Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty, also known as the Yin Dynasty, ruled the Yellow River Valley area of China during the second millennium BC.

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What contributed to the downfall of the Shang Dynasty?

The Shang dynasty fell to the knees of the Zhou, after they invaded the Shang and took control of the Shangs government.

Did the Shang Dynasty create China's first writing system?

yes the shang dynasty did find the first writng system and they also found the first cities too!

What was a common art form of the Shang Dynasty in China?

Objects made of bronze were common in the Shang Dynasty of China.

Who is the ruler of the Shang Dynasty?

so many(almost 30)! such as Tang(汤),Zhou(纣),and so on...

What are the similarities of the xia and Shang Dynasty?

Both of the last rulers of the Xia and Shang Dynasty were corrupeted.

Why did Wu wang lead a rebellion against the Shang Dynasty?

They led a rebellion, because the shang dynasty was cruel

What is the Shang Dynasty famous for?

The Shang Dynasty was in power a very long time ago and so there is not a tremendous amount of information about it available. They did have written records, but none of it survived to the...

What was the government of the Shang dynasty?

The Chinese Shang Dynasty began around 1600 BCE, during China's Bronze Age. The government was a monarchy in which the king was both lawmaker and judge so no-one dared to argue with him. He ruled by force, and anyone who transgressed the king's laws would be killed immediately by his soldiers.

The decision about who should be king was originally taken by force - whichever clan had the biggest army would rule the civilization until a clan with a better army came along; in the Shang Dynasty's case, this lasted 550 years.

The king ruled 200 to 300 clans that resided within his territory. Other nobles kept watch watch over smaller regions within the territory. These roles were the equivalents of barons in medieval Europe. Archaeologists think that when a king died in the Shang Dynasty, his closest relation would take the throne.

Burial customs in the Shang Dynasty?

Burial customs in the Shang dynasty were grand and extravagant. A huge mausoleum was built and filled with the beheaded corpses of hundreds of slaves. Jewels, furniture, and weapons were also placed in the tombs of rulers.

Normal people were simply thrown into mass pits.

What river located in southwest china was the boundary of the Shang Dynasty?

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When Did the Shang Dynasty begin and end?

Shang Dynasty begins at 1700BC, and ends at 1027BC.

What sea is located to the east of the Shang dynasty area?

The Yellow Sea is east of the area where the Shang dynasty was located.

When did the Shang dynasty end?

Scholars do not fully agree on the dates and details of the earliest Chinese dynasties, but most accept that the Shang Dynasty is the first one to have left behind written records and solid archaeological evidence of its existence.

What was the writing of the Shang Dynasty?

Duriong the shang dynasty people wrote in vertical lines on bamboo strips, rice paper, and silk. They also left inscriptions on animal bones and tortoise shells.

The writing was called lopographs.

How was the Zhou Dynasty different from the Shang Dynasty?

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