Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a Marvel character. Although he has his own series, he has appeared alongside other Marvel characters in other series as well. Silver Surfer has been involved in The Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor comics.

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Was Galactus in the movie Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer?

Yes, but unfortunately, as any other Live Action movie would be, it was screwed up, and Galactus was portrayed as the cloud, swallowing up Earth.

Yes, that cloud is Galactus.

Why did the creator of the Silver Surfer have the character use a surfboard?

He wouldn't be the silver surfer without a surfboard.

Also keep in mind that back then, surfing and the surfing culture was currently en vogue in American culture: The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, "Wipeout", "Surfin' Bird", the Tornados, any number of "Beach Blanket Bingo" type Hollywood films(even the Beatles got into it somewhat with their second movie, Help!), etc. and it was a major defining aspect the way that hip-hop/gangsta stylings are today(or disco was back in the late 70's, etc).

PS: Even "Misirlou", the guitar-based intrumental song that most people associate with Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction', comes from this surfing-based culture of 1960's America.

What's silver surfer 1 worth?

As of 2-23-08 on Ebay, it can go as high as 1,000. u.s. That's in great condition, with the cover. I've seen others going for $200. u.s.

Did the silver surfer die?

No, not the comics or the movies, he's just an ongoing character.

Is Silver Surfer stronger than hulk?

of course ! Silver surfer weilds the power of the cosmos !

The Hulk has a few gamma rays inside him.

not much of a contest.

In a fight Silver Surfer would just throw Hulk into the nearest star quicker than THE HULK could shout ME HULK STRONG ! ME HULK SMASH YOU !

in an arm wrestle though - a bit more tricky - especially if the room they were in was lead reinforced.Then The Hulk would win in a nanno second me thinks...breaking the surfers arm in the process.

Hope that helps !

Marvel comics Silver Surfer comics?

yes silver surfer is a marvel comics production

How many powers does the silver surfer have and what are they?

He has alot of powers, he has the power cosmic which is what he uses to attack with shooting bolts of energy which range all the way to destroying entire planets, however he also can use it to make barriers or shields, he can fly and move up to the speed of light and create his own wormholes to move between stars when he needs to get there instantly, he can travel through time and heal any wound and cure any disease, he can accelerate the evolution on a planet turning new born life into sentient beings, he can absorb entire stars for energy and deflect supernova's without much trouble, he has telekinetic powers and can read minds or control/put idea's in peoples heads, he can transmute matter/elements, hes nigh invincible(he doesn't really get hurt just runs low on power after days of constant use of the power cosmic), he can survive a black hole crushing him, he doesn't need to sleep, breathe, eat, or drink, radiation and heat/cold have no effect whatsoever on him, he will never die of old age, he can phase out allowing himself to move through any matter or object, he can detect life or energy within several light years of himself(nobody has ever "ran away" from him). He has an almost indestructible board which in the very rare occasions gets destroyed he can simply recreate it at will which he can control independently from himself that will fly around block attacks and hit people/things that get in his way or imprison them using the cosmic energy in the board.

He is the end all be all hero of the marvel universe.

Could Superman beat Silver Surfer?

he could destroy the silver surfer in a second

How much is the comic Silver Surfer worth 50Th anniversary?

mint con... silver hollowgram of the surfer with thanos overlooking,anywere from $250 to $ less.

How do you unlock the Silver Surfer in the marvel Ultimate Alliance?

the steps.

1.go to the shield hero selection.

2.then enter the code at the hero selection menu.

3.enter the code below:


4.when you enter the code there will be a clicking sound.

5.then silver surfer will appear.

NOTE: this is for ps2 not wii or anything.

Can you kill the silver surfer with bullets?

No you cannot hurt the siver sufer with bullets, the cosmic energy given too him by Galactus in issue #1 prevented the siver surfer to be damaged by such mundane ways, with or without his surfboard, yes without his surfboard he is not in full power but he is not stripped from all his power

How do you beat silver surfer on Super Hero Squad the infinity gauntlet?

Use the regular blaster until the surfer puts up the red shield, then finish him with missiles