Shortening is a type of kind of solid fat. It is made of vegetable oils such as soybean and cottonseed oil.

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What is crustal shortening?

Crustal shortening is the reduction of the size of the Earth's crust through tectonic activities such as those found at a convergent plate boundary. When an oceanic crust collides with a continental crust, the denser oceanic crust subducts beneath the continental crust. This causes the oceanic crust to be subducted back into the mantle and melt, reducing the size of the crust. When two continental crusts collide and neither subducts, the material is being pushed up towards Earth's surface, resulting in mountains like Mount Everest. This causes the crusts to reduce in size.

What are examples of emulsified shortening?

Emulsified shortening is also known as cake, icing or high ratio shortening. It can absorb more sugar and liquid than regular vegetable shortening and gives a finer/smoother texture to cakes while helping to keep them moist, as well as keeping icings more stable. It's mostly used in icings and cakes where the recipe contains a large percentage of sugar. Alpine Hi-Ratio Shortening and Sweetex are the most common brands.

How do I use Applesauce for shortening?

It's an even up exchange. If it calls for one cup of shortening, use one cup of applesause. It's a great way to make fat free baked goods. I've heard of applesauce being used to replace eggs (I think 1/4 c per egg) but I've never heard of it used for shortening.

Can skeletal muscle contract without shortening?

Yes. One possibility is that the load on the muscle exceeds the tension produced by the muscle so that the muscle actually lengthens during contraction (eccentric contraction).

Why would your Crisco shortening smell weird?

When Crisco sits too long, without being used, it gets very strong and smells bad. Of course, that is one way to know for sure that it needs to be thrown out!

Can you use shortening to make banana bread?

Yes, or any solid fat. Butter, margarine, peanut butter, lard even. Any nut butter will make it healthier. You can experiment with replacing half the fat with apple sauce if you want to try something new. I would reduce the sugar by 25% and reduce any liquids by 25%. Maybe even the temp. Depends on which type of oven I'm using.

What happens if use expired vegetable shortening?

It will make your food taste spoiled. I did it with some cookies not paying attention to the expire date and they had this awful aftertaste. They baked and looked the same way and the shortening didnt have a smell but the taste was not a good one.

Can you substitute oil for shortening on pie crust?

No, pie crust is one of the things that has to use a solid shortening.

What does shortening do to cake?

Shortening provides rich flavor and pleasing mouth-feel to cake. Different types of shortening, whether butter, solid vegetable shortening, or different oils, will contribute different flavors to the cake. Shortening gets its name from its function in pastry, where fat separates layers of flour, creating tender flakes, making the pastry "short." In cakes, the fat is blended more thoroughly with the flour. This process separates the protein molecules in the flour, coating them with fat and preventing the formation of gluten. This creates a moist, tender "crumb" in cakes, in contrast to bread, in which the chewy texture of gluten is desirable.

How do you cream shortening?

Add sugar and work the shortening with a wooden spoon or mixer until.. well, creamy.

Is margarine the same as shortening?

No, margarine isn't the same as shortening. Shortening is entirely oil based, whereas margarine contains other ingredients, including water. They should not be substituted for one another, or for butter, in baking, although some substitutions in regular cooking will work.

Can you use Crisco vegetable shortening after the expriation date?

you can use it but be ready.

Warning: may taste like overripe carrots with expired milk

What can be used instead of shortening in a cake recipe?

Butter or lard can be used instead of shortening in cakes. Some types of neutral-tasting oils, such as vegetable oil or canola oil, can be used in many cake recipes.

What the difference between cooking margarine butter shortening?

Margarine is made with oils and artificial ingredients, butter is made from cream, shortening is made from oils and sometimes animal fats.

Can you use butter flavored shortening in place of regular shortening?

Yes, you can easily use butter flavored shortening in place of regular shortening in most any recipe without a problem.

Can you use butter for dumplings if the recipe call for of solid shortening?

Butter has a lower melting point so it is going to spread more in the dumpling and they may be a little looser, but should still be alright.

Can you substitute melted shortening for vegetable oil in pancakes?

Yes, but trans fats and hydrogenated fats are really bad for you--watch out!!

What is white shortening?

White shortening is just another term for plain shortening. It's used to distinguish from butter-flavored shortening.

If you're not from the US or Canada and don't know what shortening is at all, it's made from partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil and is used as a substitute for lard and butter in recipes and as an oil for deep-frying. It has no flavor of its own and is there strictly to make the dough or short. Substituting butter or lard can be difficult because shortening has some air whipped into it, but for recipes like drop cookies where you can afford to play fast and loose with the measurements a one-to-one substitution of butter often works (and works better than shortening, sometimes).