Tamil Language and Culture

Tamil is a language predominantly spoken in southern India and some parts of Sri Lanka. It has been used for over two millenniums, with literature dating back to 3 BCE.

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What is the unemployment rate in Tamil Nadu?

In my opinion, just looking for unemployment in the state of tamilnadu is relatively lesser than other states yet it is high.

TN 2 question paper of last 3 years?

i want 10th science question&answer paper in last 3year's state board english medium in tamilnadu...

What are the common names of burdock root?

Beggar's buttons, bardana, burr seed, clot-bur, clothburr, cocklebur, cockle buttons, fox's clote, great burr, Gypsy rhubarb, happy major, hardock, hareburr, love leaves, personata and more.

Where was the Bible first published?

Before the invention of printing, books weren't "published'.

They were written by hand, and if someone liked it, they copied it - again, by hand.

As time went by manuscripts were multi-copied by monks in monasteries.

Answer2: The canon or official collection of inspired books of the Holy Bible was completed by the end of the first century A.D. Written translation of the Holy Scriptures followed in due course along with the missionary effort of the early Christians in obedience to Christ's command to make disciples out of all nations. The books of the Hebrew canon had already been collected at Jerusalem prior to its destruction A.D. 70, and now during the second century the collecting of the books of the inspired Christian Greek Scriptures took place, and translations proceeded. Translations in the Old Latin appeared. Portions of the Scriptures, such as the four gospel accounts and the letters of the apostle Paul, were brought together in codex form like books of our day, for convenient handling and use. The casing-in of books between lids in this style proved to be a marked specialty of the Christian congregation in the bookmaking industry, in that early second century. (question)

3 Toward the end of the fourth century Eu·se'bi·us Jer·ome', commonly known as "Saint Jer·ome'", entered upon his work as a translator. In 383 he produced his new Latin version of the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and in 405 he completed his entire translation of the Bible from the Hebrew and Greek into Latin. Despite widespread objection Jer·ome's' Latin Version won out and became the Bible of Western Christendom for the next thousand years. It became known as the Latin Vulgate or "common Latin edition". The first Bible to be run off a printing press by Jo'hann Gu'ten·berg at Mainz, Germany, was this Latin Vulgate.

How do you say i ate in Tamil?

na sapte

the pronunctiation is a long a as in the word "call"

Kabaddi court dimentions?

10/13 mtr width&length 1mtr lobby 1.75 mtrs bonus line from the end line 1 mtrs touch/boulk line from bonus line. 6.5 mtrs middle line this is for senior men

Garam masala in Tamil?

they say this word கரம் மசாலா as garam masala in tamil.