Samsung Galaxy Devices

The Samsung Galaxy is a series of devices that run off of the Android operating system.

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Do you need Internet for New Samsung Glyde Verizon Touchscreen 3G Phone?

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How can you download Facebook for Samsung Galaxy S2?

Simply go to the Play Store and type in the search "facebook" and accept and download it.

How do you print screen on a Samsung Galaxy S?

Hold down the back button while pressing the home button two times.

How do you unlock the camera of Samsung Galaxy ace?

Take your battery out and press On/off button with wolume buttom in one time..Hold them and put in the battery

from what i have experienced, when you go to camera and its not taking any photos, press the on/off button once then the padlock icon will disappear and it will work

Can my tablet Samsung Galaxy 10.1 get viruses?

Yes, it can. Any device which is ran by OS can be infected.

Does Samsung Galaxy 5 have 3g?

yes it does...

it also is prove to viruses :)

Can you get Angry Birds on the Samsung Galaxy?

If it is a model that is Android-based, then yes. (If it uses the Android operating system)

Where can you find information about a player?

If you want to find information on a sports player then search the name of who you want to know about on the internet and see what comes up! Wikipedia can sometimes be good.

How do you send a song on a galaxy ace?

Go to the song using my files and then long press the song until a menu pops up, then select share and then select bluetooth or however you want to send it

What is better the Samsung Galaxy ace or the Samsung Galaxy y?

The Samsung galaxy ace is bigger and better than the samsung galaxy Y I would recommend the galaxy ACE and recommend on Vodafone and O2

What is the best free antivirus software for Samsung Galaxy Tab 101?

You can use COMODO Mobile Security (CMS), It is designed to protect Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings while helping to protect privacy and keep system optimized.This provides real-time protection from viruses, unsafe applications, spam messages and more.

How do you turn off predictive text on a Samsung Galaxy s3?

Go to settings>language and input>tap on the gear icon next to "Samsung keyboard">toggle "Predictive text" to "off"