Shetland Ponies

Shetland Ponies are a breed of ponies native to the Shetland Isles in Scotland. They stand at a maximum height of 11 hands and are known for their intelligence. They are a popular breed at horse shows and are often ridden by children.

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How do you groom a Shetland Pony?

The same way you groom a real horse. If its in the winter like right now, you take a curry comb and brush him/her down. Then just brush their mane out with a brush. If you know how to groom any horse, then that's how you would groom a Shetland Pony.

What height can a Shetland pony jump?

A shetland is a very good jumper but it all depends on the pony some can jump up to 2"3 and some can't go past 18 Inch (this is just as a safe hight you can jump them higher but if you do they could hurt themselves if they trip up...)

Why does your shetland pony have a pot belly?

shetlands usually have a pot belly because they are small, and if you are small you are not thin you are large, and if you have a tall stallion for example, they would be tall and thin.

Do Shetland ponies copy what other animals do For example if they are raised with dogs do they act like dogs if they are raised by horses do they act like horses?

No, they do not exactly act the same. They act as their own breed. Though there was one shetland pony who grew up with dogs and he fetched sticks, played with the other dogs and rolled over to have his tummy tickled. In a way Shetlands can act the same as dogs, but only a bit ANSWER 2 Shetland ponies are very much like two year humans. Their favorite concepts are "no" and "mine". They are notorioulsy stubborn. They LOVE attention in any form. However, no matter what their behavior, a shetland is still a horse. The pony will still eat hay, and roll in the dirt to shed hair and keep flies away. Shetlands need their hooves trimmed regularly and if they over-eat new grass, they tend to founder. So even if they gain attention and can distract their master from a task by behaving like a dog, they may adopt whatever behavior works for them. However, they still have very "horsey" behaviors.

How long can shetland ponies live for?

Shetland ponies can live too 30 to 50 years old if they're in good heath

How high can a shetland pony jump?


that's a great question

I hav just resuntly discovered the answer

my Shetland jumped 50cm yesterday with me ridding her!

She is 17 so it depends on the age and there ability.

Some can't jump and some can jump higher than 3ft!

It's just a case of trial and error

hope I helped

What do you feed a shetland pony and how much?

Shetland ponies vary in size, weight, and type, but I will answer your question to the best of my ability despite the limits set by the lack of information in this question.

You would feed a pony a variety of feeds. These might include, depending on the individual...

Hay: alfalfa, oat, grass, etc. Hay is very important to the diet of a horse, as grass is what they are naturally supposed to eat. You would feed a mid-sized shetland pony (depending on the size of the flake) 2-4 flakes once in the morning and 2-4 flakes once at night.

Grain: oats, dry cob, wet cob, etc. Grain is nutritionally important to the diet of a horse. Depending on the size, weight, and build of the pony, and the size of the scoop, 1-2 scoops once or twice daily.

Other supplementary feeds: pelleted rice bran, hot bran mash, alfalfa pellets/cubes, etc. These types of feeds are not usually vital to the nutrition of a horse, but are often important. Hot bran mash is good for hydrating a horse, while pelleted rice bran is good for helping horses gain weight. These dosages would all vary greatly depending on the size of the pony, so I will not even attempt to list them here.

Supplements: too many to list, etc. There are many types of supplements to give your pony. Supplements for weight gain or control, hoof health, coat health, muscle tone, immune support, performance, and many more things help support your horse/pony. There will generally be directions on how to dose your horse/pony depending on size and weight and need.

Minerals and Salts: different kinds of licks, crumbles, etc. Salt licks are very important. All animals need salt to survive, and, unlike dogs and cats, a horse cannot get the sufficient amount out of its usual feed. So it is 100% needed to have a salt lick available to your pony.

Treats: apples, bought treats, carrots, peppermints, etc. Treats are not vital, but a nice yummy surprise for your horse. They are very useful when it comes to bonding, training, and catching your horse. Just make sure your pony doesn't become "mouthy" or start biting you while searching for treats! Feed treats from your palm, your hand completely flat, thumb out of the way. This ensures that your pony won't accidentedly bite you.

Remember to always have plenty of clean water available to your pony; an automatic waterer would be ideal. (Mosquito Fish/Barley help keep the water fresh and clean)

Make sure that you deworm your horse (with the proper dosage according to size, alternating dewormers) once every two to three months, and have its teeth floated once a year. Conact your veterinarian with any questions you may have, and stay in contact with a trainer/horse specialist in case of any problems you may run into.

Never ever EVER skip or miss feedings, and love your pony! Best Wishes!


What is the mating ritual for Shetland ponies?

With horses it's not much of a ritual. Boy meets girl, girl rejects boy and boy keeps trying until he starts to look good the the girl. From around a year old a filly will have a heat cycle. This can go dormant in colder weather. When she is ready the stallion can breed her. If she gets pregnant they both lose interest and theres a new foal roughly 11 months later. With Shetland ponies is pretty much the same.

Does a Shetland pony eat flowers?

All ponies will eat some kind of flower. Not that they are very good for them- keep them on grass and hard feed.

What is a good name for a shetland pony?

a good name for a shetland pony is sheba which is from the Hebrew origin it means promise or oath.

How much land do you need for 1 shetland pony?

Well this will depend on how you plan to keep the pony. If you put it on a drylot you can use a 40'-60' round pen with a run in. If you use a pasture I would recommend 1- 1.5 acres and a run in.

Is the shetland pony a herbivore?

All horses are herbivores - they eat grass and some other pasture plants. Shetland ponies are used to a very tough climate and can survive on less palatable plants than most other horses, but they are still herbivores.

How old is the Shetland pony?

nobody knows but most likely excisted in 8000 before Christus

How much does a shetland pony eat?

I'd get some kind of complete feed and give her just 1 cup per day plus a couple of flakes of hay and that's it. Shetlands are notoriously piggy about eating. If the hay is good quality, she'll eat it if she's really hungry. It's going to want grain over just hay but it's really dangerous for her to gain a lot of weight because of the risk of laminitis. If you are giving it the feed in the morning and feel bad about it only getting hay at night, give it a chopped carrot and apple with the hay and that's it.

What is the breed of a shetland pony?

Shetland, thus being the name "Shetland Pony."

How do you tell if a shetland pony is in labor?

A horse in labour shows some predictable signs. They are not the same for every mare and will depend on her temperament and how experienced she is with motherhood - a mare that has foaled several times will generally be calmer than a first or second time mother. Signs that a mare is beginning labour: * Out of character behavior - nerviness, moving away from other horses. * Pacing the stall or paddock and returning to a particular spot. * Sweating or becoming lathered without excessive physical effort. * Signs of discomfort in belly area ie kicking at underside, staring at flanks. * Desire to be near people or sometimes to stay away from them. As her labour progresses she may lie down, get up, move, and do this several times. By the time she starts straining in earnest, the foal should be born within an hour. If it has not arrived, you should call the vet.

What do Shetland ponies look like?

Description: Shetland pony is a short, stout, intelligent breed with a thick coat that originated in the ShetlandIsles off the coast of Scotland. Strong with a thick coat and robust body, the harsh conditions of the isles is responsible for its hardiness.

What is the most popular horse out of the mustang the stallion the shetland pony the plamino or the appaloosa?

Firstly a stallion is an uncastrated male of any breed of horse. Next, Palomino is a color and not a breed, palomino coloring can occur in any breed with the cream gene. Now out of the three actual breeds, Mustang, Shetland, and Appaloosa, the Appaloosa would be the must popular in terms of numbers alone. However many people would favor the Mustang just because it is a symbol of freedom, power and the old west.

How long can shetland ponies live up to?

Shetland ponies can live until they are around 25-3o. but it really depends on how they are cared for and if they are in good health or not.

Worlds smallest shetland pony?

no it's one of the smallest breeds but not the smallest

What do shetland ponies eat in wild?

They eat mainly grass. Shetland is mainly grass and heather, but as the ponies can be greedy, they may eat young springs off bushes and any crops planted by farmers.

Does Shetland ponies have behaviors?

Shetland ponies tend to be quite mischievous and sometimes a little bit aggressive. They can be friendly , but careful when you get on ones back ! Last time i rode one i got slammed against the fence , and nearly landed in barbed wire.