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The Royal Air Force aka RAF is a aerial warfare service branch for the British Military. It was formed on 1st April 1918. To-date, it's the oldest independent air force in the world

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Royal Air Force

What is the original name of the Royal Air Force?

That is the original name. There was previously a Royal Flying Corps which was a rudimentary air force.

Royal Air Force

Did German air force destroy the royal air force in battle of britain?

The failure of Germany to achieve its objectives of destroying Britain's air defences, or forcing Britain to negotiate anarmistice or an outright surrender, is considered its first major defeat and a crucial turning point in World War II.[19] By preventing Germany from gaining air superiority, the battle ended the threat that Adolf Hitler would launch Operation Sea Lion, a proposed amphibious and airborne invasion of Britain.

Royal Air Force

How did the british royal air force defeat the German lufftawaffe in the battle of Britain?

This is an interesting question. Hitler very much thought Britain would give up and surrender after capturing France but they did not. However, german fighter planes accidently dropped a bomb/bombs? on London. This made england furious since it killed many civilians, the Royal Air Force bombed Berlin the following day. Which resulted in an attempt to take over Britain. Hitlers plan was to send the Luftwaffe to London, elimate the Royal Air Force, and send ground troops to take over the country. However when in the sky over London German planes were surprsingly being taken down even before germans could see them. THE ANSWER IS RADAR :)

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Royal Air Force

Does the RAF carry side arms?

Depending on your assigned duties, a member of the RAF may be issued a sidearm. On a routine daily basis, most do not.

Royal Air Force

How do you get into the royal air force?

Apply to your nearest recruitment office

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Royal Air Force

What is an Old Haltonian?

The "Old Haltonians Social Network" is a paid network exclusively for anyone who was an apprentice or a member of the directing staff of the apprentices college at RAF Halton. (Recuit Training and Airman's Development)

Royal Air Force

Was Britains Royal Air Force recognised?

Yes, definitely they were recognised. It's aircraft were also individually recognised by the red ,white and blue 'roundel' and fin flash.

Royal Air Force

Does Cannada have a royal air force?

Yes, it's called the Royal Canadian Air Force...

Royal Air Force

How long did the Royal Air Force last?

The Royal Air Force has lasted since 1918 and still exists.

Royal Air Force

Do th Royal air force have euro fighter typhoons?

Yes, the Royal Air Force has Eurofighter Typhoons.

Royal Air Force

What were the goals of the royal air force in World War 2?

To defend Britain from air attack and bomb German cities.

Royal Air Force

What was the battle between German luftwaffe and british royal air force for?

In late summer 1940, Germany planned to invade Britain but had to have air superiority first. The Luftwaffe launched bombing raids against British airfields, mostly in southeast England, with the intention of putting the airfields out of action and destroying the aircraft on the ground. The British Royal Air Force shot down so many of the German planes that they considered the losses to be too high and abandoned plans for the invasion. If the Germans had been successful, Britain would have been occupied like most other European countries. The outcome of the battle was so important that it became known as the 'Battle of Britain'.

Royal Air Force

How many v-12 powered aircraft with the Royal Air Force?

There are no v-12 powered aircraft at present in the RAF

Royal Air Force

How do you polish royal air force shoes?

search how to bull military shoes on youtube there are videos

Royal Air Force

What is the role of the royal air force?

The Royal Air Force's role, in conjunction with the Defence organisations, is to deliver the UK Defence Vision:

  • Defend the UK and its interests.
  • Strengthen international peace and stability.
  • Be a force for good in the world.
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Royal Air Force

Why did Roald Dahl sign up with the royal air force?

he wanted to get into shape

Royal Air Force

What is the Latin meaning of the Royal Air Force roundel?

The roundel does not have a Latin meaning, however the Motto has a Latin meaning. It is " Per Ardua ad Astra " - -" Through hardships to the stars "

Royal Air Force

What would have happened if Hitler had defeated the Royal Air Force?

He would've more than likely invaded and the probabilties are i'd now be speaking in German

Royal Air Force

Did radar help the British Royal Air Force detect airplanes form bombing England?

Yes, radar helped to pick up German aircraft after about 1940.

Royal Air Force

Royal air force museum 1981 commemorative miniature sheet record breakers stamps?

Yes, -that is a statement . What is the question.

Royal Air Force

Technological devices in royal air force favor?

RADAR was invented in England. That gave them an advatage in the air and on the coast. Eventually Germany had it but their radar system was not as good.

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Royal Air Force

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Royal Air Force

When was Watford Royal Air Force knocked down?

I don't believe there ever was an RAF Watford. The nearest name to that are Watton and Waddington. The RAF Museum is located near the town of Watford, but not known as RAF Watford.

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