Sesame Street

A classic children's educational television show featuring characters such as Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and Bert and Ernie.

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Did the real cookie monster die?

No. He is still active in the Muppets.

Since 2002, Cookie Monster has been interpreted by David Rudman (born 1964) ably assuming the mantle from Frank Oz, who still provides the CM voice for many special productions.

Who created Elmo from Sesame Street?

I'd predict Caroly Wilcox built, or at least supervised the building of Elmo.

The puppet that became Elmo appeared on the show since the 1970s, and Wilcox supervised the Muppet Workshop for Sesame Street until retiring in 1990.

If you're talking about who created the personality of Elmo, that would be Kevin Clash. He has voiced and performed Elmo since his debut in 1985 until 2012.

It should noted that the puppet that eventually became Elmo had been around for years. The puppet was puppeteered and voiced by Brian Muehl and Richard Hunt prior to 1985.

Are Bert and Ernie brothers?

Bert and Ernie are not brothers. They are just ordinary friends.

What bad word did Charlie say an Good Luck Charlie?

Charlie said "the b word" I know, because when Amy cussed the only word that fit was the b word

Did Miss Piggy appear on Sesame Street?

No, despite numerous rumors to the contrary, Miss Piggy has never appeared on Sesame Street.

-- She did apparently appear only in photos on rare occasion.

How do you make a cookie monster design on Stardoll?

you have to have two big white circles but your background must be a dark blue. then click on the mouth shape thing and rotate it to where it is going to the left of the computer screen but for they eyes use the big white circles and put small black circles in the white circle and use the skinny triangles to make 3 teeth in the mouth.

How did big bird die?

Big Bird will most likely not be killed because he is a character in Sesame Street.

Who is Elmo's buddy?

Zoe is his little orange friend.

What is a hippodrome cookie?

My recollection is that it was marshmallow and raspberry fillings sandwiched between two moist coconut cookies

Who voices Elmo?

Kevin Clash has performed and voiced Elmo since his creation in 1985 until late 2012.

It should be mentioned that the puppet that eventually became Elmo had been around for years prior to 1985, Caroll Spinney voiced the character in the early 1970's, Brian Muehl from 1979 to 1981 & before that Richard Hunt from 1981 to 1984, voiced the puppet before Kevin.