Spice Girls

The Spice Girls are an English pop group consisting of Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chrisholm, and Geri Halliwell. The group became a world wide phenomenon after there debut single "Wannabe" became number 1 in 31 countries.

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Spice Girls

What is the intro song to the spice girl movie?

It is their song "Too Much"

Spice Girls

Are the spice girls still alive?


Spice Girls

How much are spice girls barbie dolls worth?

the spice girls barbie dolls are worth 40+ dollars depending on what condition they are in.

Spice Girls

How much are Spice Girls dolls worth?

depending on if there in the box or not.... ud be lucky to get about $5 to $10 per doll

Spice Girls

Who performed on the first CD for commercial released in the US?

The Spice Girls

Spice Girls

Was the Spice Girls in the 80's?

The Spice Girls were in the mid 1980's, so yes, they were.

Spice Girls

What are the spice girls nicknames?


The nicknames for the Spice Girls were:

Mel B : Scary Spice

Mel C: Sporty Spice

Emma: Baby Spice

Geri: Ginger Spice

Victoria: Posh Spice

Hope it helps!

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Spice Girls

What is the hottest spice?

Habanero from Mexico is the spiciest chile.

According to the Scoville scale, Jalapeño scores 2,500 to 10,000.

Habanero scores 80,000 to 300,000


The Guinness book of records states that the hottest pepper is the Bhut Jolokia from India. It has a Scoville rating of 1,001,304.


The spicyest thing is pure capsaicin, with a scoville rating of 15,500,000

Spice Girls

Is cimarron a spice?

I don't know how old this question is, but I can tell you that cimarrón is an herb, it is a small plant that grows close to the ground with serragated leaves which are used to season soups. I grew up eating food made with this plant and I really like it. Hope this answers your question.

Spice Girls

How can you spice up your marriage?

go to lovers lane were they got tons of sexual toys and lotions that you can use if that doesn't spice it up then i don't know what to say

There's a new game out there called the Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex. It claims that it can spice up your sex life and increase performance. It's backed by Jayme Waxman and Dr. Alan Manevitz. You can get new ideas and learn new positions. The website is www.playgirlvirutalsex.com .

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Spice Girls

What can you do to calm yourself down and get over a girl you have loved your whole life and move on without causing her harm?

Time heals all things eventually. It is hard right now because the wound is fresh. One thing you can do to get your mind off of her is to get busy doing something. School, work, hobbies, travel, whatever you can do to keep busy.

AnswerEveryone at one time or another goes through hard seperations. The best thing for you to do is focus on yourself, and your current life. Try to spend more time on doing things you enjoy, and more time with your friends and family. Do you have anyone whom you confide in? Let them know how you are feeling and just vent. If your problems are severe enough that you feel you might harm her, please seek counseling immediately. They will teach you other ways to deal with your anger or hurt. All I can say is just give it time. So simple, but so true. TIME. AnswerI'm very sorry to hear this. I hope you are feeling better.

I would suggest talking with a good friend you can trust. Also, if your emotions get to the point of overwhelming you, it's good to let it out. Another suggestion to handle strong emotions is to go for a walk (I don't suggest driving) or try to keep your mind busy, such as watching a television show or movie. However, if you are doing something active, I personally find it much more helpful.

As for the girl, just so that I understand, it sounds as if you are the one breaking it off and you don't want to do her any harm because you do care about her. I know how you feel and have been there before. Unfortunately, whenever a relationship ends, there is no way to avoid hurt feelings (often on both sides of the relationship, but obviously much stronger emotions for the one who is being broken up with), but don't make it worse by saying something you might regret or raising your voice if things get heated. When a relationship ends, it's like a death in the sense that you are no longer a part of each other's lives. The person who is being broken up with may have been caught off-guard, so - in addition, they grieve any thoughts, dreams and visions they had for the future.

IF you are the one who is getting broken up with (not the initiator), it's best to lean on good friends and family for support. Go to the friends you most trust. However, if you are in times of trouble, even those you may not trust so much will most likely understand your situation and be sympathetic and supportive.

Furthermore, I personally think it is best to cutoff contact for a while (several months). Trying to be friends or seeing each other just slows down the grieving process. This can be hard to do because you still may deeply care for the other person, but it is for the best. (Let them gain support from their family and friends).

I wish you all the best.

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Spice Girls

Can the boyfriend go to jail if he is 22 and the pregnant girl is only 17?

Probably not, since the age of consent in most places is 16, but the laws are different in each state. However, if it wasn't consensual he could go regardless of age.

It depends on the state. In most states the age of sexual consent is 16 (in some it's higher). If an adult has sex (even if it wasn't 'forced') with someone under the age of sexual consent then they have committed a crime. They can be charged, tried, and convicted. In the case of a child, it would be very easy (with a DNA test) to prove beyond any doubt that this man is guilty. Even if the girlfriend or her family didn't want to press charges, the state can still chose to press charges.

Spice Girls

Will the Spice Girls ever reform?

spice girls are coming back

Yes the spice girls are coming to do another concert around the UK and Europe, so if you got to miss them last year now is your chance.

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Spice Girls

What is the name of the song in the film The Rules Of Attraction after the girl commits suicide?

it's called "Without You" from Harry Nilsson,

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Jonas Brothers
Spice Girls

Where was Danielle donato's boyfriend on BB8 finale?

He was there, Nick.

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Spice Girls

How do I download Opera Mini 3 on my mobile?

By going to Opera Mini's download page on you cell phone and choosing "Download a Different Version" under the main download link.

Spice Girls

How many spice girls had solo number ones?

Four have had number ones only Victoria beckham has not had one

Spice Girls

Why did the Spice Girls stop singing?

The spice girls stopped as posh spice was hit in a car crash which caused her never to sing again. The paparazzi were harassing her and she screamed to the taxi driver to drive and he sped away and crashed into a tour bus. Posh spice died and the spices could not go on singing.

Spice Girls

Which spice girl was a man before becoming a spice girl?

Sporty spice

Spice Girls

How much for an unopened of all of the spice girls dolls?

I dont know the answer to this, but would like to know also because i have a set.It is all the dolls in one long rectangular box. The box is a little damaged with some writing on the box, but its never been opened. I wrote on the box when i was little. If anyone knows please let us know!! Thanks.

Spice Girls

What are all the spice girls names?

Geri Estelle Halliwell was the "sexy Spice";

Melanie Janine Brown was the "scary Spice";

Victoria Adams was "the posh Spice";

Melanie Jayne Chisholm was "the sporty Spice";

Emma Lee Bunton was "the baby Spice."

Spice Girls

Who was the spice girl with the blonde hair?

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice).

Spice Girls

Who are the 5 spice girls?

The Spice Girls names are Emma Bunton (Baby)

Mel Brown (Scary)

Mel Chisholme (Sporty)

Geri Halliwell (Ginger)

Victoria Adams (Posh)

Spice Girls

What year did the spice girls break up?

ok. the spice girls( and by that i mean Scary, Baby, Sporty, and Posh)(so yes that means NOT GINGER) broke up in the year of 2001

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Spice Girls
Dead Sea

How is sea spice aubergine made?

aubergine is actually a fruit more commonly known as eggplant.

for more info on aubergine look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggplant


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