Speleology is the scientific study and exploration of caves; including the surveying, mapping and cartography of caves and reporting on the flora and fauna found in them. The Speleology topic includes questions related to the geology, biology, chemistry, archaeology, hydrogeology,and karst topography of caves; the history of and trivia about specific caves; and published findings related to the research of those who study caves called Speleologists.

What is the biggest cave in the world?

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The biggest cave in the world is Sơn Đoòng cave in Vietnam. It has a volume of nearly 40 million cubic kilometers. Inside, there’s a river, two jungles, and a localized climate. It was discovered in the early 1990s, and nobody returned until 2009. A man named Ho Khanh first found it while hunting—he’d heard wind and the flow of the river inside. However, on return trips, he couldn’t find the cave again. He searched for it for years before he finally led researchers to it more than a decade later. Now, a limited number of people can explore it each year.