Surveys are usually completed by people for people who want information. Even the census is a survey.

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Where do you find legitimate survey research companies?

While there are plenty of avenues opening up online to earn money, almost all of them come with some sort of an investment - either TIME OR MONEY. One platform that offers you to earn money without any cost is ySense. A platform you need to spend just 30–60 minutes a day and earn up to $300–400. Read more at -

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While this may not look like a very big income flow, it is important to understand two things here -

  • the number $300–400 is by spending about 30–60 minutes/day, this can go high if given more time.

  • it is definitely the best option for people looking to have some extra cash in their pockets.

What is datum in land survey?

A land survey datum (plural datums) is a reference from which measurements are made. The reference in the form of a set of coodinate and a direction. The datum can be arbitary (assumed) or absolute. The arbitary datum point is a point whose coordinate and direction are not known, so an arbitary value is adopted. All other coodinates of the survey project are connected together, but its datum point is not connected to a larger network.

The absolute datum is a reference point whose coordinate and direction are already known within a frame of network. So the new survey become part of the network.

What is the average cost of a new house survey?

The cost of home home survey, although it can vary by area is generally over one-hundred dollars and often as high as $350. The more work that the surveyor needs to do, the higher the cost. A large property or commercial survey can be much higher. Keep in mind, that you can generally use an exhisting survey when you refinance and most often will not have to recur the cost. these days its so expensive like, for a modern home its about 800,000 to 1 mil

Can you start a paid survey site?

First, make your website, then look for free surveys online and join their affiliate programs. Choose a topic you enjoy and do searches for free affiliate programs in that niche. Build a website or blog around that topic using the proper keywords and the keywords that will actually get you attention from users looking for the info you are offering.

Use this technique when adding pages to a website, writing articles, blogs, and placing classifieds, etc. It works for everything! If the search engines can find you, customers will find you! Do not choose your domain name or subdomain name without doing your keyword research first. If you choose a keyword phrase to name it, your chances of showing up in the first few pages of search results improves greatly.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of email?


  1. EMail enables speedy communication

  2. Email provides the receiver an option to respond immediately

  3. Email saves tons of trees daily (Alternative to papers)

  4. Email saves tons of fuels daily (Freight vehicle fuels)

  5. User enjoys sending colorful and attractive messages using HTML

  6. Businesses enjoys no or low cost communication

  7. A new business opportunity for email service providers through Ads

  8. A free communication media for users

  9. More delightful fast and rich media presentation for receiver

  10. After all, email is the first source to interact with a person personally when he is free unlike in a telephone or any real time we need the receiver to be engaged

  11. e-mail is a low cost way to transmit messages

  12. e-mail messages are always easy to locate

  13. it is always a secure means of sending messages

  14. it eliminates the need for conventional surface mail

  15. you can choose priority (high which is fast or low which is slow)


  1. Lack of computer knowledge among people, so not sure all receiving parties use email system

  2. Unwanted SPAM emails

  3. Illegal contents including VIRUS damages end user systems, data & reputation

  4. Email might not send due to loss of connection to the internet

Where can you find outlines for Alan Brinkley's American History A Survey? great outlines for American history and European history

Dude also use its great it actually has them all outlined and everything. Its great trust me I'm almost done with the class so i know. its too bad they only go up to chapter like 29 i think though not all the way but itll do you some good trust me.

Who are survey agencies in India?

Morsel (Mass Oriented Research and Social Elevation Lab)

You can contact them

I have worked with them in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

What are some opinions about Survey Federation?

Opinion 1:

It doesn't look good.

  1. There website front page has no "terms" section or "disclaimer".
  2. They are offering fabulously unrealistic rates of pay for unskilled "work". Doctors and Attorneys may make the $125 per hour they advertise, but taking surveys will NOT earn you that.
  3. They have "testimonials" on their website, assuring you how great it is. Never a good sign.
  4. It's what some call an "advance fee" scam, as you must pay them upfront for information on how to work. One should never pay to work. They claim that they'll give you a bonus that exceeds the cost of signing up - just give them your credit card information first. Not a good idea.
  5. They do have "terms" after you sign up (the things I do to get an answer!). As one might expect, they guarantee nothing, including rate of pay, and reserve the right to terminate you with no refund at any time for any reason.

And all that was just from seeing their website!

They also have a lot of complaints. You can Google for all of those. The woman behind this company is Helen Shilton, who has apparently upset a lot of people in a lot of nations. Complaints of fraud. She also runs very similar companies with other names

(Surveys4Income amongst several others), but still offering fabulous amounts of money to you - after you give your credit card info, of course.

I have not found them to be registered with the BBB in any of their guises.

Best bet? Best avoided.

What are some opinions about Herbalife?

Here's what I recommend. Don't get opinions, get facts. Do research on the facts. Everyone has an opinion, good and bad, there is no way to know which are true or false, but if you gather all the facts, then you can make an educated decision for yourself. I know from experience and the research that I have done that the company and products are phenominal! As far as the business opportunity goes, that's up to you. If your willing to sacrafice time and energy now to have a better future, then it's awesome! Be honest and work hard on your business and yourself, and you will be successful. Best of luck :)

Can a yes or no survey be done on a ordinal scale?

no as ordinal is in a precise order and you casnnot predict peoples answers to the questions as you would have to have all of the yes' then all of the nos.

What is a tripod and how it is used?

A tripod is a general term for a stand or support

with three legs. It is often used to support a camera

gun, or to place above the Bunsen burner in the science lab

to heat/boil anything.

In the science laboratory, a metal gauze is placed on top of it to

give support to the beaker (An iron ring clamp with a ring stand

can often be used instead and an iron ring allows for easy height adjustment).

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What is a survey for a new house and is it necessary to have it done?

A survey is a detailed map/plot of the general layout of your home and lot. It contains all of your homes boundaries. It also maps out the home's buried utility lines. It also gives an exact location of your property with a lot/block description and may even contain degrees. A survey is required on every new home purchase if you are taking a mortgage on the property. Even if you are not taking a mortgage, a survey allows your title company to remove any exceptions to title insurance coverage that would otherwise be disclosed by an accurate survey.

Over time, fences and walls may have encroached over the property line, so the survey provides certainty that the lot you are purchasing has the expected boundaries and easements.

What are the principles of sampling survey?

Three important principles of sampling survey are:

1. Principle of validity

2. Princilpe of statistical regularity

3. Principle of optimization

Is there a company by the name of online best survey?

Abine is the online privacy company. They make easy-to-use tools for consumers to control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online

ht tps://

How can you make a survey question about ethnocentrism?

How can you make a survey question about ethnocentrism How can you make a survey question about ethnocentrism

What answers are they looking for to make you the right person for a management position on the Predictive Index Test?

Predictive Index is designed to help employers find people who are a good fit for a specific job. There is no passing or failing, only fitting and not fitting. If you are a fit, then you are more likely to be happy and successful in the position. If you are not a fit, the opposite is true.

If someone quitclaimed their property to their wife can they sell the property without her permission in Colorado?

If someone quitclaimed their property to their wife then that someone is no longer the owner. They cannot sell the property with or without their wife's consent because they don't own it. She can sell the property by executing a deed to the buyer.

What is an example of a habit?

Bad HabitsSmoking (may also be classed as an addiction re: the nicotine).

Nail biting.

Hair chewing.

saying, "er..." between ideas when speaking.

playing with the change in your pocket.

Good Habitsstaying away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

brushing your teeth after every meal.

How to to get the cheats for aqw free no survey?

if you are downloading a hack client, then u can go no they are my favorite and always work unless there are rar files but i figured it out XD. u could go on cheatsguru or cheat book or cheat channel or cheat cc, and those are the best ones for all i know.

What are questions you need to ask in a shampoo survey?

1. Do you find that your shampoo actually cleans your hair as well as you like?

2. Does your hair often feel greasy?

3. Do prefer scented shampoo?

4. On average, how many times a week do you shampoo?

5. Does your shampoo irritate you?

6. Are you against animal testing?

7. Does your shampoo keep your scalp dry?

8. Do you have dandruff?

9. Do you have any major issues with your current shampoo?

10. Would you prefer a shampoo that conditions your hair at the same time?

11. Do you prefer and scents that could be added to the shampoo?

12. Would you purchase shampoo that would temporarily dye your hair?

13. Would you support the testing of a shampoo that didn't sting your eyes?

14. Would you buy a multipurpose gel used as shampoo and soap?

15. Do you prefer that your shampoo be a specific color?

16. Are you concerned about any chemicals that could be considered harmful to your scalp?

17. What do you consider a reasonable price for the average bottle of shampoo?

18. Would you be interested in a free sample?

19. Would you be interested in attending an event that showcased our products and allowed people to use them?

20. Did you enjoy taking this survey?