Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is an international sporting event which takes place every four years. The winner of the event receives the Webb Ellis Cup.

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Rugby World Cup

How has auckland prepared for the rugby world cup?

Improvements to the transport netowrk, additional camping areas for travelling supporters, food establishments have taken on extra staff as have pubs etc. Hotles have increased staff as many are fully booked, additional staff in in the emergancy services in the event of issues the gound has been overhauled to cope with higher usages.

Rugby World Cup

How often does the Women's Rugby World Cup take place?

The Women's Rugby World Cup takes place every four years. The last tournament was in 2011. The next is in France in 2014

Rugby World Cup

Did a plane really buzz the 1995 rugby world cup?

There are reports of a plane passing over the opening ceremony. This was a from an airline serving the nearby airport - In the film of the event the security personnel looked concerned when in reality they were aware of the traffic that would be over-flying the ground.

Rugby World Cup

What month of the year is rugby world cup held?

In 2011, it will be held from 9 September - 23 October

Rugby World Cup

What is the rugby world cup sevens trophy name?

It is called The Webb Ellis trophy.

Rugby World Cup

When the rugby world cup first started how many teams were there?

There were 16 teams in the first RWC even. This has since been expanded to the 20 we have now.

Rugby World Cup

How many times have France played in the rugby world cup final?

Three times. New Zealand beat them in 1987 and 2011, and Australia beat them in 1999.

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Rugby World Cup

How many times have the springboks won the world cup?

In football never, but in rugby only once.

Rugby World Cup

Where was the rugby world cup held last time?

Australia - League Code in 2008.

France - Union Code in 2007

Rugby World Cup

How many countries played in rugby world cup?

In 2011, there are 20 countries competing eachother.

I go 4 da Manu Samoa.


New Zealand
Rugby World Cup

Where in New Zealand does Richie Mccaw live?

Well if i tell you you might find him before me! So uhhh lets just say he lives in the South Island

Rugby World Cup

How many times has Romania won the rugby world cup?

In spite of having qualified for all seven Rugby World Cup tournaments to date, Romania have never won the Rugby World Cup.

Rugby World Cup

Did Uruguay qualify for the 2011 rugby world cup?

No they didn't. They were beaten by Romania for a pool position in November 2010. The reports are that Uruguay came very close are an emerging team.

Rugby World Cup

Who is France's captain and coach at the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

The head coach for the side is Marc Lièvremont. The captain of the side is flanker Thierry Dusautoir.

Rugby World Cup

Who is the kicker for scotland rugby world cup 2011?

Chris Paterson

Rugby World Cup

After how many years does the Rugby World Cup happen?

Once every four years.

Rugby World Cup

How many points were scored in the 2010 rugby world cup?

None. As there wasn't a RWC in that year

Rugby World Cup

What did France come in rugby world cup 2007?

4th place.

Rugby World Cup

Which country has won the Rugby World Cup the most?

Australia, South Africa and New Zealand have all won it twice. England is the only other country to have won it.

Australia, 2 (1991, 1999)

South Africa, 2 (1995, 2007)

New Zealand, 2 (1987, 2011)

England, 1 (2003)

Rugby World Cup

When did England win the rugby world cup?

They won in 2003 against Australia by 3 points (Jonny Wilkinsons drop goal)

the final score was 17-20 to England.

Rugby World Cup

How many people watch rugby world cup?

2 Milion

Rugby World Cup

Has japan won the rugby world cup?

No they have not as yet.


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