Roller Derby

Roller derby is a full contact sport played by two teams of five players roller skating in the same direction around an oval track. The sport began in 1935 but began to lose popularity after the 80s. In 2001, the Texas Roller Derby (TXRD) was founded, rejuvenating the sport. The sport is made up of mostly women, but men's leagues are becoming increasingly popular. There are now over 1,200 leagues around the world and it may be a sport featured in the 2020 Olympics.

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How much do roller derby girls get paid?

they don't. they pay for monthly dues, secondary insurance, skates, equipment and (on some teams) uniforms.

What are some roller derby team names?

I skate for the Brewcity Bruisers league and I'm on the Shevil Knevils team. We also have t

Crazy Eights, the Rushin' Rollettes, and Maiden Milwaukee.

How much is a 1962 roller derby deluxe skateboard worth?

Roller Derby did not start making skateboards until late 1963, early 1964. Their first skateboard was the #10. How did you date your Deluxe?

When was Adelaide Roller Derby created?

Adelaide Roller Derby was created in 2007.

How many people on a roller derby team?

Roller derbies take place on a circuit track. The two teams playing send five players each onto the track - three blockers (defense), one pivot (last line of defense) and one jammer (scorer). 20 people are allowed on the roster but only 14 can play in one bout.

Who are roller derby champions?

Old champions were skinny minnie miller, Dar the star, paul the bear rupert, charlie o fight so on and so forth.

Where can you buy tickets for roller derby?

It depends on what town you're in, but usually you'd buy them at where the derby's going to be. Some of them have web sites that allow pre-purchase, I know many of the events in the US use for pre-sales.

Where can you roller derby in Ontario?

Larger cities in Ontario offer roller rink activities. You would have to search them in detail for locations.

What is a good roller derby name?

Typically a name that fits you (your name, your interests, etc) and is somewhat family friendly. While the dirtier names can be more entertaining, there is a real push in many leagues to create an environment where parents can bring their kids to a bout.

That being said, there are some great names already out there, so it can be hard to think of one that is unique. This website ( is the official international derby name roster. Read through it for some ideas, but remember that any name you choose should be different from ones that are already taken. You can type your ideas into the website I linked to to check for similarities.

Some girls have also started skating under their real names. I came up with several name ideas before I decided to just skate under my name, though that isn't for everyone.

What do you knead to play roller derby?

some leagues dont make you wear much but most leagues make you wear a mouth guard,knee pads,helmet,wrist pads,elbow pads and of course actual skates and lots of girls have knee socks to make knee pads much more comfortable

Why is roller derby so popular?

it is now because its like women are finally saying we aren't just here to clean and cook we can fight back and play a legit sport with contact and it helps build confidence, it sure built mine pretty strong

Is roller derby a real brand of roller skates?

Yes, it is a real company that makes roller skates, protective gear, and things related to the sport. See the Related Links section for their website.

What shape is a roller derby track?

an oval with a tinier oval in the middle

Is roller derby racing only for girls?

Most current leagues are all-female; however, there are some co-ed and male teams scattered about.

Also, while roller derby involves a bit of racing, it's a full-contact team sport.

IS Roller derby a sport?

yup, I'm a ref

And I'm a skater. There's a lot of work that goes into training and playing. Definitely a real sport.

Where is roller derby popular?

In the USA roller derby is really popular, it was brought back in flat track in 2001 by Texas's so in Texas's its pretty popular or Canada but mainly the US unlees your talking about junior roller derby, if so then Canada

How do you play roller derby?

It starts with 2 teams on an oval track. There are 4 blockers for each team on the track at the same time, 1 of each teams blockers being a pivot, the jammer's (scorers) main helper. The first whistle blows and the pack takes off. Second whistle blows and the jammers take off. The aim for the jammers is to make it through the pack before the other jammer does. If they get through first, they are the lead jammer. This means they can call off the jam (a fancy term for stopping it) if they get tired, the other jammer is catching up or any other reason they might have. A jam is 2 minutes or until it is called off. Each blocker the jammers pass the second time around of the opposing team, they get a point. Obviously, to win, you are the team with the most points.

What strengths do you need for roller derby?

Most leagues will help you train and learn the skills you need to play - I hadn't skated for 10 years when I started training with my local league last February, and they worked with me to help me learn proper skating form until I was ready to pass tryouts. Now that I am an official skater, I am learning more advanced skills and will soon be learning blocking and hitting techniques.

More than any physical strengths, I would say that teamwork and commitment are two character traits that will really help you perform in roller derby. The physical training and league responsibilities can take a lot of time and energy, and a lot of women don't realize that when they join.

That being said, thigh and core strength seem to be the most important. Not only do you use your legs to skate, but you need a strong core (abs, back, and butt) to recover from falls and maintain balance when being hit and hitting. Being able to react quickly and nimbly also help to avoid hits and get through the pack. Squats, crunches, and plyometrics are all great ways to get in derby shape off skates.