Taffy is candy made of sugar, artificially colored and flavored. It is boiled until it is very thick and hand- or machine-pulled until it is glossy and holds it shape.

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Is salt water taffy gluten free?

Not all salt water taffy is gluten free. There are companies that DO make gluten free taffy, however it is always a good idea to ask. Some salt water taffy does contain gluten.

Who invented laffy taffy?

Not many people know this little known and seldom used fact, but daffy duck's sappy pappy, clucky ducky invented 'laffy taffy' to generate funny money.

Can you buy bonomo Turkish taffy in stores?

I bought 30 bars at $1.00 each at a Dollar tree store in Daytona Beach. They had all four varieties. I returned about 5 weeks later and was told that they do not know if they will ever get them again. I am still enjoying the bars that i got.

Which is better gum or taffy?

Taffy! Totally Taffy!! (Personally Opinion)

How was laffy taffy made?

Laffy taffy is made out of sugar.

Is regular salt water taffy gluten free?

I was just curious whether regular salt water taffy is gluten free or not? Or if I actually have to purchase gluten free saltwater taffy??

Why is the product 'Laffy Taffy' important?

If you mean historically important, I'm not sure that it is, although items like candy can have tremendous nostalgiac impact for individuals. One could argue that Laffy Taffy has popular cultural significance, and a hip-hop song of the same name achieved some notoriety (although it didn't sell as well as the candy). the song is discussed in the article below. It once held the space shuttle together.

Is laffy taffy peanut free?

Laffy taffy is peanut free

Laffy taffy is peanut free

Laffy taffy is peanut free

What is the best tasting saltwater taffy?

the best is always in new jersey best flavor is vanilla

What is laffy taffy made out of?

Laffy taffy is made out of sugar

How much salt water is in salt water taffy?

there is no salt water in the candy "salt water taffy." it is just the name/brand.

Where are juicy drop taffy sold?

you can get them in mac's convienient store

Where can you puchase bonomo's Turkish taffy?

Unfortunately, you can't. Tootsie Roll had the recipe and discontinued the product. In 2005 or so, someone bought the product/recipe, but I suspect wasn't able to find the backing for it.

In 2006, I wrote the following to Tootsie Roll:

"PLEASE bring back Bonomo's Turkish Taffy - even if just as a specialty at Christmas. The internet is full of these requests. Although many candy sites try to substitue the Doscher's French Chew taffy - it tastes and chews NOTHING like Turkish Taffy. Turkish Taffy's Chocolate was great - but nothing on the market compares, or to its Banana, Strawberry and especially the Vanilla. We're all aging - there are more of us than the young - get us now, while we still have our TEETH!! "

Here's Tootsie Roll's reply:

"Thanks for contacting us. In 1972, Tootsie Roll Industries acquired Bonomo Turkish Taffy. The product was first sold in Coney Island and at the time of purchase was over one hundred years old. Tootsie Roll introduced it to the market with the original flavors plus cherry and green apple.

At present, as you know, Turkish Taffy is no longer in production, but we recently transferred the trademark and recipe to another company that plans to reintroduce Turkish Taffy. Perhaps you will be able to find this product in stores in the future.

Thanks again for the interest."

Well, it's been 3.5 years since I sent in my request, and still - no Turkish Taffy on store shelves.



Edit, August 12, 2010: Bobomo Turkish Taffy is again available through online retailers and stores. An online search for the product name will list web sites that have the product available for purchase.

UPDATE: Dec.2010: Bonomo is available at Vermont Country Store, see the link below.

What is taffy made out of?

Taffy is a type of chewy candy made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass made of boiled sugar, butter, flavorings, and coloring round a hook until fluffy.

Where to buy juicy drop taffy?

walmart because there a lot there i think

What is the stock market for laffy taffy?

Laffy Taffy is made by Nestle, so whatever Nestle's doing.

Why do they call Turkish taffy Turkish?

Turkish taffy actually has nothing to do with Turkey or Turks the inventor just named it and nobody knows why.