Samoa, originally called as Western Samoa, is a country surrounding the western region of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The country was once a territory of New Zealand, until it became independent in 1962.

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Who are the Samoan and Polynesian NFL players?

Troy Poloamalu, Chris and Ma'Ake Kemaoutu Rey Maulaga, Na'hahu, Tahi, Domata Peka, Haloti Ngata, and many many more

What is 'Papa' in Samoan?

Papa can mean a number of things depending on the context it's used in. Papa means 'bra'. It also means 'dad' or 'granddad'. It also means 'cliff' or 'rock'.

Talofa sole ua a mai oe?

Talofa Sole - meaning "Hello boy/guy"

Ua mai oe? - meaning "How are you?"

Proper way of saying "How are you?" in Samoan

= O a mai Oe? but not - Ua mai oe?

Why is Samoa not called Apia or Upolu?

Because Apia is the captial of Upolu IN Samoa (the two island Upolu & Savaii)

How do you say Pastors in Samoan?

Faifea'u is a pastor but pastors would be 'o faifeau

How do you pronounce 'Oute alofa ia oe'?

Oute alofa ia te oe is pronounced... Oh (for Ocean) the alofah ee ya the ooo e.

Are Samoans considered Native Americans?

No, Samoans are Polynesians and are not native to America. They are from the Pacific Islands but, many live in America.

Who is the first Samoan baseball player?

Through the 2008 season, one player from American Samoa has played in MLB. That was Tony Solaita from Nuuuli who played with the Yankees in 1968 and the Royals, Angels, Expos, and Blue Jays between 1974-1979.

What does so'o mean in Samoan?

So'o means "all the time". It also refers to a gathering of two or more churches for the sake of fellowship.