert Oppenheimer opinions of atomic bomb?

J. Robert Oppenheimer is not really the only "father" of the atomic bomb. Although his research and discoveries were significant, the bomb could have been invented in about the same time if he had not been part of the Manhattan Project. His fellow scientists remembered him as a visionary and capable leader at Los Alamos, while his security hearing brought to light foolish mistakes in judgment and human relationships.

J. Robert Oppenheimer led the scientific efforts which produced the first atomic bomb for the United States, in 1945. Despite his brilliant achievements at the Manhattan Project, Oppenheimer's misgivings about atomic weaponry in general led to his isolation from government weapons research in the years following the war.

After witnessing the first test at Trinity, Oppenheimer wrote that some laughed, some cried, and through his mind floated a line from the Bhagavadgita: "I am become death: the destroyer of worlds." His ambivalance towards the use of science for military ends led to his opposition to the development of a hydrogen bomb after the war. Unfortunately for him, the Soviet Union exploded its own atomic weapon in 1948, creating tremendous pressure for the US to develop the even larger fusion weapon.

Do J Robert Oppenheimer have sister?

No, he had no sisters, but he did have a brother named Frank

Did Robert Oppenheimer have children?

yes he did he had 2 children a boy and a girl

Did Robert Oppenheimer create the atomic bomb?

Robert Oppenheimer was the chief scientist of the US development of atomic weapons. Thousands of people worked on the bomb in various capacities

Why did Robert Oppenheimer security clearance?

Robert Oppenheimer lost his security clearance because of his wife's alleged connections with Communist organizations.

What high school did Robert oppenheimer attend?

Alcuin Preparatory School and then Ethical Culture Society School

Why did Robert Oppenheimer work on Nuclear weapons?

Like most of the scientists on the Manhattan Project, the threat (or fear) that the Nazi's were developing an atomic weapon, basically compelled them (and the Army) to proceed with the development.

When was Robert Oppenheimer born?

Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22, 1904.

What did J Robert Oppenheimer do?

Not really. A very large team called the Manhattan Project, built the first atomic bombs. Oppenheimer was the civilian head of the team. General Leslie Groves was the military head of the project. Several hundred scientists and technicians worked on the project. The original idea of the bomb came from Leo Szliard (sp).

Where did J Robert Oppenheimer go to college?

Oppenheimer went to college at 5 o' clock.

I am not sure what college he went to but I know that he went to the Ethical Culture School in NY when he was young with his brother (brother; age 9)