So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance is an American reality dance competition show airing on Fox. The show conducts nationwide auditions to look for top dancer contestants to test their versatility on different dancing styles assigned.

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Did David Cook date Lacey Schwimmer?

He never actually dated at all. She's one of the supporter of American Idol Season 7

Are Kent and Lauren dating?

Lauren the winner, and Kent the second runner-up from from the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance danced a contemporary number two weeks before the finale that ended in a very passionate kiss. This left many viewers to wonder if more was going on between the two 18-year-old they have a close connection but are just friends.

Where can you watch JAG episodes online?

Some sites may be legit, but they are NOT free. You have to do a "survey" which they say will take 30 seconds. In fact, it takes you to a lotto site and from there to other places, before finally dunning you for money for a membership or, if you access it through one of its many other names, simply drops you off.

Look for a site that honestly charges you nothing and requires no membership, sign-in, surveys or other gimmicks.

How can you wtch tv episodes online?

You can go to this site and find there link for episodes. There are all eps... Easy to find and free :)) ... - copy the URL and have fun...

Was Joe Spencer Johnson lynched in 1935 his family thinks so?

Joe Johnson went to work in the cotton field in or near Beloit, Alabama. His supervisor called him from the field and he responded. This date was July 11, 1935. When he met his supervisor, he was turned over to a group of people who did not like his activity of organizing a farmers union. He then was beaten mercilessly, and then taken to the Selma Jail. The next day a mob removed him from the jail and killed him. A Michigan resident who knew members of his family saw a report in the Pittsburgh Courier gave the article to Joe Johnson's family. A tattered copy is in the possession of the family as of this date: December 22, 1007.

Where are the online zzzap episodes?

This question has already been answered.

You can see it at the link - htt ps:// (just remove space);';'

Presenter of so you think you can dance?

Season 1's original presenter was Lauren Sanchez, but from Season 2-present, the current presenter is Cat Deeley.

What African sounding song did Musa dance solo to in season two of 'So you think you can dance'?

Musa's audition song was "Pump It" by Black Eyed Peas; his solo in week 5 of season 2 was performed to "Disco Inferno" by the Trampps. His Las Vegas "dance for your life" music was Magalenha, by Sergio Mendez.

What part did Mary Murphy play in dance with me?

"Mary Murphy" cannot be found in the credit titles. My guesss is, she was the girl of Pair 333. Finland Pair who ended up in the 4th.