Robert Redford

Robert Redford is a film actor and director. He made his debut in 1959 in the movie Barefoot Park. He has been nominated for multiple Oscars, and won an Oscar in directing for the movie Ordinary People.

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Is actor Blair Redford the son of actor Robert Redford?

I just read an article from when he was on The Young & Restless. He said no.

What movie did Julia Robert and Robert redford star together?

They both provided voices for the 2006 animated film version of "Charlotte's Web."

What three movies has Jane Fonda starred in with Robert redford?

They starred together in The Chase (1966), Barefoot in the Park (1967) and The Electric Horseman (1979).

Does Robert Redford die in the movie 'The Clearing'?

Yes. The wealthy businessman played by Robert Redford in "The Clearing" (2004) is killed by his captor.

Who is Robert Redford's son?

David James Redford, Robert's only living son (Scott died at age two months), is a writer / producer of Hollywood shorts.

What was the first film directed by Robert Redford?

Ordinary People, which won him an Oscar{R} for Best Director. Not bad for a beginner!

Was Robert Redford in the movie A Bridge Too Far?

Yes. He portrayed U.S. Army Major Julian Cook of the 82nd Airborne, who was ordered to take key bridges over the Maas-Waal Canal during Operation Market Garden. Cook led a daring daylight river assault crossing in 26 canvas boats on September 20, 1944.

What jersey number did Robert redford wear in the natural?

His character Roy Hobbs wore No. 9 because that was the number of Redford's favorite player, Ted Williams.

Who has Robert Redford dated?

He has married Lola Jean Redford and had four children. They divorced in 1985. He also dated Kathy O' Rear and Sonia Braga. He is curently dating German painter Sibylle Szaggers they have been together since 1996.

Robert Redford and Sibylle Szaggers just married in her hometown in Germany this summer 2009.

How many children did Robert Yates have?

depends on which Robert yates, the yates involved in nascar had 2 children, the serial killer yates had may be inquiring about another Robert yates though

Has Robert Redford ever hosted Saturday Night Live?

No. Robert Redford rarely appears on live television, which is interesting because he appeared on numerous TV shows when he was a rising young actor during the 1950s and early 1960s. If he ever agreed to guest host "Saturday Night Live," there would be a sensational reaction throughout the media. Redford also has a notorious reputation for tardiness, which wouldn't make him the ideal SNL host.