Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale about a princess who is under an evil curse. In this category, you can read all about the story, from characters and setting to mood and tone.

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Is there a sequel to Sleeping Beauty?

No, there is no sequel if you're talking about the Disney movie.

However, if you're asking about the Perrault fairy tale, there is a second part that comes after the wedding. The prince's mother is an ogress who particularly loves the taste of children, and she contrives to eat Sleeping Beauty's children. Fortunately, all ends well for everyone except for the Prince's mother.

What are names of the fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty?

In the Disney film, they are called Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Flora wears red, Fauna wears green and Merryweather wears blue. The wicked fairy is called Maleficent.

In Perrault's version there are 7 good fairies plus the one bad one. They don't have names.

There is an adaptation for the stage in which there are twelve fairies. Their names are Caper, Chicory, Caraway, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sesame, Saffron, Poppy, Pumpkin, Paprika, and Nutmeg.

The fairy godmothers don't appear in any folklore versions of the story. In fact, the they are solely movie creations.

In story versions, the princess' name also varies. In Germany it is Briar Rose. It is Talia in some myths, and Rosamund in others. In movie versions she is also named Aurora.

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What are the notes for Sleeping Beauty Waltz?

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What is the name of the third fairy in Sleeping Beauty?


In the Disney version of the Sleeping Beauty, the three fairy godmothers are called Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Merryweather dressed in blue, had black hair and was the shortest of the three. Flora dressed in red and Fauna in green. These particular fairies were Disney interpretations of the 1697 fairy tale by Charles Perrault. However, these characters do not appear in traditional folk versions of the tale.

(Merryweather is often found spelled in different ways, but this is the Disney spelling.)

What is Sleeping Beauty syndrome?

The closest medical analogy to Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is the "Locked-in Syndrome". The patient often cannot move (or hardly at all) for months or years, and then one day, it's over and the individual is near normal again.

Is beauty a gift or a curse?

AnswerBeauty is a double edged sword. It can work both ways for both Men and Women. For women it is probably more of an issue as when a beautiful woman goes through her life she has to consider almost every relationship with men on a sexual basis. Then there is the judgment that if a woman is beautiful she is dumb. Things are easier for the beautiful person though, as they get special treatment. AnswerIt depends on the individual and their moral standards. Some people that are beautiful or handsome can be egotistical, mean and nasty to those that aren't and feel the world owes them a living because sometimes being attractive can open more doors for these types of people. However, the attractive or smart realizes that beauty soon fades and work on their inner selves and are trusted friends, kind, loyal, honest and helpful.

There are also beautiful people that have great personalities and because of these two factors it can be a curse. Many of the opposite sex they may be attracted too never get the message because the person may feel they aren't pretty or handsome enough to go out with such an attractive person.

When I was younger I was blessed to be very attractive, but from my strict up bringing I had high morals and could have ended up living in a pent house paid by a high flying lawyer (I denied his request), too shy to take the offer of becoming a model for clothing (and I am glad I never went that route.) I was popular with both girls and boys, but, my father instilled into me 'beauty fades, so you'd better have some good character to get through the rest of your life on.' I am no longer that young girl (still pretty attractive so I've been told for my old age) but now I have that character to hang onto and that's what draws people to me, not looks!

ANSWERNot all beautiful people were beautiful children. I think that the bad attitude many lifetime beauties have stems from being treated better as a child and considered superiour, given more opportunities, etc.

I became a beautiful woman and I get so much jealousy from women. While many were growing out of their beauty, I grew into mine. I have a good heart, however 90% of the time people assume that I am concieted. Quite the contrary. What I have learned is that people are shallow. As an ugly duckling, my social skills were lax due to maltreatment and isolation. Now, as a swan, I still suffer feelings of low self worth and most people won't take the time to get to know me because of all of the erroneous things that they assume about me. Being beautiful is not easier, especially if you are not the type to tear someone down in order to bring yourself up.

ANSWERI think that beauty is a curse. But I agree with the answer above, it is a double edged sword and does have it's benefits. I am lucky enough to be considered extremely attractive by almost everyone I meet. Which is great on the one hand it is a lovely thing and people naturally want to be around you or be with you. But the bad side is that alot of people have the idea that you are stupid, self obsessed or conceited. Which is not true. I have struggled with the affects of my own beauty, I have lost friends over it who have proclaimed love to me, and then when I have said I just want to be their friend, they say they cannot because it hurts them too much. I can't go into a bar without people feeling like they have the right to touch me, because I am beautiful I am obviously also gagging for it?! It hurts when people have these bad views on you, because I didn't choose to be beautiful, just like an unattractive person didn't choose that. Of course the upsides are that people treat you well and want to buy you drinks, and show you off, but at the end of the day they all have the same agenda, they want to sleep with you. So next time you see a beautiful guy or girl in the mirrors of a bar toilet, don't give them THAT look, consider how hard it is to be beautiful and how I have never been with a guy who stayed around long after he had slept with me. I am still single, whereas many of my less attractive friends are in happy relationships. ANSWERIt can be both. I have been told since I was a teen that I was "the prettiest woman" people have ever seen, "strikingly beautiful," etc. This becomes serious issue as years pass because there is the pressure to always be beautiful. Also I am intelligent woman who has been assumed to be dumb because of my looks and my body. This has caused me to seriously consider to have surgery to reduce my natural breast size so that men would take me seriously at work. Guys would stop driving in the street and ask me out on the road, which I found to be extremely creepy. Also i find it difficult to find love. Men have approached me to date me, then they are married and want me to be their little "secret" on the side. This is very painful to be treated like this. I am deeply in love with a man right now who is struggling with himself to understand if he loves me for me or for my physical appearance. I know he loves me for me, but I am feeling that the outward looks harm me and our relationship in that respect. Another thing: if we get married now, will he still love me in 30 years if he is marrying me for my physical appearance? On the plus side, I do get lots of favors. I am used to the way I look and want to maintain myself forever if possible, but I wish that people would realize that good people with good souls and compassionate hearts come in all sorts of containers.


I feel like I need to express this somehow and there are so few people that want to hear anything about the difficulties involved in being beautiful. So I'll add here that it is hard and wonderful at the same time. Some have said that I am very beautiful and others not. Honestly, I can't handle the charge I get from being as beautiful as I can be so unless I feel really strong and stable I cover it up. All the attention is like a drug. It feels great and at the same time takes me off center. Sometimes it feels so good that like a drug I want to keep the good feeling going at any cost, and it has cost me. Sometimes I sort of wake up (not literally but in terms of awareness) and realize that I have landed myself in a situation that isn't safe or maybe will hurt some one I care about. I would say it is hard to handle like playing with fire. No one wants to hear about the difficulties associated with it so it is isolating. I have only been able to have really close relationships with other women who are pretty as well because otherwise it ends up getting in the way. I can't be very warm with my friend's boyfriends or husbands because eventually they end up getting crushes on me and even though nothing actually happens it causes jealousy and general weirdness that I just never want to cause in any person's relationships. So, as my best friend told me yesterday ( she is so beautiful too) keep the conversations with other people's men short and cool. Otherwise all the ladies in town will end up hating you.

I was a beautiful child as well. People used to say this to me all the time. As a kid I felt like this was the best thing I had going. When I was fourteen my step father came on to me while he was drunk at a dinner party in front of all the guests. As anyone might imagine, I got pretty freaked out. After that I went from 115 pounds to 145 in about 6 weeks ... Size 4 to size 14. It was a big change. All of a sudden I saw how superficial people were. Men were not nearly as nice to me. However, I found that girls liked me a whole lot more and when boys did give me their attention it was for what came out of my mouth not how I looked. I was this bigger person until about 18. It was an unconscious protection. Basically I just couldn't handle the attention and feel safe and secure with it. It was very hard to not be able to attract the boys I was interested in - no dates for school dances or really anything until 17 but it kept me safe - no more advances from creepy older men, no more teenage boys grabbing my boobs - there were perks to being protected by fat and acne. I'm not saying that size 14 is some horrid thing or that a lady could not be totally smokin at size 14. I'm just saying that I wasn't. I had acne in my teens. repeated attempts at hair make-overs left me with a horrid over processed mess.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I guess my point is that I've experienced both sides and there are pros and cons to both. I want to be all I can be - sort of like making a garden bloom to its full potential. I feel like I am cheating myself if I cover it up now but at the same time its hard to handle. Keeping girlfriends is a challenge unless they are pretty secure. I can't be friends with men in my real openhearted way (I really like to be a kind and loving to people - a good friend - listener- helpful) can't do that for men because they get the wrong idea. Especially not if they are married. I have to tone it down all the time because otherwise I feel like I'm being an obnoxious show off. Women glare and men stare.

Some of the women in my little town have been gossiping about me - I guess that's why I'm writing here - I'm hurt - and no one wants to hear about it. Poor little pretty girl (million little violins playing right) I've been with my husband for 16 years now. To me family comes first - everyone family. I love my husband and have been faithful to him. I love being a Mom and my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I think messing with a family and kids is just so wrong. I guess what is bumming me out right now is that I feel like I have to hold myself back all the time to be connected because people become threatened. As the bright beings that we all are, in an ideal world, wouldn't we all be everything that we can be?

Don't be too nice or kind or warm or you are trying to steal my husband. Don't really get into dancing or you are an attention hog. Don't take care of yourself or you are too vain. Don't be too good at too many things or you'll make everyone look inadequate. Bend over backwards to be nice and clearly say you are not threatening over and over again. Point out your flaws often so that people will know you are not stuck up. Don't ever even admit that you know you are pretty because that is stuck up too..... AHHHH!

If I didn't feel like I was totally cheating myself..... honestly fatter felt easier in a lot of ways.

And another thing - I really could use some exercise but every time I get in better shape I get even more attention and I just can't take it. I realize that I could be even prettier but my unconscious only allows

My Mom was beautiful too. She's 66 now and she says it is such a relief to be old and wrinkled.

I am a different girl. I have to answer this question. People tell me im sexy all the time every since I was a teenager. I was picked up by a modelinhg agency by 15 years old. No one ever told me i was pretty. I was not a pretty child maybe. Then when i hit 13 everyone started staring at me. My mother is not beautiful and told me she never told me i was pretty because she did not want me to be concieted. I find I do get both different treatments as well. Girls do not like me unless they knew me as a child. I get accused of liking peoples boyfriends or told please dont steal my boyfriend. I dont ever like their boyfriends. I also cannot have a male friend because they always end up wanting sex "but your so sexy". And if i do they leave me. I cook gourmet, I have a B. A. in Psychology. I weigh 125 and am 5'8. I still model. People do tell me im pretty. I am one of the concieted ones. I exacted revenge on men at 15. I hate that people stare at me every where I go. i totally relate to the lonely on top.

Who is the villain in Sleeping Beauty?

The wicked fairy who curses the baby princess is the villain in Sleeping Beauty.

In the Disney version of the story she is called Maleficent. She dresses in black and purple and has a staff with a crow on the top. She was voiced by Eleanor Audley.

In folk versions she is often the king's wife or the princess' mother in law.

Why is sleeping important?

Without sleep you would die. Sleeping with a disorder can also be harmful. Called Sleep Apnea - causes the pallet to drop into the airway cutting off oxygen to the brain. Your sleep is interrupted several hundred times each night when this happens. There is a machine called a C PAP that assists breathing at night.

What song does Sleeping Beauty sing in Disney's the Sleeping Beauty?

Technically, she sings two: "I Wonder" and "Once Upon a Dream"

What were the three fairy's names in Sleeping Beauty?

The three fairies were Flora, Fauna, Merryweather. Flora is the fairy in red, Fauna is the fairy in green, and Merryweather is the fairy wearing blue.

What is the difference between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella?

Sleeping beauty was royalty and was put under a curse. Cinderella lived with her wicked stepmother and went to a ball.

What is Sleeping Beauty's name?

In the Disney version Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora, but when her godmothers hide her, they give her the new name Briar Rose to protect her identity. She was modelled on Audrey Hepburn and voiced by Mary Costa.

Her name is Talia in the oldest published version of the story, Sun, Moon and Talia, written by Giambattista Basile in 1634.

In the version by the Brothers Grimm, which was published in 1812, her name is Briar Rose, although this is sometimes translated to Rosamund.

In the Walt Disney version, they named her Aurora but in the actual story by the Brothers Grimm, her name was Briar Rose (which the godmothers named her to protect her identity)

But it's actually Briar Rose from the real story.

Who is the dark fairy from Sleeping Beauty?

Maleficent. She was angry that she was not invited to the party when Aurora was born.