Rock Music

Rock music is a style of music that began in 1955 with Chuck Berry. The "Golden Years" of Rock included Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, and the Beatles. Today's most popular rock bands are Minutes to Midnight, Linkin Park and Three Days Grace. Rock music is enjoyed throughout the world.

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How did Neil Peart's daughter die?

Neil Peart's first daughter and then-only child, 19-year-old Selena Taylor, was killed in a single-car accident on Highway 401 near the town of Brighton, Ontario on August 10, 1997.

Who sings some things will never change?

The line shows up in the song "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

How much is an authentic picture of Elvis Presley worth?

Costs about $50-$250 but the value differs from 5 dollars all the way to 1,000. You just have to know where to look. It can also be up to 1 million dollars! It depends on the picture and where you buy.
If its original and signed or something, quite a lot but if its just a picture its worthless because you can print one off the internet

Answers with Colony House?

What happened the CALEB, the former rock band you were in?

Caleb: Nothing really we just changed the name from Caleb to Colony House. We felt like with our first full length record coming out it would be nice to start with blank canvas.

What radio channel plays hard rock music?

I forgot the specific name of it, but i believe it's channel 20 on satellite radio and it is called "Octane" or something

banana 101.5 they play music like escape the fate sick puppies avenged sevenfold all that remains buckcherry. you get the picture.

List of the most famous rock stars?

Liam gallagher

noel gallagher

ian brown

tom meighan

serge pizzaro



Paul McCartney

Rod Stewart

Annie Lennox


Elvis Presley

Bruce Springsteen

Bob Seger

Elton John

Ann Wilson

Jon Bon Jovi


Bryan Adams

Michael Jackson

Stevie Wonder

Mick Jagger

Paul McCartney

Who are the richest Canadian rock bands?

The Tragically Hip, Bryan Adams, Nickelback, Neil Young, among others. That doesn't make them the best, just the most successful.

What is the meaning to the song 'Comfortably Numb'?

Great question! There's actually a few ways to look at it.

  1. The song is from Pink Floyd's 1979 album The Wall, in which an archetypal rock star named "Pink" grows increasingly isolated as a result of traumatic events of his past and present. These events lead to his building a metaphorical "wall" to separate him from the outside world, using these events as "bricks". The song "Comfortably Numb" shows his isolation after he builds the wall.
  2. Primary songwriter Roger Waters and director Alan Parker approached the film project "The Wall" as a feature-length music video, with the songs telling the story (which is fleshed out quite a bit more with the accompanying visuals). During "Comfortably Numb", Pink is still isolated, but we also observe him shaving his head, eyebrows, chest-hair, etc. This symbolizes Pink's reversion to a fetal state, out of which he will be reborn as a proto-fascist later in the film ("In The Flesh" and "Run Like Hell").
  3. Like many of the songs on The Wall, Waters drew upon his own personal experiences when writing the lyrics. In the case of "Comfortably Numb", he recalled being very ill with stomach cramps while the band was on tour, and being administered a tranquilizer (the lyric "just a little pinprick" alluding to the injection). The medicine made his hands feel "like two balloons" and took away his pain ("there is no pain, you are receding").
  4. Most of the songs on The Wall were written by Waters alone; once his concept was complete, he presented the song cycle to the band, who then added their parts with strict supervision from Waters. In the place of "Comfortably Numb" was a shorter song called "The Doctor" that barely resembled the finished product. Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour added a chord progression for the chorus, and of course added his iconic guitar solos. At that point it was renamed "Comfortably Numb", and was one of the only tracks on "The Wall" that was co-written.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, at the time The Wall was being recorded, Gilmour and Waters hated each other bitterly. They'd barely talk to each other, much less cooperate in the songwriting process. And after The Wall, the band released another Waters project The Final Cut, after which Waters left the band for good. So in a way, "Comfortably Numb" could be seen as the last time the two primary songwriters of Pink Floyd worked together, before their own wall separated them for 25 years.

Why does Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra fame always wear those dark glasses on stage?

Jeff Lynne actually didn't wear the sunglasses in the early days. He wears them to cover up his aging, slightly sunken eyes, something he may find depressing when he looks in the mirror and may not want everyone to

How cold is nighttime on the Moon?


The temperature of the Moon's night is -173.3 degrees C. (-280 degrees Fahrenheit).

Who sings Where the down boys go?

Warrant is the band that came out with "Down Boys" on their 1988 album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.

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Who is Gustav Wood?

he's the vocalist for the band young guns.. check them out. their pretty awesome!! and Gustav wood is really hot

How many people like rock music?

I love Rock music. Personally, I think it's an amazing genre. I'm guessing a lot of people like/love Rock music but not as much as those who like Hip Hop/Rap/RnB/Clubland/ Pop since we're living in a generation where we have bad artists like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and One Direction who killed music. If we were living in the 90's or the early 2000's, I would personally say everyone liked Rock music:)

Who sings the song that starts paranoia paranoia everybodys coming to get you?

Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

i am not quite sure but i think its barney the dinosaur!!

Was Hotel California an asylum?

Hotel California is a song by the Eagles. The song describes a "Hotel" although there seems to be no evidence or proof of a place in reality with that name. The song is published under Asylum Records. Although the Eagles have stated there is no hidden story in the song, there are those who believe the title to be euphamistic for cancer; the song describing a sufferers experience. There are many theories about Hotel California. One of these says there are many clues hidden on the album cover artwork. One of those theories is that it's about The building known in San Francisco that is the headquarters of the Church of Satan. Which is run by Anton Szander LeVay. A clue to this is the appearance Aliester Crowley in a window on the album cover. Crowley was known as the Great Beast 666 and lyrics in the song also mention the Beast.

Who sings the rock song named Impossible?

I was looking for it too. I found what I heard, Anberlin - Impossible

Is it possible to have a two person rock band?

I think "Simon and Garfunkel" would say YES. (Because they know that The White Stripes are a real 2 person rock band).
I think more than 2 are better, rock band must have beat guitar , vocals , drums and more....

Also good 2-person bands are Death from Above 1979(cool), the Ting Tings, Two gallants, the Black Keys(awesome), Pet Shop boys, Savage Garden, Tenacious D, Soft Cell, one Day as a Lion, the Dresden Dolls, I set my Friends on Fire(suck), Wham!, Tears for Fears, Lightning bolt (cool), Local H, No age, Warship, growing, etc. the most common Lineups are Guitarist/vocalist and Drummer, Keyboard/vocals and drums, Bass and drums/vocals, and Synthesizers and Vocalist. They are usually minimalist, in genres like blues, techno, indie rock, synthpop, dancepunk, or, if backing musicians are used, pop or Anthems. They have been growing in popularity since the rising cost of bandmates and the rise of preprogramming.

How many albums has Outkast sold?

Over 25,000,000 (twenty five million) in the United States alone.

Who was the bass player of Steppenwolf?

Steppenwolf had many bass players. The original was Rushton Moreave who was replaced by Nick St.Nicholas, then George Biondo, and finally Michael Wiik who does double duty as the keyboard player.

Who wrote the songs for hall and oates?

They wrote just about all their own songs. They're in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.