Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are a marine animal. There are seven species in the world, and most are endangered.

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What kind of animal is a sea turtle?

A turtle.. or more scientifically known as a Chelonia

When will sea turtles go extinct?

Hopefully never, but if their endangerment goes unprevented then sometime in the near future..

What genus does Sea turtles belong to?

It depends. There are different species of sea turtles, some having a separate genus, though they all belong to the superfamily, Chelonioidea

Do eels eat sea turtles?

No. Sea turtles may eat eels though.

Do sea turtles have hip bones?

More or less. They are merged with the carapace and plastron.

Is there a scientific name for a prehistoric sea turtle?

Archelon (giant turtle) of the animal type Testudine (protostegid) reptile. First fossil found 1895 North America.

Do sea turtles live as long as Crush in Finding Nemo?

Yes. Scientists have not been able to determine the lifespan of sea turtles, since they tend to outlive humans, and therefore any research projects. Also, tagging and monitoring is a fairly new technology, so consistent, reliable data has not yet become available. Nonetheless, sea turtles as believed to live for up to a century, and quite possibly longer. Unfortunately, many sea turtles involved in research are likely to die from a variety of threats such as being entangled in fishing line or nets, being illegally poached for their meat and shells, and from pollution and ingesting rubbish.

Do sea turtles use camouflage as an adaptation?

Yes, because their green color helps them adapt with their surroundings. Such as algae, kelp and some types of coral.

How do sea turtles help us?

they eat jelly fish and when go scuba diving most of us are lucky cause if a jellyfish stings you,you could die

How do sea turtles not get stung by jellyfish?

Sea turtles have a very thick skin and usually bite the jellyfish from above eating the main body and the beak usually shearing the tentacles of the jellies off. They do occasionally get stung, but it is not fatal thanks to many years of genetic evolution of the species.

How does a sea turtle hide from predators?

It goes into it's shell. I don't really know, it was a guess.

What do sea turtles smell like?

Sea turtles smell like Love Spell and babies

Are loggerhead turtles secondary consumers?

Loggerhead turtles most likely are secondary as the sharks are the apex predators. Hope this helps :)

What does the green sea turtle eat?

Plant matter, Squid, Crab, and other small sea creatures.

Do sharks eat sea horses?

Only by accident. Predators of seahorses include larger fish such as sea-perch, cod, flathead, tuna and snapper and trumpeter-fish. Other predators include skates and rays. Fishermen catch them for the lucrative Chinese market, for medicines and tourist curios. Sharks have been known to eat seahorses, depending on the species of shark. However, on the whole, they prefer to eat larger prey such as bigger fish than seahorses, rays, other sharks, seals, octopuses, squid and sea turtles. They are opportunistic feeders, meaning that if schools of seahorses present themselves as easy opportunity, they would eat them. But since seahorses camouflage and have the ability to change their colour, it is unlikely that sharks would spot such small creatures.