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This category contains tips and info for surviving all kinds of threatening and potentially dangerous situations.

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Where is the safest place to go during a tornado?

Generally speaking, you want to be as low to the ground as possible during severe tornado conditions. A basement is ideal, as particularly powerful tornadoes can tear buildings apart. If you don’t have access to an underground space, being near the center of the building is the next best plan, staying away from any windows, as flying debris is one of the greatest dangers during these storms. If your interior bathroom has a bathtub, that...
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How do you clean water with a handkerchief plastic tube camping stove and a cup?

You would boil the contaminated water in the camping stove with the handkerchief above it, ensuring it doesn't droop into the water itself, then wringing it into the cup to gather water. ...
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If you were stranded on a desert island without a calendar or clock how would you know if a day month or year has passed?

Well, it sorta depends on what island your on, what day was it, and when you got there. You could always look at the sun and shadow for time. weather for month and things you found on the island for what year. ...
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What should you do if you are camping and someone goes missing?

Look around, but not to far, and if they don't turn up call the police. Use your common sence. ...
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Why are compasses important to Scouts?

A compass can be used to find your way.
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What precautions can you take during flood?

This depends on the exact situation and the location of yourself, your home and the depth of the water and how long the flood will last. The first precaution to take is to switch off the electricity since many people get killed because of electric shock in floods, when water enters electric sockets and terminals in buildings. This can also happen outside on the street. Second, think about food. Have lots of clean drinking water stored in bottles and containers. When there...
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Why was the pioneer storekeeper important?

Simply put, they kept stores available to the pioneers, who relied upon those supplies for their very lives. Bartering and the issuance of terms of credit were sometimes creatively applied by the pioneer storekeepers. ...
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What technology do you use to survive in the desert?

Nothing because you have no service
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Why are flare guns used?

Flare guns are used to fire flares, to call for help at sea or other dangerous things. ...
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How do you heat water when you are stranded on a desert island?

Simple. Let the water heat in the light of the sun. It's a desert island.