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Silly Bandz are toy rubber wristbands in various shapes that gained popularity among schoolchildren in 2009 and 2010. The craze prompted some schools to ban the toys. Ask questions about where to buy these bands and what shapes are sold.

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Silly Bandz

A picture of the Egyptian eye silly bandz?

Go too i think that's it but u can order the rarest silly bandz and there is a pic of it there

Silly Bandz

Will a dog die from eating silly bandz?

This is a question for a professional veterinarian to answer, however yes I think depending how many your dog ate, it has a good chance of becoming deathly ill. Talk to your veterinarian now.

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Sesame Street
Silly Bandz

Do they have sesame street silly bandS?

none on amazon.

Silly Bandz

What pack does the Pegasus silly band come in?

the fantasy pack

Silly Bandz

Where can you buy silly bands in manila?

Similar to Silly Bandz are Jelly Bandz. They have all the nice designs.

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Silly Bandz

Where can you see Mew in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't see Mew in Pokemon Diamond. You have to either cheat (use Action Replay) or you have to transfer it from a game where you can catch a Mew. You can also trade with Wi fi or someone else who has it.

Dragonwagonx: You can receive a Mew by having the wii game called Poekmon Rancher and having 999 Pokemon in ur Ranch and the chick will trade you a mew. :D

Silly Bandz

What is a good name for Griffin Webkinz?

A few good names for a griffin on webkinz (in my opinion) are:









Hope these names help!

Silly Bandz
Celebrity Fan Contact Information

Is Sale El Sol Shakira's last album?

The way it seems how she is talking about it in interviews seems definitely that it will be her last album she said in the interview that the album is a very personal album & the album is Latino also. She also said that she is going to be making plans with Antonio De La Rúa on Katie Couric interview back in 2009.

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Silly Bandz

What stores sell the TREATS silly bandz pack?

They sell them at:




Shoppers Drugmart

Quick Express



Silly Bandz

Where do you find finger silly bandz?

K Mart or any other type of big box store

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Silly Bandz

Can you say 3 sentences about silly?


Yes you can


The question is silly. This sentence is silly. You are silly.

Three sentences about silly

"3 sentences about silly."

Silly Bandz

Where do you get Silly Bandz in Canada?

You can get them at Walmart and Dollarrama and Rexal and they are $1.50 with tax included and you get 12 in a pack.

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Silly Bandz

Is there such thing as a sparkly frog silly bandz?

Well, there's not a SPARKELY one but there's a regular frog one! I have the frog silly band. I got it from Walmart!

Silly Bandz

How do you make a choker necklace for kids?

Get a lock. Put 5 speacial choker strings in it any color of your choice. One ribbon. Once you lock both sides there you have it

Birds of Prey
Silly Bandz

What does th owl silly band look like?

a owl it has ears (kinda) and it has a fat belly and short stubby feet.

Silly Bandz

Where do they sell gator silly bandz?

Well you have to buy them in a pack. so you have a good chance becuz they write the kind on the back of the pack

Silly Bandz

Is the tie-die puzzle piece silly band rare?

no they are not rare i have a lot of them

Silly Bandz

What are all the silly bandz pack names?

the silly bandz packs are called silly banz but there is a lot of generic brands

Silly Bandz

Is there an under armor silly band?


Silly Bandz

What food games can you play at a sleepover?

Food dares you get loadds of horrible foods like small onions and pickles and crushed olives with ketchup and things horrible make you own recipes then blindfold the person and sit in a circle get them to count up to how many dishes you have then when you say stop they have to eat it and guess.

Silly Bandz

Where can you buy the Silly Bandz?

You can get Silly Bandz at hallmark, Walgreen's , malls, CVS , sometimes even Target and, Flee Markets for about $2.00! You may go to Hallmark.. because they are mostly sold out.

Silly Bandz are popular!

Although you may find Silly Bandz at many large chain stores, they tend to carry older styles. Small, independent stores are able to act quickly and keep in touch with manufacturers and customers and carry the latest brands that customers want. Local stores such as small toy stores and card stores (Learning Express Toy Stores, independently owned Hallmark stores and other locally owned stores) where you actually know and can ask the owner can find a variety of sources. Small stores know when they run out of items that customers want and reorder quickly based on a customer's needs.

Big Box stores place orders for products months ahead of time. The item that appears on a shelf today was ordered six months ago. A small shop can place an order today and in some cases have it on the shelves in two to three days. To a big box store, if they run out of something, they cannot reorder it is all done by someone in a centralized office, when they decide that they wish to reorder.

In a fast moving market with quickly moving styles (new styles are being introduced almost every day), one can find Silly Bandz, Crazy Bandz, Banditz, (I can now name close to thirty manufacturers and brand names), you have to shop around. There's no shortage. You can find variations in shape, Glow in the Dark, Tie Dye, color changing, NFL/ MLB, etc. logo, Harry Potter and Disney, scented, glitter, etc.

There are some web sites and even Face Book Pages where independent fans search for places and talk about what is coming soon. They've got their pulse on new styles even as quickly as I do as a retailer. (As a retailer, I'm now overwhelmed by manufacturers telling me about new styles.)

The real answer is EVERYWHERE, depending on where you are. There are still some places in the country it hasn't been shipped to yet.

You may refer to the Face Book page under links to see the newest styles coming out.

Silly Bandz

Are anchor silly bands rare?

no you can get them in the pirate ones

Silly Bandz

Are silly bandz still popular?

Oh yah

Silly Bandz

Is there a skier silly band?

No there is not.

Silly Bandz

What is the list of the top 50 rarest silly bandz?

the jellyfish is the rarest silly band, I beleve.


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