Spruce Trees

Spruce trees are a coniferous evergreen. There are 35 species, most of which are found in cooler regions.

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What is the French name for the blue spruce tree?

the blue spruce tree is commonly called 'sapin bleu, sapin bleu du Colorado' in French.

What are the adaptations of a spruce tree?

A spruce tree has needles to retain heat, shed snow, and lose less water.

Also all coniferous trees have a waxy coating on their pine needles to help keep the water in.

What is a spruce trees niche?

A spruce tree comes from the Picea family which derives from evergreen trees.

What is the scientific name of a Sitka Spruce tree?

The name would be Picea sitchensis. Family: Pinaceae.

Did the spruce goose ever fly in a war?

No, the Spruce Goose only ever flew once, it was a short test flight in November 1947.

Will lime fertilizer hurt Black Hills spruce trees?

No, lime fertilizer will not hurt Black Hills spruce trees (Picea glauca var. densata).

Specifically, Black Hills spruce trees are white spruce trees that are native to South Dakota. In their native habitat, they favor acidic soils. But they flourish in a range of soils, from the very acidic 4.0 to the alkaline 7.5. They nevertheless handle lime fertililzers, which help get a soil pH into the neutral to slightly acidic range that many plants prefer.

Is the blue color on a blue spruce tree caused by a fungus?

Colorado blue spruce [Picea pungens] is the native, state tree of Colorado and of Utah. And it grows best there. Elsewhere, it's susceptible to fungal disease. But its color isn't caused by fungus. Instead, it's caused by the waxy silver blue powder, ka bloom, that's naturally formed on the needles. The bloom can be wiped off, or washed off in intense rain and snow fall events. In fact, gradual loss of the powder over time may lessen overall color with age. But the color's genetically determined, and therefore not caused by cultural practices or environmental stresses.

Is a spruce tree a monocot or dicot?

Neither, it is a gymnosperm (covered seed, coniferous (cone bearing) plants) . The terms monocot and dicot relate to angiosperms (naked seed, flower bearing plants)

Where do white spruce trees grow in Alberta?

i actually don't know. So can someone please answer this question? Thank You :)

Is spruce tree also called x-mas tree?

Yes, b/c people use Spruce trees for their homes at Christmas time.

What kind of leaf is on a spruce tree?

Spruce (Picea) is a genus of around 35 conifers from the Pinaceae family. Conifers are evergreen and their leaves are called needles.

What is the scientific name for Colorado blue spruce tree?

The scientific name for the Colorada Spruce is Picea pungens. A blue variety is P.p. Kosteriana, although all P. pungens have a grey blue tinge to them.

Do young Blue Spruce trees produce spruce cones?

Blue Spruce trees will eventually produce cones but they will be spruce cones.