Rod Stewart

Roderick David “Rod” Stewart is a singer-songwriter born in North London in January 1945. Stewart’s raspy singing voice has made him one of the best selling artists of all time selling more than 100 million records worldwide.

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Did Rod Stewart make a record with members of the crew of H.M.S Ark Royal?

No, Rod Stewart did not make a record with the crew of HMS Ark Royal. The Crew made a single singing Sailing and the last farewell which was a song by Rodger Whittaker, the music to this record was done by the Royal Marine band stationed onboard, Some of the crew went on Top of the Pops to sing the record, I think it was in the top 40 but I'm not sure what position it reached, None of the crew were paid in money but we did get 3 cans of beer, any money made went to the King George fund for sailors. Rod Stewart did visit the ship when we were alongside in Devonport with his girlfriend/wife. I was given a copy of the crew version of sailing, I remember it was a blue 45 vinyl disc, I don't know what happened to it I think it must have been lost moving but I hope that answers your question.

How did Rod Stewart die?

As of 27/08/2012 19:57 Rod Stewart is still alive.

Did Rod Stewart write his own music?


He has written many songs completely solo (and many of them have been hits) and he has also co-written many songs which have also been hits.

He is currently writing songs again after a long hiatus.

How tall is Rod Stewart?


He is 5'10 (178 cm) according to

Who sang sailing before rod Stewart?

The song was written by Gavin Sutherland and performed by the band The Sutherland Brothers.

Many others have recorded it since, including Christopher Cross-1980

Did the band Kiss ever do a Rod Stewart song?

No, KISS has never recorded or performed a Rod Stewart song. You were most likely informed by a source that did not have all of the facts. However, Paul Stanley did write a song heavily influenced by Rod Stewart, entitled Hard Luck Woman. This particular song was intended to be forwarded to Rod Stewart in hopes of him recording the track. Rod Stewart, who I'm sure was aware of this song, never moved forward as the song was eventually offered to Peter Criss to sing lead vocals. Hard Luck Woman was released on the 1976 Destroyer record. Hope this cleared up things. - Nex Leffel

The person above me has all the facts correct except it was recorded on the Rock and Roll Over album in 1976

What was the name of the band that Rod Stewart played in?

Rod appeared briefly with The Raiders, Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions, then in 1964 made his first known recording with The Hoochie Coochie Men (Long John Baldry's band). Steampacket evolved from this band when Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll joined, before Rod moved to Shotgun Express joining Beryl Marsden and pre-Fleetwood Mac musicians Mick Fleetwood and Peter Greene. He fronted briefly for Southampton band, The Soul Agents, then joined Peter B's Looners. Rod worked with Ronnie Wood in The Jeff Beck Group and again with the Faces, a band born from The Small Faces when Steve Marriott left the band. Rod Stewart also recorded 3 songs for Python Lee Jackson, with In A Broken Dream becoming a huge hit in 1972 after a few unsuccessful releases.

Rod enjoyed a solo career alongside his work in the Faces before they finally split.

Some of these details have been updated from Rod's new autobiography in which he clarifies a few points which were open to debate.

Where is Gary Stewart buried?

Gary Stewart's ashes are mixed with the ashes of his wife, Mary Lou, in an urn at the home of their daughter, Shannon Stewart.

Who are the mothers of rod Stewarts kids?

In reverse chronological order:

Child(ren) | Mother | Relationship with Rod Stewart

  • Aiden Stewart, Alistair Stewart | Penny Lancaster-Stewart | Third (current) wife
  • Liam Stewart, Renee Stewart | Rachel Hunter | Second (ex) wife
  • Ruby Stewart | Kelly Emberg | Ex-girlfriend
  • Sean Stewart, Kimberley Stewart | Alana Stewart | First (ex) wife
  • Sarah Streeter* | Susannah Boffey | Ex-girlfriend

*Note: Stewart is the biological father but the child had been given up for adoption shortly after her birth.

Who is Rod Stewart's lead guitar player?

Ron Wood is the guitarist most commonly associated with Rod Stewart, having been lifelong friends and having played together in The Jeff Beck Group and The Faces.

Many other top guitarists have also played with Rod Stewart, notably Jim Cregan, Robin LeMesurier, Martin Quittenton and Gary Grainger. His current touring band (2013) has Emerson Swinford and Don Kirkpatrick on board.

Who are papes of Newcastle rod makers?

'Papes of Newcastle' was actually an individual who hand-made fishing rods in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north-east of England around 1930 / 1940. He operated from a shop premises on Grey Street in the city centre (which today is still in use a shop (Bagnall and Kirkwood) that retails fishing tackle and guns, although there is no connection with Pape himself). Typically, he would 'buy in' rod blanks from manufacturers and finish them off with handles, binding on rings, fitting ferrules etc.

He died in a motor accident (I believe) around 1940. (Info supplied is from enquiries made locally, as I live in Newcastle ... there is little or no information available via Google etc)

What bands did Rod Stewart play with?

He has released albums with the Faces and the Jeff Beck Group.

He also performed with the Steampacket, the Hoochie Coochie Men, Shotgun Express and the Soul Agents (the latter of which he was not an official member).

He appeared with Wizz Jones in 1963 and with Ray Davies Quintet (later of the Kinks). Also recorded 3 tracks in 1969 with Python Lee Jackson, with the hit single "In A Broken Dream" being released in 1972 after Rod became famous.

His own bands have featured many fine musicians over the last 40 years, including Jim Cregan, Martin Quittenton, Robin LeMesurier, Gary Grainger, Phil Chen, Carmine Appice, Billy Peek, Joe Walsh, Andy Newmark, and many more.

What was the Yardbird's number 1 song?

They didn't makeit up tono. 1 in the charts, but their most commercial songs have been For your love (1965, #3 UK/#6 US) Heart full of soul (1965, #2 UK/#9 US) Evil hearted you (1965, #3 UK) Shapes of things (1966, #3 UK). I would prefer 'For your love'. th

Was Rod Stewart ever a grave digger?

Yes, he briefly worked at Highgate Cemetery in London, UK.

According to his autobiography, his job there as a young man was mainly to mark out plots rather than any actual digging.

How many children does Rod Stewart have?

According to another site, he has 7.

2 with Alana Hamilton - wife

2 with Rachel Hunter - wife

1 with Kelly Emberg

1 with Susannah Boffey

1 with Penny Lancaster - wife

He has 7 six kids: Kimberly, Sean, Ruby, Renee, Liam, and then little alastair his newest son from Penny Lancaster, his wife. My source is his album "Thanks for the Memory, The Great American Songbook 4. c2005 "To Kimberly, Sean, Ruby, Renee, and Liam, my offspring- and the future little Stewart [Alister], soon to be unsprung- I thank you for your love and support, even though you don't buy my records." Also I would like to add he had a child with an art student. Her name is Sarah. He sang about her in the song Jo's Lament. There is also a rumor that his wife Penny Lancaster is pregnant for the second time.

The addition of son Aiden on 16FEB11 brings Rod's family to 8 children as well as a new grandchild Delilah to daughter Kimberley on 21AUG11.

What Rod Stewart song had bagpipes in it?

Rhythm Of My Heart starts with accordion before breaking into bagpipes for a few lines.So does the song Every Beat Of My Heart. Skye Boat Song, though it's a very rare song.

Did Rod Stewart die this morning?


Rod Stewart did not die this morning and he is still alive as of 27/08/2012

When was hot legs by Rod Stewart recorded?

Well, that was on the "Footloose, and fancy free" album, he had a pink shirt on, on the cover, and the best I can do is the, well, for some reason I think his first album came out in "74", and "footloose" I think his second, in "77". Here come experts, but I think I amreally close. I know the Jeff Beck did some work with old Rod, and my even have done the guiter work on that particular song.......Chuck.

Rodstewartshow says : Sorry to correct the previous contributor who correctly stated that the album was "Foot Loose and Fancy Free" recorded in 1977. The single was released in 1978 and the guitarists on the album were Jim Cregan, Steve Cropper, Billy Peek, Gary Grainger and Fred Tackett. The album cover shows Rod wearing a white or cream coloured shirt with a pale pink jacket, and this was actually Rod's 8th solo album, the first being in 1969 "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down" (UK title) or "The Rod Stewart Album" (US title).