The size of a cat or smaller with long fur and bushy tails, skunks are easily identified by their distinctive black and white coloration. These near-sighted omnivores have a hearty appetite for grubs and insect pests, and have also been known to consume mice and small rats. They are members of the Mustelid family, which also includes weasels, martens, and badgers. Skunks are found throughout North America, with only one species found in Asia.

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How many baby skunks are born at a time?

Four to seven kits are born in a litter.


How does skunk catch its food?

he sprays it

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What is the difference between a skunk and a mink?

Skunks best known for their ability to excrete a strong, foul-smelling odor, belong to the family Mephitidae. Skunks were formerly classified as a subfamily within the family Mustelidae, which includes weasels, otters, badgers, and relatives. However, recent genetic evidence suggests that the skunks are not as closely related to the mustelids as previously thought, and are now classified in their own family.

The Mink is a member of the Mustelidae family (or Weasels) and is related to the stoats, otters, weasels and ferrets.

The Skunk belongs to the family Mephitidae and the order Carnivora which does not include rodentia. They are sometimes placed in the family Mustelidae (weasels) but have been discovered to be less related than was thought.


Do moth balls work to keep skunks away?

sometimes it depends on the kind of skunk

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Can skunks smell their spray?

I don't mean to sound like a smart alex but they must or they wouldn't spray that awful stuff.

Answer (actually,just a comment)If they do then it must be horribly to their noses

mabie their just used to it

AnswerThey are just used to it, they have lived with that smell ever since they were born. It's sort of like when you can't smell your own house, but visiters do.

Will a dog cover its nose if it gets sprayed by a skunk?

this Q was anserrd bye taryn a 13 year old gril the konws dogs really good


What will a dog do when sprayed by a skunk?

* When they get sprayed, often they run to the closest thing they think is "safety" and that's usually their owner. Example: You were on a porch swing, and your dog gets sprayed, it comes to you. depending on the dogs personality or training, it might run away to you, go after the skunk or just remain neutral. either way they wont try cleaning the smell off themselves,so its your responsibilty. Answer they will probably run to there bed of the carpet and roll araound to try and get it off.

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How can you remove skunk spray from swimming pool water?

Use extra chlorine for about a week to shock the pool. As long as the water stays clear, you don't have a problem. If the pool gets cloudy, consult a professional.


What type of animal is a skunk?

a skunk is a mammle usually black with a white stripe in the center

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What is the name of a baby skunk?

A baby skunk is called a 'kit.'

Tasmanian Devils

Are skunks and Tasmanian devils related?

No. Skunks are placental mammals of the family Mephitidae.

Tasmanian devils are marsupials of the family Dasyuridae.


Do moths keep skunks away?

No, they do not and moth balls are not good for you or the environment either.

If the skunk is under a porch, deck, garage, get a bottle of plain old household ammonia and some old absorbent rags. Soak the rags with the ammonia and stick them under where the skunk is. Best to do this during the day because Mr. or Ms. Skunk is napping because they've been out prowling all night.

The skunk will leave that night. Close up any openings with screen or wood to prevent future inhabitants.

Yes, it is that easy. We got that tip from a game warden when we had a skunk under a shed.


Do raccoons and skunks purr?

They purr and give soft churring sounds during most of their normal activities.

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How do you get skunk smell off your dogs face?

tomato juice


Do skunks eat slugs?

Skunks will eat slugs and other insects. Skunks don't like plants very much but eat a lot of spiders, scorpions, wasps and grasshoppers,

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Are skunks nocturnal?



When do baby skunks get their spray?

Skunks have their scent gland from the day they are born, and can spray when they are only 8 days old. Skunks will warn you when they are about to spray. First they face you with their tail in the air, then they stamp their front feet before turning their behind toward you and spraying.
The skunks scent gland mature in less than a month from birth. This allows them to expel a fine spray of fluid smelling liquid less than 4 weeks of age.

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Where does the smell of a skunk go?

NOO__NEN__OSE (Put into sections of math worksheet 13.3)

15-21 8-14 1-7


Can you eat a skunk?

I guess you can, we saw Survivorman catch and eat one on tv. It wasnt very good, but he ate it!


What biome does a skunk live in?

deciduous forest


Where do skunks live in the winter?

sometimes under wood

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Why do chipmunks hibernate?

Because it gets too cold for them and having small bodies they're a little less cold tolerant. So they store energy by eating a large amount of food. Then they'll sleep through the winter warm in their burrows/tree holes.

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How long does it take for rat poison to work?

We have used four boxes of poison for not quite 4 days now. 2 'feeding' locations have been used out of the 4. We know of 3 rats for sure, as we saw them, and maybe more. The 3 previous nights they ate A LOT and we have had to replenish their supply at one location, with a box that they never touched from another location. Last night was the 1st night they did not eat a thing and we haven't seen any of them this morning. Usually we see them going into hiding by this time. So now we know it probably worked and now we are waiting for the smell ... yikes! This is all we could do about these pests as nothing else worked. (plug in electromagnetic devices don't work for rats but generally mice)

It is also important to have water to enhance the effectiveness of the poison. For those of you concerned of certain traps making them suffer, not to worry. Many animals especially Rodents don't have a sense of conscious that we do. When they experience pain it isn't terrible or inhumane. Nor does it stretch out like it does for us. They run mainly on instincts and are in a self hypnotic state. (Many young children will eat, sleep, talk, etc while in this state for as old at 7 or 8 years old) Those years went like a flash to them. Animals its a common state of mind making there suffering next to nothing. The actual time depends on amount of ingestion, hydration, physical activity etc. Also ingredients vary the time as well plus size of Rat. On a average it is fatal from 36-72 hours.

As a extra note as most rat poisons are high doses of blood thinners.

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Why does bong water smell so bad?

The resin, toxins, and other chemicals left over in your bong water or piece are caked on and start to smell bad if not properly soaked / washed with soap.

Clean your pipe! Clean your water!

Smoke cannabis and be merry! Live prosperous and happy!


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