Smosh is a comedy duo that appears on YouTube. The duo consist of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.

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How much money does Smosh make every year?

Smosh makes more than $10 million dollars per year. $5 million of this is from YouTube and the other $5 million is from things like merchandise, advertising, iTunes music and app downloads, etc. But since Smosh is a duo, Ian and Anthony only earn about $5 million a year, not including payment of crew, etc.

How old is ian and Anthony from smosh?

They are 24. Well in November they both will be 24. Anthony is 24 because his birthday is in September and Ian's is in November.

How old is Anthony from smosh?

ian is 22 and Anthony is twenty three. they were born the same year. ian was born in nov. and Anthony was born in sep.

No dude they are right now both 23 but they look 19.!!!!!

What do smosh use to edit there videos?

Well if u have any of the apple products u can either download iMovie

How long has smosh been running?

They have been going since 2005.

Why do people like smosh?

because humans like to see other humans make fools of themselves and nowadays teens enjoy random things in television shows such as Spongebob Squarepants movies like Fred the movie and web shows like Smosh

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Depending on size from a regular mailbox to drawers, prices can range from 10.00 dollars a month to 50.00 dollars a month. It's usually set up and paid in min.3 month incriments.

Is ian hecox from smosh bisexual?

No? He's straight, he's always going on about girls in his videos... and anthony is.

What are ians and Anthony lastnames from smosh?

Anthony's last name is Padilla (pronounced Padiya) and Ian's last name is Hecox (pronounced how it looks)

What are Ian and Antony from smosh's real names?

that is there real name.....srry to break it to you.....

Did smosh die from a car accident?

No! Some has made that up, and smosh is trying to clear it up!

What is Smosh's official fan mail address?

Smosh receives fan mail at:

PO Box 2922
Carmichael, CA 95609-2922

How do I make my hair look like Ian Hecox from Smosh?

First if you have short hair grow it out then you look for pictures of his hair on google or any other site then show your hairdresser the picture after that it is in your hairdressers hands

Who are the people in Smosh and how old are they?

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are 23, and work in the Comedy duo Smosh. Hope I helped ;P

Does smosh make money online?

Here's a link for you to make an easy money on online

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Yes, he does. Not for all his tricks, mind you. He still uses the basics: misdirection, sleight of hand, etc. Did you see the hand-through-the-vending-machine-glass trick? Utilize slo-mo if you can. You'll see the video effect in action.

no criss angel does not use video effect don't get me wrong the tricks aren't real.. that's why they are called tricks but he uses stuff in real life to cover the trick up he doesn't edit it on the camera ... he does that because he has real guests come on the show

This part Coolade126 answered!!!!!!:

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What is smosh's po box?


PO Box 276010

Sacramento, CA 95827