Slogans and Mottos

Slogans and mottos are used by companies and organizations as advertising taglines and used by individuals to indicate a personal pledge or trait.

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What is the slogan by Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

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"Back to the Vedas" is the slogan by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Swarajya, Swadeshi and Go-raksha for better and sound economy were other slogans given by the Swami
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Does Heinz actually have 57 varieties?

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They actually have more, and that’s been true since before Henry John Heinz coined the “57 Varieties” slogan in 1896. By that time, the H.J. Heinz Company already had over 60 products, but the founder thought 57 sounded lucky. He took inspiration from an advertisement he’d seen on a train car, boasting “21 styles” of shoe.
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What are some slogans for over the counter drugs?

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Don't buy over the counter drugs... Buy over the counter PUGS! (DOGS)
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What are the components that make up a motivational poster?

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"There are three basic components to the motivational poster, a photo, a title and a description or slogan." "A motivational poster needs to have a picture, usually of an animal of some sort, and a catchy slogan like 'hang in there.' "
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What county in England has the motto 'Ad Montes Oculos Levavi'?

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The county of Cumbria in the English lake district. The English translation of the motto is "I shall lift up mine eyes unto the hills", from Psalm 121.
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What does pro deo et parria mean?

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Question contains spelling error; should be patria not parria Pro Deo et Patria For God and Country
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What is the motto of Syracuse?

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'Knowledge crowns those who seek her'.

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