San Diego Padres

The Padres were one of the 1969 expansion teams. They play in the National League's Western Division. Here you can ask questions about the players, the coaches, the team records, game records, other records and anything else about the team.

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What was Tony Gwynn's lifetime on-base percentage?

Tony Gwynn's career MLB on base percentage was .388. His best season, on base percentage wise, was 1994 when he batted .394 and had an on base percentage of .454.

How can the Padres spend so much money on a new ball park and still have the worst most expensive food in all of baseball?

I went to the last Padres game in Arizona. Since it was the last game of the D-Backs season they awarded the fans with half off food. It was a great surprise. Now lets just say this... The Padres could use a little info from The Diamonds back organization on how food service is done. The first thing I noticed in THE B. O. B. (BANK ONE BALLPARK) is that their concessions are clearly mamarked and appealing to the eye. Sand Diego on the other hand has a bit of a Cloak and dagger effect. I searched for 20 minutes at Petco one time just to Find Sort serve Ice cream. The B.O.B also has many recognizable Food vendors. Such as Peter Piper Pizza, Blimpies Subs, Panda Express, McDonalds. Something comforting about seeing you food you know. Sand Diego seems to gone the CHEAP way and are using Generic Vendors. Yes, they have RUBIOS. But again I waited about 20 minutes for a quesadilla one day. The food in Arizona was a delight! The portions were huge. The quality was amazing! The prices are even cheaper then San Diego. One Stand I saw in the B.O.B was for a new Hot Dog Chain. Not sure what it was called but I have to tell you those Hot Dogs are amazing. Up to 5 different varieties. Back to San Diego and Petco Park... SD has the BIG DAWG. Basically the same dog that Randy Jones serverved last year at His BBQ. they are prices $5.00 and up. Yes, they are huge, but they are horrible in my opinion. I had to return my Hot DAWG 3 times due to the fact that the bun was like a sponge. They keep their "GRILLED" dogs in "WAITING" bins, thus they collect steam. It was one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever has at the PARK. On my third attempt at getting a Hot dog the "volunteer" went in the back to get me my dog. Well, the thing was not even fully cooked.

So what is the deal with PADRES and there concessions? Bottom line is they are trying to cut costs. They hire volunteers from local groups to serve us. The volunteers can make money for there groups. These people have little or no food service. The food has been prepackages and is so cheap. They have not spent money on signage. They really don't have to because the food is so cheap and generic. There Pizza vendor is Ogies. They are a local San Diego chain. I have no idea how much the Padres are charging them for there signage, but I have to think it is a huge amount. Considering a slice can go for 5 dollars and up. I can walk in to Dominos and get a large cheese pizza for $6.99!

Bottom line, the PADRES are cheap when it comes to there food service. It has to change.


Where can you find information or facts about a former minor league player named Phillip Wilson?

Do you know what team(s) he played for? What years? What major league team's farm system? That would be a start.

Who is going to be the pitcher on July 11th?

If the rotation stays the same, it should be Pedro Astacio!

What happened to Tim Flannery of the San Diego Padres?

He is currently a SD Padres announcer for tv and radio. He does some pre-game shows on channel 4 Padres in SD. In 2007 he joined the San Francisco Giants as third base coach. He was hired by Bruce Bochy, ex-coach of the Padres.

Which San Diego Padre hit grand slams in back to back games?

Fred McGriff did it in 1991. Only 12 players in MLB history have hit two grand slams in a single game. No one from the Padres has done it. Those 12 players are:

Tony Lazzeri - 1936

Jim Tabor - 1938

Rudy York - 1946

Jim Gentile - 1961

Tony Cloninger - 1966

Jim Northrup - 1968

Frank Robinson - 1970

Robin Ventura - 1995

Chris Hoiles - 1998

Fernando Tatis - 1999

Nomar Garciaparra - 1999

Bill Mueller - 2003

Fred McGriff hit grand slams in back to back games for the Padres in 1991.

Where do the San Diego Padres play?

PETCO Park is an open-air stadium in downtown San Diego, California. It opened in 2004, replacing Qualcomm Stadium as the home park of Major League Baseball's San Diego Padres. Before then, the Padres shared their stadium with the San Diego Chargers (of the NFL). The stadium is named after the animal and pet supplies retailer PETCO, which is based in San Diego and paid for the naming rights. Since the retailer spells its name in all capital letters, the ballpark name is in all caps as well. It is affectionately nicknamed "The Litter Box." Address & Phone:
19 Tony Gwynn Way
San Diego, CA 92101
(619)795-5000 Seating Capacity:
42,445 fixed seats Dimensions:
Left-Field Line: 334 feet
Left Field: 367 feet
Left-Field Alley: 401 feet
Center Field: 396 feet
Right-Field Alley: 400 feet
Right Field: 382 feet
Right-Field Line: 322 feet Construction Cost:
450 million

What was the year of the first Major League Draft?

1962 I believe -- or right around there (within a year). It coincided the New York Mets coming into the league.

How much are the San Diego Padres worth?

According to an article on, the San Diego Padres were valued at $367 million as of April, 2007.

Who were the Padres players who wore the number 1?

The players below wore #1 for the Padres. The list is current through the 2006 season: Bob Barton, 1970-1972

John Grubb, 1973

Ozzie Smith, 1978-1981

Garry Templeton, 1982-1991

Tony Fernandez, 1992

Luis Lopez, 1993-1994,1996

Carlos Garcia, 1999

Carlos Baerga, 1999

Santiago Perez, 2001

Ramon Vazquez, 2002-2004

What is the most runs scored in a single game by the San Diego Padres?

The most runs scored by the Padres in a single game was 20 against the Expos in May, 2001 and against the Marlins in July, 1996.

How many miles is it between San Diego California to Sacramento California?

About 505 miles. Answers such as these can quickly and easily be found on Mapquest. See link below.

Which San Diego Padres players have their numbers retired?

Steve Garvey (6), Tony Gwynn (19), Dave Winfield (31), Randy Jones (35), and Jackie Robinson (42).

What is the most runs scored by a single team in a single MLB game since 1950?

Chicago beat Louisville 36-7 in 1897, the most since 1900 is the rangers beating the orioles 30-3 in 2007

Is Chris Gwynn related to Tony Gwynn?

They were brothers. Tony Gwynn, who died of cancer on June 16, 2014 at the age of 54, played his entire Hall of Fame career with the San Diego Padres (1982 to 2001). Chris Gwynn played for three teams during his career -- the Los Angeles Dodgers (1987 to 1991, 1994 to 1995), the Kansas City Royals (1992 to 1993) and the Padres, where he played alongside his older brother in 1996. Tony Gwynn's son Tony Jr. now plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.