Whether it's going to the grocery store, an antique mall, auto parts store, or clothing store, shopping is something that people do daily. Sometimes, it's a quick trip to pick up an item that is needed, but it can be an all-day event done "just for fun." Ask questions such as where you can buy an item, the best places to shop, the features of an item, and anything to do with products and shopping here.

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Weight and Mass

What is the meaning of lb in unit measurement?

lb means pound,pound is the unit of measurment. When you see lb after any number, it means telling the weight in pounds.


Do crocs make your feet sweat?

Yes, crocs do make your feet sweat. Do not be fooled by the holes haha. Anyway, my parents both wear them at home and after like 30 minutes, there feet were like waterfalls, No joke

YES: I used to own them and they really made my feet sweat.


What is a shoe size 1 in children's equal to in women's?

The difference is thatWomen'sshoes are always 2 bigger then mens.


Where to get camel milk powder in Canada?

Camel's milk powder is quite uncommon in Canada. Your best bet would be to look in a Middle Eastern market, or order it online.

Baby Clothing and Accessories

Where can you find rocawear clothes for infants?

You can buy Rocawear clothes at Burlington, AJWright, and Baby Depot.

As an alternative, you can opt for online purchasing of Rocawear label clothing for infants through various online shopping websites.


What does L' Air du Temps mean in English?

Literally, it means the air of the time, but it was probably intended more to mean 'the spirit of the era', referring to the post-war 1940's when it was created.

History of England
Prince Charles

What happen to Charles Fingerhut bakery in Cicero?

Fingerhut Bakery is coming back soon....Chas. Fingerhut Bakery was started in 1895 by John Fingerhut who brought to this country from Czechoslovakia the now famous Babi Rye Bread. From John to his son Charles who took over the business in 1928, to his son Herb Sr. who took over the business in 1855, to Herb Jr. who ran the bakery until January 2000.

Herb is now a consultant in the bakery and food industry. Herb is also writting a new autobiograghy on his life in the bakery business as well as making this a unique baking cookbook with over 120 family formulas, but the difference is, there will be a receipe size for the home as well as a larger size for the retail/wholeslae baker!

FYI: Fingerhut Bakery is on its way back (but in web form only for now) Starting on February 15, 2008 an all new Fingerhut Bakery will be back with an updated logo, and with a twist to the old favorites like Houska Bread, Babi Rye Bread, kolacky and many more items...... check the coming soon page at www.fingerhutbakery.com

Grocery Shopping
Butter and Margarine

Can you buy clarified butter at the supermarket?

Of course, Ghee (Clarified Butter) can be available easily in any supermarket. In USA, there are certain Indian stores who provides it with good number of brands. We prefer buying it from "Kesar Grocery" as it is the oldest player dealing in online grocery shopping in USA.


Where can you buy Corona's in a can?

Try a local Mexican restaurant or a local ethnic store.


How do you buy clothes on mall world facebook?

Go to the stores and look at clothes and then click on your item then press buy and then it should arrive at your closet. x


Where you can buy empty Vegetable or Gelatin Empty capsules in USA Florida?

Health Food stores or Whole foods. If they sell many herbal supplements, its almost guranteed they have the empty capsules

Fillings Crowns and Dentures

Where in Canada can you buy ezo denture liners?

Apparently no where i have driven miles looking, not to be found. I have used them for 30 years, there is nothing on the market that even comes close.

Jean Grey (X-Men)

What is the main objective of Levis company?

Jeans are the main objective of Levis company!

Home Appliances

How much does a flash light cost?

That actually depends on where you buy it. You can get one from the dollar store for a dollar plus tax or get a more expensive one at Walmart or an army store.

Stock Market

What does out of stock mean?

Item Sold out. Go back and see after 1 week, you may found that product. (Sometimes it may mean, for limited edition items, you are not able to buy them again, so if you really want that item, you'll have to buy it somewhere else, other than that, if you can't find it somewhere else, your out of luck, mate.)

Plural Nouns

Is the word clothing singular or plural?

The noun 'clothing' is an uncountable noun, a type of aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements or parts. The noun 'clothing' takes a verb for the singular.

Example: This clothing is going to the dry cleaner.

Medication and Drugs

Where can you buy Longinexx over the counter?

Longinexx can be purchased off of the Longinexx website, and from other online dealers. See the related link.


What stores sell sock monkey ear muffs?

Try places like; Five Below, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc.

- - -

Cracker Barrel has them this 2011 season, but they sell out quickly.

Entertainment & Arts

Is shopping a form of entertainment?

It is a form of entertainment for me. Even window shopping! Right with the help of technology I can already distress while at home. Just browsing through robecart.com, thebestsites.com and seeing all beautiful selections entertains me. Sometimes I don't shop/browse to purchase. I do that to think about what I should wear or how to put together an outfit. :) You can easily find shopping websites at one place at The Best Sites.


What is a Horizon gold credit card?

The Horizon Gold Card is a $500 Unsecured Credit Line that can be used to purchase products from thehorizonoutlet.com. The Horizon Gold Card is NOT a Visa or MasterCard and does not hold a cash value. Other benefits of the Horizon Gold Card include monthly reports to Trans Union, Road Side Assistance, Pre-paid legal network, Equifax® Credit Watch Gold, and the Universal Prescription Plan. The Horizon Gold Card has had negative feedback from users that applied for the Horizon Gold Card thinking they were getting a Visa or MasterCard. As a result the Terms and Conditions of The Horizon Gold Card was placed at the top of their website for all to see and read.


Where is the largest shopping mall in Bucharest?

Calea Victoriei street with many luxury brands.


AFI Palace Cotroceni

Timisoara Blv., close to Cotroceni Palace.

Baneasa Shopping City

Carrefour Feeria Complex - Baneasa Bucharest

Plaza Romania

Bulevardul Timisoara 26

Unirea Shopping Center

Piata Unirii 1

City Mall

Sos. Oltenitei 2

Liberty Center Mall

5th Distric, Bucharest

Fashion House Outlet Center

Militari area, A1 highway exit, km 13


Where can you buy a IOTV?

DreamCloud: the luxury hybrid mattress combining the best of latex, memory foam, tufting and coil technology to provide the best sleep money can buy.



What are eggshell made of?

I think you are asking about chicken egg, It mainly consists of Calcium Carbonate (caco3).

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