Rockhounding and Mineral Collecting

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Where do you find geodes in California?

The Hauser Geode Beds, SW of Blythe, offer good geode collecting in several different areas. For further details, it's best to join a local gem and mineral club, consult your state geology department, or a local university or museum's earth science department.

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Virginia's state rock?

The official rock of Virginia is unakite . I learned this in Virginia from a geologist that works for USGS .

What kind of dirt soil rock or mineral is gold found with?

Found mostly in quartz. To extract it grind up the quartz the stick it on a plate. Put the plate in water the gently shake it so that the pieces of quartz fall off the all that's left is gold.

What is linarite used for?

Linarite is a relatively rare and very beautiful mineral, crystals of any size are quite highly prized by mineral collectors. It has no real practical uses; it's not found in large enough quantity to be called ore, and it's of no use as a gemstone.

Where is Bob's Rock Shop?

You can find Bob's Rock Shop online at the link below.

How can tell when minerals is calcite or halite?

Halite will be easily soluble in water, calcite won't.

Calcite has excellent rhombohedral cleavage, halite has excellent cubic cleavage.

Halite will taste salty, calcite won't.

What is the florentine diamond?

The Florentine Diamond is a lost Diamond that originally came from India. It was light yellow with a slight green tinge and weighing 137.27 carats. The Diamond was stolen some time after 1918.

What is Hawaii's State fish name?

Captain Garibaldi

Humuhumunukunukuapua`a (Rhinecanthus rectangulus), also called the rectangular trigger fish, or Hawaiian trigger fish

How much is uncut quartz crystals from south carolina worth?

A couple of packets of Ramen noodles. But seriously, it depends on the quality of the stone (e.g. clarity, color, crystal shape if any, etc.)

What tools are used to study rocks?

some of the tools scientists use to study rocks are water,meausuring tape , a note book , a hammer , a pick .

Add a Hand Lens to the List!!

How is willemite formed?

Willemite is usually formed as an alteration of previously existing Sphalerite ore bodies and is often associated with Limestone.

What is Texas' state mineral?

Texas does not have a State Mineral, but the State Rock is petrified palm wood, and the State Gemstone is blue topaz.

What is Best gold detector for under 800 dollars?

The Fischer Gold Bug II has been the best detector under $800 in my honest opinion. For just over $700 you get the same technology and settings as you would on machines that cost twice as much. Easy to use and set up, well worth the money!

What does 375 mean in terms of precious metals?

375 is a gold hallmark that indicates 37.5 % pure gold, or 9 karat (also spelled carat, but with gold this is a measure of purity, not a weight measure as used with gems.)

What metals are mined?

All metals are originally mined, though some can be obtained by post-mining recycling, eg: crushing and treating old electronics to recover gold.

What is a fun fact about schist?

It quite commonly contains nice crystals of garnet, variety almandine. Check out the almandine from Wrangell, Alaska, for one particularly nice example.

What is West Virginia state gem?

The state gemstone of West Virginia is coral, Lithostrotionella, of Mississippian age, which has been replaced by chalcedony.