Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple Inc. He is a computer scientist and electrical engineer that created the Apple I and Apple II computers.

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How many shares of Apple does Steve Wozniak own?

In 1980 at the Initial Public Offering, Steve Jobs possessed 7.5 million stocks worth 217 million dollars and Steve "Woz" Wozniak was assigned four million stocks worth 116 million dollars. When Wozniak left Apple in April 1981, he still possessed four percent of the Apple stocks. At that time they were worth approximately 70 million dollars. As of 2011, the amount of shares of Apple that Steve Wozniak currently owns has not been made public knowledge.

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Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple?

Technically Steve Wozniak is still an Apple employee, shareholder and receives a small salary from them. In 1981 he crashed a plane he was piloting. This put him in hospital and caused memory loss. He decided to take a break from Apple and return to university to finish his degree, having dropped out to start Apple. He returned to Apple in 1983 but he decided to leave Apple in 1987 to pursue numerous other projects and philanthropic works.

When did Steve wozniak quit apple?

He still works at Apple. He left his full time job to pursue other projects , but he still receives a paycheck so that he can represent Apple at events. I don't know what year he left full time, though. You could probably find it on Wikipedia.

SOURCE: iWoz by Steve Wozniak

Did Stephen Wozniak die?

I bet that he didn't but why are they making us write this?

Who is Wozniak?

Steve Wozniak is the most likely answer. Look on Wikipedia and his home page,

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What is Steve Wozniaks address?

There is no known celebrity fan contact information for Steve Wozniak at this time, and WikiAnswers does not give out private information.

Pictures of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak?

Pictures of Jobs and Wozniak from the early days of Apple can be found on the Internet (See links below).

Who were Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs?

They both founded Apple Inc. in 1976. (Back in the beginning the company was called Apple Computer Inc., but they got rid of it in 2007 to better reflect their steady but relentless move into the wider field of consumer electronics.)

Steve Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs) today still is the Apple CEO and Steve Wozniak left Apple in 1985 because he felt the Apple II was getting short shrift because of the new Macintosh and of course there were some other reasons.
They were business partners that met through a friend of Steve Wozniak and created the Apple1 computer and founded apple.

What happened to Steve Wozniak after apple?

In 1981 Steve Wozniak (often known as Woz) crashed his light aircraft so he took time off from Apple to recover, get married and return to university. In 1983 he returned to Apple working as an engineer rather than an executive. He completed his degree in 1986 and then left Apple on February 6, 1987. He remains an employee of Apple and receives a salary from them although no longer working for them.

After leaving Apple Wozniak spent some time teaching fifth grade students, set up a company that produced the first universal audio/video remote control. He has also formed companies, or worked for existing companies, to develop GPS products and mobile phone devices. In 2006 Wozniak set up Acquicor Technology which acquires small technology companies with interesting ideas and helps them develop their products. In 2009 he joined Fusion-io a data storage company as their chief scientist. He also provides money and technical support for the computer systems in his local schools. He has appeared on several TV shows and competed in the 2009 show Dancing with the Stars.

He wrote a book called "iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It" about his life which was published in 2006.

Is Steve Wozniak an atheist?

Yes, he describes himself as atheist or agnostic.

What happened to Steve Wozniak in 1981?

They had 2500 workers on it or in the apple II company