Sisters Grimm

Sisters Grimm is a book series about two sisters who find out they're descended from the Brothers Grimm and that fairy-tales are real. Along with the help of their fairy friend Puck, they solve mysteries and more or less save the world.

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When will the ninth Sisters Grimm come out?

The last sisters grimm book has already come out!

What is the theme of the book sisters Grimm book 1?

the theme is when 2 girls, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are orphans and their parents arent dead, just in some coma. Along the way, the sisters meet their grandmother, Relda and thought she was dead. Her grandma thells the sisters that they are desendents of

Do master p have a sister?

Do you mean Puck in sisters grimm if so nope but he has a brother

Where can you find sisters grimm fanfiction?

You can find it on just go under Home then Books (you were talking about the book series right?) and then skim down the list and you should find it and i think there's like 170 fanfiction stories right now...... i hope that helps! :)

How does the book 'Pretty Little Liars' end?

The short version:

The book ends in a cliffhanger when the house explodes and Ali's body is not found.

The long version:

Alison has a twin sister named Courtney. Courtney has a history of pretending to be Ali since she has a mental issue, and she stays at a hospital which is why we never hear of Courtney. So one day (the day the girls try to steal Ali's flag), Courtney is home because she is switching hospitals, and Ali is up in her room. Courtney comes and befriends Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna while Alison is in the house. Mrs. Dilaurentis mistakes Ali for Courtney and takes her to the hospital. When Ali tries to tell her mom she is Ali, her mom thinks it's just Courtney pretending to be Ali again. So, Ali then spends some time in the preserve that Hanna stays at in the series which is how Iris knows Ali who she thinks is Courtney. So, this whole time Courtney is friends with the 4 girls who they think is Alison but it's not.

Then at their sleepover, Courtney who is really Ali comes back from the hospital for summer. She is jealous of Courtney's life and how Courtney took it from her. Meanwhile, Courtney (as Ali) is with the girls having their 7th grade sleepover. When Courtney (as Ali) tries to hypnotize them, Spencer gets mad and orders Courtney (as Ali) to get out. Courtney goes outside to meet up with Ian after that, but in the act, Alison (as Courtney) takes her and pushes her in the hole, killing her. Btw, Alison was the one who was stalking them in the window during the sleepover.

Then, when Courtney (who everyone thought was Ali) doesn't return, the family and her friends thinks Alison is missing, but really the REAL Alison who was never friends with the 4 girls as they thought, is still at the preserve. Then in Wanted, Alison (as Courtney) returns and the girls believe all her lies as she tells them she is Alison (who they never really knew...they knew Courtney). Then Alison tells her story acting as if she was their best friend.

On their trip with Alison (acting as their old best friend who was Courtney but they thought she was Alison), Ali tries to kill the 4 girls because she is mad Courtney chose them as her bffs (they were losers). The real Alison also killed Jenna and Ian because she was afraid they would spill her secret. Ali is also the new A and she got all of their secrets just like Mona did, from Courtney (acting as Ali)'s journal.

So... really the girls never knew Ali. They knew her twin, Courtney who they thought was Ali, but Courtney (as Ali) died and the real Alison killed her. Really, just think of Ali as Courtney and Courtney as Ali.

Ok well when the girls find out that A is Mona and Mona's gone the girls think everything will go back to normal. WRONG! A comes back and this time A is Alison. You see Alison never died. It was her twin sister Courtney that died. When the girl met Ali that summer it wasn't Alison. It was her twin sister Courtney pretending to be her while Ali was taking her place at Courtney's mental hospital. So Ali comes back as A. Then Ali gets them all to come to her summer house and locks them in a closet. The girls find that Melissa and Ian were there to. Ian was dead. Ali then send them a text message saying the the Ali they knew was Courtney. The girls find a secret passage and find Ali about to escape but Emily pulls her back in they escape with Ali back inside. That's when the house explodes. The girls tell the police EVERYTHING but when the fireman go to the house they only find Ian's body. Alison's body is no where to be found.

How many characters are in the Sisters Grimm?

all the fairytale characters then all the main characters which everyone should know

In the Sisters Grimm what is Moth's appearance?

Moth is a character in the Sisters Grimm and occurs in the fourth book (Once Upon a Crime) but does not reoccur in any of the other books. She is said to be very pretty but haughty-looking. She has high-cheekbones, light blonde hair, and has insect-like wings (similar to Puck's wings).

Moth's appearance is never described in detail, and she is only illustrated once, so it's hard to be certain. She is described as being a "little fairy" and having "beautiful hair," and it's implied that all the fairies have "porcelain skin." In one of the illustrations, she seems to be blonde, but in all the fanart of her, she has brown hair and brown eyes.

Who is the leader of scarlet hand in the sisters grim?

The leader of the scarlet hand, or the master, is Mirror from the Hall of Wonders. It is all revealed in book seven of the series.

Where are the auditions for the sisters grimm movie?

ATTENTION SISTERS GRIMM FANS!! here is some info that I heard from Micheal b. himself on sep. 23, 2011 . the directer will be gary mckendry (killer elite). the screenplay writer is micheal buckley and the first movie will just be about the first book. There were rumors that they were going to sqeeze the frist 3 books into the first movie, that is not true. THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO AUDITION FOR any parts in THE SISTERS GRIMM will just have to hang in there and look at resources such as Micheal buckley online, the sisters grimm series facebook, or clevver these resources will probably have news for audtions . BOOK 9 will be coming out in spring of 2012. THE SISTERS GRIMM ULTIMATE guide will come out in JAN. of 2012.

When will book 10 of Sisters Grimm come out?

There is no book 10. Sorry to disapoint, it ends at 9. I was really looking forward to it too.

Is there a ninth book of the Sisters Grimm series By Micheal buckley?

It hasn't been releases yet. Micheal is planning to have the 9th book come out around may 2012 and a sisters Grimm guide book is rumored to be released a few months too.

Where are the sisters grimm movie auditions going to be held?

The people making it are in LA, so that's probably where the auditions will be.

Do you like the sisters grimm series?

I LOVE the Sisters Grimm. It is my most favorite seires of all time!

Does puck like Sabrina in the sisters grimm?

It's kinda obvious that he does, with all of the flirting and protectiveness he does around sabrina, and in the eighth book, he keep talking about their marraige and having kids. he also kisses her.

When is Michael Buckley's ninth Sisters Grimm book coming out?

OK he hasn't told us yet ,but it will come around he said December or later! So just keep waiting! I'm so obsess with the books! I don't think I can wait that long!

How do Sabrina's parents wake up in the sisters grimm book 7 if it wasn't goldilocks?

It actually was Goldilocks that woke up Sabrina and Daphne's parents. She woke up Sabrina's father, who woke up Sabrina's mother. (Quote) "He was always a later sleeper."

What color are puck's eyes sisters grimm?

In book 2 of the Sisters Grimm, "The Unusual Suspects", there is a sentence that says "Puck grinned at her and his big green eyes made her want to cry." (Page 129, paragraph 4) but.......... I also read something on a website that in another Sisters Grimm book (forgot which,sorry) Puck's eyes were described to be blue. I tried to look for it again on the website, but some idiot took it out. I will add that there was so much more description of Puck until the idiot took out. I want to hurt that idiot. Anyway, I reread the Sisters Grimm sometimes or just read my favorite parts. I'll let you know if I find where Puck's eyes are described as blue. Hope this helps -Sistersgrimmgirl (Emma) Puck rocks!

When is book 9 of the sisters grim coming out?

I think he's still writing it! I know it goes further on then just the eighth. It says nothing on his website. :(

Where can you read the sisters Grimm series for free online?

I'm not sure if there is, but you can try typing in Sisters Grimm 4shared in your search toolbar. Or just go to the 4shared website. !

When did the ninth Sisters Grimm book come out?

The ninth book, The Council of Mirrors, was released on May 8, 2012.