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This category contains tips and info for surviving all kinds of threatening and potentially dangerous situations.

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Where is the safest place to go during a tornado?

Generally speaking, you want to be as low to the ground as possible during severe tornado conditions. A basement is ideal, as particularly powerful tornadoes can tear buildings apart. If you don’t have access to an underground space, being near the center of the building is the next best plan, staying away from any windows, as flying debris is one of the greatest dangers during these storms. If your interior bathroom has a bathtub, that...
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How can your sense of smell save your life?

You can detect the smell of gas (through a distinctive scent that is added to it) in time to turn off the stove's gas jets and/or escape the house before the gas kills you. ...
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Can you live on saltwater?

No. Ocean water actually requires more water to process the salt than the water that is there. You are worse off after drinking salt water. ...
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What is Cody Lundin's sexual orientation?

Cody Lundin, the American Survival Instructor has not stated his sexual preference in public. WikiAnswers will not speculate on what is personal and private information. ...
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What is the importance of first aid training?

First Aid is responding to an emergency situation - heart attacks, bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries and scalds and burns are typical situations where having a basic knowledge of what to do- knowing proper first aid procedures- you can be the hero. Accidents happen, always unexpectedly, having a basic knowledge of first aid is just being wise. And having a first aid kit or disaster preparedness kit is just good common sense. ...
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How do you survive 7th grade?

you need to get a tutor if you are failing in a class. if you need to just survive, :)just listen to your teachers and school rules,be in your seat before the bell rings and you'll be fine. you'll do worse if you panic and stand in one place till the bell rings! it will take awhile to get used to , but then you will act and feel as if you have been doing this stuff since kindergarten. pray and...
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How do you use nokia 5800 flashlight as torch?

e.g. with PhoneTorch app, which is a useful app to to use the LEDs in the phone like a torch (flashlight). ...
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What are some poolside survival tips for cruises?

During the day, especially when the vessel is 'at sea', the pool is THE place to hang out. During the summer months and holidays, expect many families to be poolside with their kids running amuck. If this isn't your thang, you may wish to utilize the pool while the ship is in port or at off-peak times such as when the dining rooms are open. Same goes for the jacuzzis. Also, remember that the pool water on ships is held to...
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What can you do if you smash your thumbnail?

If there is blood under the nail and throbbing pain, drill a small hole through the nail to let the blood out. I have used a drill press (really) for easy control of the depth as you only want to drill through the nail and not into the skin underneath. ...
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Can you survive an an island by eating fish alone?

if u get to drink water, fresh water not from the ocean, then yes
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How to Survive take a break?

Find something to keep you occupied with your spare time.
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How hot can someone get before dying?

150 you could die from a fever that elevates your core body temperature even by two to four degrees. So real answer would be 101-103 Degrees Fahrenheit. ...
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What do you need to survive?

Here are four main things you will need; Food (Energy and water) Shelter Cloth(depends where you are) The will to keep going But for more long term survival you should also have warmth, and without certain vitamins, you won't survive long....
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What are 10 important things you would bring with you if you went into hiding?

1) food 2) water 3)clothes 4)blankets 5) the item that you have to have with you 6)family photos( if you get home sick) 7) batteries /flash light (if its a dark place) 8)a journal pencils eraser to record your days in hiding) 9)portable radio when you get bored and want to listen to songs 10) any thing else you think you might need ...
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What is the best way to survive?

The best way to survive is to stay healthy. And never do anything stupid that's gonna kill you. ...
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Why should you protect other people against risk to health at work place?

Because they are human beings like me trying to survive.
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What store sells mace?

A great online store would be mace, they specialize in all sort of mace defense weapons. Regular stores that sell mace would include; -Academy Sports + Outdoors -AutoZone -Dicks Sporting Goods -Kmart -Sears Auto Centers -Sports Authority ...
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How do you use citronella torches?

You fill the torch area with the liquid and have to have a soaken wick, in there, too. You light it and adjust the flame. Always have water available in case of mishap. ...
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Describe three responsibilities individuals have to others in society?

1.3 Describe three responsibilities individuals have to others in society. Everyone is responsible to help other member of society as much as they can. 1. Helping an old person across the street, feeding the homeless, or helping low income families that all affect society. 2. Work hard, help others protect families. Also try to make society better in some way. 3. Everyone should do their job properly, student study hard, clerks, doctors engineers, etc all do their work properly. ...
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Blood quantity in human body?

Average 5 litres or over 10 pints
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How to survive first day of high school?

don't even go near the guys jocks or anyone sexual don't have any type of sex until college it will just throw u off track make sure to carry around water u get thirsty... no water breaks even with 10 min pp still bring ur books to each class the buildings r huge hope this helps ...
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List of household weapons for a man versing zombies?

kknife knife knife,lighter hair spray or spray deoderent, women
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When using a BVM how often do you give breaths?

Breaths don't change when using a BVM; 1 breath every 5 seconds for an Adult & 1 breath every 3 seconds for an Infant & Child. ...