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What year did the kings team move to Sacramento?

the answer is in 1985 the Sacramento kings moved from Kansas City to Sacramento, Ca

What is the average home attendance for the Sacramento Kings?

Unfortunately, the average home attendance for the Sacramento Kings in 2008-2009 (through 32 games) is 12,358, last in the NBA. Tickets start at $10, so come out and support your Kings!

Who is the key player for the Kings at the moment?

Since this question is in the ice hockey section I will assume you mean the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. As of now their best player is probably Anze Kopitar.

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Who is the Sacramento Kings' sixth man?

The winner of the sixth man award was Bobby Jackson

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What were the Sacramento Kings orignially called?

The Kings began play in 1945 as the Rochester Royals. The team moved to Cincinnati in 1957 and was known as the Cincinnati Royals. The team moved to Kansas City and Omaha and played as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings starting in 1972. The team left Omaha and played solely as the Kansas City Kings starting in 1975. They finally moved to Sacramento in 1985 and are now known as the Sacramento Kings.

Where did the Kings play prior to Sacramento?

The Kings began play in 1945 as the Rochester Royals. They moved to Cincinnati in 1957, then to Kansas City in 1972 and were renamed the Kings. They split home games between Kansas City and Omaha before finally settling solely in Kansas City in 1975. The move to Sacramento was made in 1985. They are now the Sacramento Kings.

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Shortest player on the Sacramento kings?

at the moment it's beno udrih and sergio rodriguez,they're billed as 6'3

Where do the Sacramento Kings play?

The Sacramento Kings played in the Arco Arena I starting in 1985. Beginning in 1988, they played in the Arco Arena II, also known as the Power Balance Pavilion or Sleep Train Arena.

What are NBA Player salaries 2007-2008 season?

1) Kevin Garnett $22,000,000

2) Shaquille O'Neal $20,000,000

3tie) Jermaine O'Neal $19,728,000

3tie) Jason Kidd $19,728,000

5) Kobe Bryant $19,490,625

6tie) Allen Iverson $19,195,312

6tie) Stephon Marbury $19,195,312

8) Tim Duncan $19,014,188

9) Tracy McGrady $19,014,187

10tie) Baron Davis $16,440,000

10tie) Shawn Marion $16,440,000

12tie) Antawn Jamison $16,360,090

12tie) Dirk Nowitzki $16,360,090

12tie) Paul Pierce $16,360,090

15) Ray Allen $16,000,000

16) Ben Wallace $15,500,000

17) Sam Cassell $15,344,000

18) Rashard Lewis $14,884,951

19) Michael Redd $14,520,000

20tie) Amare Stoudemire $13,762,775

20tie) Yao Ming $13,762,775

22) Pau Gasol $13,735,000

23) Andrei Kirilenko $13,725,000

24) Mike Bibby $13,500,000

25) Joe Johnson $13,488,378

26) Zach Randolph $13,333,333

27) Vince Carter $13,325,000

28) Rasheed Wallace $13,140,000

29tie) Carmelo Anthony $13,041,250

29tie) Dwyane Wade $13,041,250

29tie) LeBron James $13,041,250

29tie) Chris Bosh $13,041,250

33) Kenyon Martin $13,000,000

34) Richard Jefferson $12,200,000

35) Larry Hughes $12,000,084

36) Wally Szczerbiak $12,000,000

37) Gilbert Arenas $11,950,400

38) Raef LaFrentz $11,813,750

39) Peja Stojakovic $11,664,000

40) Carlos Boozer $11,593,816

41) Steve Nash $11,375,000

42) Jason Richardson $11,111,110

43) Kirk Hinrich $11,000,000

Are the Sacramento kings in the western conference?

Yes, especially because Sacramento, California is one of the most western cities in the USA.